Park Yoochun Reverses Retirement Plans and Launchs Solo Fan Club

Goodness, can this person’s skin be any thicker. Per perhaps he truly has enough fans left that he is doing this for him and it’s a mutually agreeable arrangement. Disgraced idol-actor Park Yoochun is back and this after two separate scandals/criminal investigations under his belt. Yoochun has launched his own official solo fan club called Blue Cielo, and eager and willing fans can join for 66,000 Won which is apparently double the price of even official fan clubs of top idol groups. He will show a side of him never seen before so let the jokes fly folks. *shakes head* Gosh, why doesn’t he just go open a coffee shop and stay off the celeb grid for most of our sakes.


Park Yoochun Reverses Retirement Plans and Launchs Solo Fan Club — 50 Comments

  1. I still can’t believe he has fans to buy his stuff. He can release album and still earn millions. Even i am firat time supporting idol group BTS but fi they have done something like this creature, i would’ve hated them.
    I used to bash sm for breaking tvxq but clearly 2 tvxq members were better humans and won in long run. Their toura gross 100 millions as they have respect as legacy artist. Jyj i dont know. I doubt junsu n jaejoong had no idea about his shady stuff. Used to support jyj. Sigh

    • It’s incredibly sad that there are people who idolize certain people to the point that they disregard every flaw in the world 🙁

      I guess those fans deserve to lose their money although I think their money would be better spent visiting a psychiatrist haha

    • “I used to bash SM”….Whenever k-pop news comes up, I always think we don’t even know at all what is going on behind the scenes. The entertainment agencies around the world can all have an icky side, but this is a reminder sometimes there are solid reasons why things don’t work out. I think for SM and TVXQ there is always going to be that question of how huge the group could have been without that mess given how well the 2 remaining members have done.

      With regard to people knowing about the “shady stuff”, I think the entertainment industry in Korea is small and people know about reputations and PYC was active in music and acting. Maybe not details but still.

      • sm is the reason slave contract exists. their profit sharing is pathetic. 10% on sales. they ruin careers to be honst and how they treated chinese exo members and neglected their health.
        Bighit is fair. with new renenwed contract bts gets 50% sharing on album. For eg their album generated over 120 milion usd in revenue and huge profit. So bts members get fair share. They have great distribution in tourings. cfs etc. sm is very bad at treating idols. Anyways maybe jyj did right back then

      • I will never stand up for entertainment companies which, as I said, tend to be icky all over the world. I think the slave contracts have been done away with and Korea just passed new trainee/debut laws in the past year. I am sure that SM sucked and there were valid complaints for leaving especially back in those days but I don’t get a vibe that the remaining members have huge complaints with their lot in life though I could be wrong. Seems the members that left at least financially did quite well.

        Also, I am not going to say Big Hit is being all that. They made that deal because they frigging had to. BTS could have left when their contract expired and allegedly actually discussed it. This was when they were taking off in the West. They are the rare k-pop group and probably the only one to be in the position of having a huge popularity surge the likes of will probably never be seen again at the absolutely perfect time for their contract renegotiations. Don’t for a minute think BTS didn’t have lawyers hashing that out; they would have been fools not to. That isn’t Big Hit being nice and aboveboard, that is BTS having a good hand of cards. I think where BH does well is letting some of the members have more creative control earlier than other groups. Or it could be they used to be such a small agency, they needed all the help they could get. I haven’t really enjoyed some of their more recent music, but I always am rooting for those guys.

      • @kat i also dont like bighit to be honest bcoz the way they treat my bias taehyung. His fanbase buys most albums. His china bar collected around 250k alone in just 2 weeks.. His japan fanbase bought record merchandise. The two countries where album sales come d most but they leave him out of seasonal greetings, less lines compared to their darling like namjoon jim jk and less screen time this era. It was worse when bts debuted but he became most popular and they have to increase it. The day they treat him is horrible.
        And yes i know their lawyers did the job. Bighit current valuation is around 4 billion usd all thanks to bts and next year gonna public in market. I m sure their lawyers made sure bts get their fair share of stocks. They plan to open hotels and business using bts name in coming years. So i guess boys r set for life. Bcoz they made bighit lol.

