Joo Ji Hoon Joins Jeon Ji Hyun on Mount Jiri Reuniting with Same Screenwriter of Zombie Sageuk Kingdom

Okay, this is an unexpected switcheroo. The male lead of upcoming national park based K-drama Mount Jiri will now be Joo Ji Hoon, after earlier news that Park Seo Joon was in talks for the role. This would be a reunion for Joo Ji Hoon and female lead Jeon Ji Hyun, of sorts, since they had like 5 seconds of screen time together when she cameo’d in his Kingdom season 2. The screenwriter for both dramas is Kim Eun Hee so she clearly likes them having chosen to work with both again. I’m really surprised Joo Ji Hyun signed on for yet another drama because he’s working nonstop, he actually had two K-dramas airing at the same time last month when Kingdom 2 came at the same time as his prime time drama Hyena. Mount Jiri is about park rangers saving people in the national mountain ranges of the famed area and is scheduled to air later in 2020.


Joo Ji Hoon Joins Jeon Ji Hyun on Mount Jiri Reuniting with Same Screenwriter of Zombie Sageuk Kingdom — 28 Comments

  1. I wanted psj and dont understand why he refused 32 billion won project
    Maybe date issues i guess?
    JJH with JJH roflll. Liked him in kingdom as well as hyena. Long time jjh worked with someone in her age i m excited for this pairing as well. Ju ji hoon career revival with along the gods movie , is good i guess.

  2. Park Seo Joon, I thought he was confirmed. Come back. Maybe it’s for the best because I’m feeling really apprehensive towards Jeon Ji Hyun right now 🙁

    I love Jeon Ji Hyun but after reading the article of her the other day, it made me feel so sad. She was praised for lowering her rent in a generous manner. It wasn’t the case, she and her agency could had clarified earlier on how generous she was instead of basking in the public praise and taking too much credit. And then her agency just announced that their property manager made a mistake and the rent will now be generously reduced. How convenient.

    I know there are many Jeon Ji Hyun fans here including myself, so please don’t deplore me. I love Jeon Ji Hyun since watching Love from another star and watched most of her works after enjoying her riveting performance. I will always appreciate her acting but now I’m feeling less enthusiastic of her and her future works. When I first started watching kdramas I was so enthralled with korean culture as I get undulated with disappointing news(but that’s reality in every country) but now my eyes are less blue and there are less sparkles. Please don’t dislikee me but this is how I feel after contemplating over it for a moment.

    Park seo joon, I hope you sign up for another drama soon. You were stellar in IC. You deserve the stars and the moons.

    Actually mount jiri is scheduled for early 2021 but they will start filming in fall/winter of 2020.

    • I was disappointed too. She donated 100 million won even if under pressure , it was still helpful for people. Her pr team went too far with that rent thing.
      Anyways she donated 100 million won, so that is good thing bcoz it helped people in the end, whatever the reason is a choice anyways but i hope next time her pr team dont make such stuff. And gangnam people r rich anyways. Dont attach urself to celeb too mucn. I do it too. Thats why get disappointed. Like jyj members did in past
      I am still excited for drama though

      • You are right. It’s better not to idolize people too much because everyone is humans and has many flaws. It’s better if we learn to idolize ourselves and take care of ourselves more.

        The drama does sound interesting because it will take place in national park. I feel the scenery will be beautiful and I would love to see animals.

    • Many koreans are not too happy with her usual stingy character calling it her Chinese trait. But she’s entitled to do whatever she wants with her money. Basking in on the fake image is what causing the controversy, since as a celebrity they rely on the image.

  3. Initially, I’m neutral to PSJ, but after finishing IC, he now becomes my favorite, this guy can act and so versatile, he can do any role. And I thought in my mind he would never reject this coming project ?but oh well, I guess he has been working hard back to back, and he has a new movie coming out with IU. PSJ, I’m waiting for your small screen coming back in 2021 then.
    JJH is good too, but I don’t watch his drama, I only watch his movies.

  4. I’m surprised Park Seo Joon rejected the role but Ju Ji Hoon is just as great. Tbh I would love a Park Seo Joon and Ju Ji Hoon drama instead, they are both so versatile and great at acting.

  5. The synopsis was definitely written about the “bright and positive energy guy”, which is Park Seo Joon’s alley. The role was written with someone like him in mind rather than Joo Ji Hyun. I guess PSJ was the one, who ultimately rejected offer, but I also think it’s because of his schedule conflict.

  6. Schedule conflict for PSJ? Why & What is he up to? I will watch whatever he is signed up with… JJH is good too but… I prefer PSJ. I think PSJ will be more fresh. Now it is JJH with JJH now? How confusing!! JJH square… Hmmm….

  7. Park Seo Joon has a knack for choosing good projects so I completely trust his decision not to pick this one. And honestly I’m glad he jumped ship after news broke of JJH’s recent scandal. At this stage in his career I want him to explore age appropriate unique characters not attempted before. He has a gift for acting and shines on his own. He can carry any drama to high ratings and popularity as long as he feels passionate about it so the last thing I want him to do is pick a project based on a budget or known names. If anything speaks for PSJ its consistent quality in performance.

    • PSJ was never offered the Male lead in this drama. The reports were fakes & were deleted just hours after posting. So no reject from his part.

      • He was definitely offered the role. Journalists used same information for the drama and several reports were made. Please, don’t make up stories. If they were deleted the reason was not “because he wasn’t offered”, but because he already declined them or they were only on negotiation stage.

      • Nobody confirmed it. It was an assumption by the journalists.
        And it was deleted afterwards. If u rather believe PSJ rejected the offer OK by my guest I don’t really care tbh

      • The fact that they neither confirmed nor denied tells you something. No smoke without fire. I simply believe that they didnt want to post the articles before a definite confirmation from PSJ.

      • @Nano, when casting news come out, it is never confirmed right away. Even with Jun Ji Hyun and now Joo Ji Hoon, it is always about receiving offer first and considering. Try searching for any Korean article relating Park Seo Joon to this drama and they’re all deleted. Other than Koala, no other big English site reported on this.

  8. I don’t think PSJ declined because of schedule conflicts. His movie is being filmed from May-August, which is before filming for Mount Jiri would take place. Maybe he didn’t like the script or maybe he wants to rest? Who knows. Anyways, I like JJH too. He’s very talented, and it’s nice to see two actors in the same age range working together.

  9. Only one or two media sources reported on Park Seo Joon’s casting and the articles got deleted the same day. Usually casting for big budget dramas like this gets coverage from every media outlet and the actor’s agency will put out a statement saying script received by their artist and under review or positively considering. PSJ’s agency never acknowledged the casting. Seeing how fast the articles got deleted without a trace, seems like a journalist jumped the gun reporting on an offer that was never made.

  10. Park seo joon was never offered this drama. There was only article about his casting and they were taken down within hour of posting. It was a fake news or mediaplay. I don’t think anyone would reject Kim eun hee project. She is best writer in korea.

  11. I actually think Joo Ji Hoon paired up better with Jeon Ji Hyun that Park Seo Joon. I’m looking forward to this drama.

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