Kim Hee Ae is the Crowned Queen as The World of the Married Becomes Highest Rated Cable Drama Ever with 24.332% in Episode 12 Surpassing Sky Castle

All hail the new ratings champion on cable – jTBC Fri-Sat makjang melodrama The World of the Married took the topic of cheating and deceit and emotionally devastation to a new level of success as the most recent episode 12 became the highest single episode rated cable drama ever. It notched 24.332% surpassing the former ratings leader Sky Castle which final episode 20 reached 23.799%. That Married took only 12 episodes to reach and surpass what Sky Castle did in its 20th makes it even more impressive.

Sky Castle head the cable ratings champion crown for over a year as it aired during the end of 2018-beginning 2019 and many thought this achievement would stand for some time. Married still has 4 more episodes left so the sky (pun intended) is the limit. If it reaches 30% then it should be discussed in the same breath as traditional prime time K-dramas on the Big Three channels during the K-drama heyday of the 2000’s which reached 50%. All bow to Queen Kim Hee Ae as she singlehandedly elevated this beyond the typical scumbag husband cheats on long suffering wife trope.


Kim Hee Ae is the Crowned Queen as The World of the Married Becomes Highest Rated Cable Drama Ever with 24.332% in Episode 12 Surpassing Sky Castle — 27 Comments

  1. Why is it so good? I am sure the acting is good but what is different that makes it so good to attract the ratings please? Thank you.

    • I think infidelity speaks to many people may it be in a dating relationship or marriage. The divorce rate is relatively low in South Korea due to it being seen as a taboo. So women and men in struggling relationships can relate and bond with certain characters while watching shows such as these. It brings out emotions that is concealed inside. It’s like an outlet, an entertaining outlet. They can release their frustrations through these characters, ‘yes I know what’s she’s going through, my significant other is also a scoundrel.’
      Honestly it’s not a healthy outlet because it gets your blooding pumping and fills you up with resentment but it is what it is.

      Congrats to the cast and production team!

    • Because this drama depicts what real life is. For me, it’s the best drama I ever watched. There is no black and white. Each character is a grey human being who can do questionable moves. Every minute, I do feel Jin Sun Woo’s emotions. Kim Hee Ae really deserves Daesang. When I watch this drama, I am sad, angry etc… It increased my blood pressure, but I am hooked ! There are love, hate, sadness, tension, suspense, thriller. I cannot miss one second of this show. Every scene is useful. Writing, directing and acting, it’s perfect. There are only 4 episodes left. I dunno what I will do after this master piece ends.

    • It’s a captivating fast paced show. Each problem/conflict got resolved in two episodes or so, somewhat satisfying to watch, not draggy. The bad people here win some and lose some (unlike other dramas where they always get the upper hand until the end of the drama). I think most audiences like to watch bad people being punished and smacked down too, and there are lots of such instances in this drama.

    • Because at the end of the day this is a makjang drama. I guess South Korea haven’t ready with drama like Asadal yet.

    • Because there are no hype, no famous director, no big hot stars at first and no special effects. Quality does all the talking.

    • At first I didn’t watch it thinking it wd be some boring ahjumma cheating melodrama like others.. But after just watching the first episode u could feel that it’s so different and realistic. Even the conversation between two people will leave u on the edge of ur seat it’s that good.. I didn’t expect I wd enjoy this drama instead of the one I was anticipating for months (won’t name it lol)

    • The story is tightly written. Not a wasted moment goes by, so everything that happens serves to advance the plot.

      I enjoy it because of the complexity of the characters. All the leads are multi dimensional, even Kim Hee Ae’s character has qualities that you admire and aspects that most viewers would detest.

      Finally, I like how the writer deals with the complexity of marriage, exploring how divorce does not mean the complete severing of ties between two individuals who have lived together for years, and that regrets and feelings endure, even though divorce was perhaps the only viable choice for the female lead.

    • because this drama is realistic….very the best drama I’ve seen …the story is very nice and the acting too.

  2. I loved it till episode 8 or 9. I thibk instead of 16 they couldve toned it down to 12 bcoz it has become slow. Same happened with ic
    Congrats to kim hee ae. And also male lead who was side or negative role for years
    And we found a new superstar actress. Her career is br8ght and she can act actually
    Already on way to cf queen

    • Momentum-wise, they kind of lost it post episode 8. Neverthelesss, I’m still happy that TWOM continues to break records.

    • Agree, it lost steam for me, past Ep 8 or 9.

      While yes it’s intensely captivating, I do not find the characters that realistic. It’s way too makjang.
      Now that I have Lee Bo-young and Yoo Ji-tae, I have completely detoured from this drama.

      For one – no one is putting the best interests of the child in the picture at all, or even ever checking in on how he’s doing. He’s just supposed to go to school and all those Enrichment classes.

      It’s even more incredibly amazing that a psychologist/psychiatrist can just see him WITHOUT any parent on board!

  3. The Lead actors are delivering brilliant performannces every episode. The Female lead acting is so natural and shes so beautiful. Hats off to you.

    Congrats to all the cast and crew and to the cable network, thats two great drama in a row. Itaewon Class and Now this, the world of the married. wow, just wow.

  4. Can make this drama to 20 episodes? This is the best drama of 2020 for me. i just love it, Congrats to the world of the married.

  5. My comment got lost somehow so sorry for the duplicate of any.
    I’m so hooked on this drama – it’s riveting and the plot moves so fast , so much can happen in 1 episode. It’s very well paced, very good editing and the background music is perfectly chosen to heightened the tension.
    Everyone is bad shit crazy in this drama but somehow there’s always something that relates them to life – and so you can bemoan the craziness of humanity.
    I hesitate to start because I didn’t care for Makjang or infidelity at this moment but holy moly Once I started I can’t stop. Deserving of the high ratings completely

  6. I my self never watch Korean dramaa awhole my life,but this make me sactiface my sleeping time,so amazing this drama

  7. What i love about this drama is the strong female lead character beautifully played by kim hee ae. She is no pushover and an independent woman. She is no means perfect and has her weaknessnes but she will not cower even when powerful and influential people tries to bring her down. When her husband cheated, she knows the marriage is over and proceeded with the divorce even though there are lingering feelings.

    Plus, she is a career woman which will inspire young generations of korean women and kdrama viewers (ha!) to chase their dreams despite having a family.

  8. I’ve been enjoying the drama, despite of thinking that every single characters are sick in the head LOL
    anyways I think the reason of the high rating are also contributed by the Covid-19 now, where everybody are looking for something to watch at home and ranting online.
    So if say the rating goes up to 30% then it will be super hard to beat unless there are more things that force us to stay at home (which I know this is undesire situation for everyone, and hope after the lockdown situation passed it will not happen again)

  9. I think the high rating of this drama is due to the current lockdown in most countries to curb covid19. Otherwise this would be just any slightly above average TV drama. After episode 8 or 9, the script is written to create more unnecessary trouble which normally in real life divorced couples won’t do at all. The second half of the drama is created just to add unwanted spice to the storyline.

  10. I feel like this is an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think it’s good acting when the character keeps showing the upper whites of their eyes whenever they’re bewildered or upset. The actress does this alot and it’s getting really tiring to watch, bc she does it in many scenes. People keep saying she’s showing a range of emotions, but that’s the same face whenever she’s showing those exact emotions..

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