Park Shin Hye Accessorizes With Flowers in S/S 2020 Mojo S. Phine CF Pictorial

In the last month I haven’t so much as put on an outfit that resembles anything Park Shin Hye is modeling in this just released CF stills for ladies clothing brand Mojo S. Phine. Remote working means no need for office clothing and it’s both a blessing and a curse. I miss looking put together but I love not having to dress in uncomfortable clothes. Park Shin Hye looks both comfortable and classy modeling these ladies work outfits, she’s not sitting at a desk all day and the flowers around her really liven up the visuals of what are pretty standard and not terribly alluring fashion styles. It will be nice to step foot into an office one of these days, and for those still working keep up the social distancing as we head into the middle of spring.


Park Shin Hye Accessorizes With Flowers in S/S 2020 Mojo S. Phine CF Pictorial — 19 Comments

    • No this is elegant…her stylist always dresses her in clothes one and a half size large than she needs…I wish they would just let her wear right sized, properly fitted clothes.

  1. Dressing too old is actually a compliment for her back then because she looked youthful. Now she fits in with these clothes… hmmm… moving onto the next stage.

  2. Why is she wearing clunky earrings? So out of date. Also her face foundation and neck color are off tone. Face too white. We will never allow these photos published in our fashion magazines.

    • Not sure about popularity but level-wise, she should be above them. Based on the list taken from a Korean forum a couple of years ago. Not sure about now.

    • Park Shin Hye always classy, elegant, and dress for the occasion! Beautiful in and out. I so love those Mojo S Phine clothes collection, and she gives so much grace to them. ?
      Looking forward to her upcoming movies this year “Alive” and “Call”, and her drama next year with veteran actors. Working hard woman. Above her, God, beneath her, the soil that she walks on, and full of genuine love in her heart for all, as her actions always proved. Your die hard fan. Praying for healthy world, healthy minds! Peace, and kindness to each other! Stay safe! ??

      Enjoy and appreciate a healthy life to the fullest while we still have today, because we the luck ones! ❤️

    • Popularity is difficult to qualify. KTR is definitely above PSH now in terms of movie status & also after the very successful Mr Sunshine. IU is the most popular in music industry. Despite being in acting for so many years, PSH still cannot hard carry any drama unlike IU in HDL. Just my observation.

      • Oh really may be you forgot doctors either you admitted or not she carried her drama very well

      • Doctors was a 2016 drama, and she was paired with veteran KRW who has won many awards since 1999. She is fine in this drama but she did not hard carry it. And now her popularity has backslid. Just like YEH who is a name of the past unfortunately.

      • Oh really I am so sorry the actor dramas after that ??
        Beside her popularity didn’t back side at all she has movies and Drama this year she is working but concentrating on movie section you don’t follow her so you Keep saying anything without analysis seriously !!

    • she’s more popular than pby currently because Abyss was a flop in ratings due to bad writing and she is now in hiatus. but kge and ktr definitely above her now with success of their most recent drama, especially ktr who is killing it in both film and drama industries. in general, iu is most popular of all, but that’s mainly because of her high status in music industry, although she is on the rise in acting after hdl. suzy is more popular as a cf star. i think psh just needs to return with a hit project and she will gain back all the popularity she had around 2013-2018.

    • Just by naming her with the rest makes PSH unique. All those actresses have their own unique field. I don’t see anyone superior. They are in competition but not in competition. PSH was a household name before them. I believe she is at a stage of her career where she needs to advance her acting further. She has proven her popularity in the past.

  3. Mojo S. Phine did not get her as model if PSH does not have the qualities of a credible endorser. Her looks are not that of Suzy, IU & the rest because they are all incomparable.

  4. Shes gorgeous and one of my favorite actresses.and they dressed her beautifully can’t see why the fuss…I’m sure she has her own trend ?❤

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