        But sm is no saint. Their profit sharing is still worse in industry. One thing which is best with sm is cf deals and other ventures to earn money. Sales bring nothing to groups.
        And yes jyj did well bco all profit went to them and even tvxq members make tens of millioms from tours n merchandise. They were named highest tax payers but they dont boast like jyj members.

      • V was always my favorite because I tend to like husky voiced singers. So V or like Yesung in Super Junior. There is something about that kind of voice. I just want the creatives to get their piece of the pie. It took me a while to realize most k-pop groups don’t survive past their 7 year contract so to see some groups be able to promote longer is great regardless of company. In the US, groups from the 70ies and 80ies are still doing concert tours! Everyone wants to re-live their youth so why not.

        It’s been nice chatting. I usually won’t touch k-pop conversations with a ten foot pole. People are really intense.

    • Why are you dragging down the other 2 hardworking JYJ members? You have solid proofs they knew about Yoochuns unsavoury doings? You’re lucky you don’t get sued for libel/slander. Before you spit at others….look at yourself in the mirror first. You’re no better.

      • Learn reading. Where did i bash them? Sorry i am not dumb like u to believe that other members must not know anytjing about their co business owner activities. I never said they are involved but i cant support them anymore
        Yes i cam proudly look at myself bcoz i m not a criminal. U must find it tough considering u cant read and gpt all hurt bcoz ur oppas r not saints. Be my guest to spit on urself
        And i am better. I m not a criminal

    • @gracelee i didnt abuse or bash other jyj members but i doubt they didnt know what their business partner was doing. They co own several businesses as well. All i said i cajt stan them anymore
      And yes i m better. I m not a criminal. I dont make mockery of crona saying i have one and i pay my staff on time
      U can spit on ur face anyday because oppa fangirl got hurt. Yes i can looj myself in mirror. Bcoz i am not a criminal nor i said other jyj members r. Learn to read

      • Did he kill someone? Why did you call him a criminal? We are humans. We commit mistakes.We are not perfect!Can you please leave him alone?

      • Wow sexual predator u want me to sympathise? Sorry girl i was fan of his. But i have no love for predator. Fans like u r the worse breed

      • I’m a loyal fan! I support him without ifs, buts and whys! I support Park brothers! I don’t care if you hate him! Just want you to know that he is my stress-reliever, his songs and dramas.

      • Oh my god u suppprt sexual abusers. I hope u learn to differentiate betweem fangirling and being a blind worshipper

      • If I’m a blind shipper, then I didn’t see his good sides. Did you ever hear that he said something bad/harsh to his haters? You didn’t, right! Simply because he is a good person! He remained silent despite the fact that people always blame him for the things he didn’t do. I admire him for everything! Lemme ask you this, did you ever commit mistakes all your life? If you didn’t, then maybe you are a saint.

      • Girl sexual abuse is not a mistake. I made mistakes. NOT CRIMES. He is criminal. He abused women
        Pls keep supoorting your oppa and get some help for your sick mind

      • Joy. Men usually don’t say bad to haters, only women do that. PYC hit young fans in the past and there were footages to prove. Humans make mistakes but his are just far too many and those are not even mistakes. Good men treat women nicely. He is not a good person by my standards.

  2. This is a celeb who deserves hate. Not your Song Hyekyo, Song Joongki, Park Shinhye, Lee Minho, Kim Yoojung, Kim Sohyun, etc who receive continuous hate for no valid reason. Hate all you want on this article.. vent your frustrations on him.

    • What did he do to you that you hate him that much? He deserves love not hate. I see him as a human being. Can’t he not get the happiness that he wants? He’s trying to live his life the way he wants. Ignore him if you don’t like him.

      • How can you support a liar who gets happiness from sexually abusing women, doing drugs, not keeping his promises to the public? He keeps showing his shameless face and begging for money support is ridiculous. Totally not entertaining. It is difficult not to comment. Ignore our comments if you don’t like them. But I know you cannot hence you speak up here, so why ask others to ignore if you cannot. Just let others to express their dislikes of this scum bag while you can pay him as a loyal fan.

