Song Seung Heon and Seo Ji Hye Make Dinner Out Magical in New Drama Stills for Dinner Mate

K-actor Song Seung Heon has over a dozen K-dramas under his belt and a good portion are with MBC. He’s coming back with Dinner Mate (Shall We Have Dinner Together) later in May costarring Seo Ji Hye and the two are so beautiful together it’s enough to induce me to press play (and if the drama is bad then press pause after). Going through his MBC offerings there are hits like East of Eden and fun fare such as My Princess, but also total WTF-ery that is Dr. Jin and When a Man Loves. I felt like a walk down his MBC lane because it showcases the best and worst of him, and I feel like this upcoming rom-com will be swinging the pendulum towards the top where he’s able to emote just enough paired with his never aging handsome looks we will all understand why Seo Ji Hye’s rather downtrodden state is revived when she has one dinner with this man.


Song Seung Heon and Seo Ji Hye Make Dinner Out Magical in New Drama Stills for Dinner Mate — 17 Comments

  1. Not fair he is keeping so well at his age! Love to watch this drama just to see those stills. He is one of my favourite actors since the ’90.

  2. Very excited about this drama. Just the eye candy of these two is off the charts.

    I loved Seo Ji Hye from CLOY, I’m very excited she is getting a lead role!

    • She was so elegant while being a badass in CLOY. I loved how she went on with her life with a cello on her back….she had her art to help her move on. I read somewhere that Alberto Gu will be making a guest appearance. Going to watch this drama only for her .

    • Ssh was one of original hallyu kings with autumn in my heart. He just couldnt keep the momentum wherea sfemale lead has got interntaional fame with cloy. I hppe it is success for them

      • Yeah. It is so sad that he didn’t maintain his momentum and got overtook by LMH, KSH and SJK.

  3. Oh come on…Song seung heon has aged. He looks like an old guy that’s trying hard to stay young. There are some pics where he looks like her dad. There’s nothing new with a large age gap.

    • He looks good as his age. He don’t try hard to look young, he just keep healthy lifestyle with avoid smoking and doing exercise regularly. But i often read media or netizen said that he looks younger than his age.

  4. He really looks good for his age 🙂

    I liked him in My Princess and Black (sadly it was Go Ara the main actress).

    • Me too…He was so charming in My Princess. I m yet to finish Black but yeah Go Ara’s character was annoying.His Summer Scent look was very different and an eye candy..This man has worked with some of the most beautiful korean actresses….SYJ(Summer Scent), KTH(My Princess), SHK(Stairway To Heaven).. And with all these ladies he had absolute chemistry..??

      • Correction: He worked with SHK in Autumn in My Heart..I mixed up the names earlier

  5. Yes I like him in Black..unfortunately wrong pairing with Go Ara..look foward to new drama ..SJH deserve a chance for lead..cheers on

  6. My SSH is so amazing!
    He can act all kinds of his role naturally and perfectly.
    Very very flexible.
    You will always be the best in my eyes and in my heart no matter what.
    LUV YAH!!!

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