      • Ady. That’s just too bad to see all these naive women with lots of money to give to a Scum bag. This is a total waste of money in my standards. I wish them good luck in finding a man who will treasure their body and their heart. Please do not waste money on such a crook! Joy. I don’t mean to bash, it is ok if you choose to burn your cash this way.

  3. “Loser oetori sen cheokhaneun geopjaengi… motdoen yangachi geoul soge neon…”

    Just a loser.

    And those fans on soompi were cheering on him hardly. Sigh. Him and kim hyung joon (??), that ex SS501 member are still having a lot of dedicated fans.

    This guy, duh, if he loves the entertainment world so much, just work behind the scene.. i was a hardcore fan of dbsk before they separated. I really wish he can continue living his normal life instead of doing this. Oppa, you’re an adult and act like one please. He seriously has a thicker face. Sigh

    • I guess we shouldn’t even be too surprised because even dictators have their rabid supporters.

      It’s really terrifying the lengths certain people go to disregard their moral integrity just for some money and attention.

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  5. You would think the dude would have all his legal ducks in a row before doing this instead of being dragged into court at around the same time as this fan club site opens. I don’t care about the fan club; people can and will do what they want. I notice people don’t bother to report on the BOF dude who was in one scandal after another and I think he still promotes outside Korea. I think PYC will go the same way and, if he stays out of trouble, he’ll have a little niche career and that will be it.

  6. He probably is hurting for money right about now. He has a mother and brother to support and is probably close to losing the shirt off his back. It really is unfortunate he hooked up with the wrong people and went down the path he did.

    • His brother is an adult. Why need the support? I only feel bad for his mother. There are many odd jobs he can do instead of going against his promise of leaving entertainment. Liar. He has no integrity.

  7. Sorry but he is not a teen , he’s a man who choose this path. He had all what a celebrity could dream of and he choose the Jeckyll side . Honestly, i don’t understand how he can think of a comeback !

  8. I am not a fan of PYC, but a lot of people here are so judgmental that you would think they were angels. It’s actually quite mindboggling!

    Remember, no human being is perfect, and it’s actually a sin to judge others.
    On the other hand, it is a great quality to have to be able to forgive others, especially when you don’t know them.

    What is very apparent in most of these comments is a lot of anger and bitterness towards someone they don’t know.

    Forgiveness shows the capacity to love.

    I bet none of you would ever aspire to become a priest, because it will take a lot to soften the hardness in your hearts.

    Every human being deserves a second chance…yes!…even criminals!

    None of you are without reproach and you are certainly not God and so I ask: what gives you the right to judge others? The anonymity of hiding behind a computer? That’s just cowardice.

    And may I point out that some of these comments are a form of bullying? which by the way is a crime!

    Life can be so fleeting…as shown by what the world is going through right now. So please people…Show some love …spread love…not hate….Let’s peace be in your heart.

    Stay safe!

    • PYC is not asking for forgiveness here. He is asking for money. Joining his fan club costs 66,000 Won. Don’t preach unless you can convince me he is doing good to this world, for example volunteering, helping the poor or doing community work. Creating his solo fan club is a way of glorifying his own name. Stop bringing Religion to your comment when you don’t even understand his true motive.

    • There is no fogiveness for sexual abusers. Get over it. Stop acting like a butthurt fangirl. Ur oppa deserves no sympathy and with this greedy behaviour he proved he has no shame and regret

    • You want to talk about religion?? Remember this line:

      “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

      No one here is a sexual predator afaik, we have ALL the right to judge this pervert as a stain on society. Especially since many on here are women (the group that is the #1 victims of sex crimes)!

      • seriously i was jyj fan big time. There is a limit to support a fave.
        I am a woman first

  9. Why are some people calling him criminal when he was acquitted and even one his blackmailing case against the 3 who wrongly accused him?

  10. Ugh… I am a fan of TVXQ (the remaining 4) but Yoochun is trash. Folks like Yoochun, Seungri and Kim Hyun-Joong need to be ostracized by everyone.

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