Won Jin Ah in Talks for Female Lead of K-drama Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick Opposite Ro Woon

Hoo baby can I get a veto? Like, I would straight up nix her and not even give a reason why. K-actress Won Jin Ah is in talks for the female lead of rom-com Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick which has male lead as idol-actor Ro Woon coming off a promising male lead role in fantasy high school MBC drama Extraordinary You. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s a better actor than her, in EY Ro Woon coasted on good looks and a calm onscreen presence coupled with getting a good character to play. That means my impression of him is positive and my current impression of Won Jin Ah is like the opposite of that. She’s not bad but she and her character in her last drama Melting Me Softly was horrendous. The stuff she should delete from her resume and ask to start from scratch type of past performance. It does sound like she’s going to do Sunbae so imma start deciding whether it’s even worth giving this one a go. At this point I’m so glad baby boy Jang Dong Yoon passed on this one.


Won Jin Ah in Talks for Female Lead of K-drama Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick Opposite Ro Woon — 45 Comments

  1. well Ive seen her in MMS. and I think its quit unfair of me to judge her with that drama. but one thing I can say is that she is too shy. so RW should definitly warm up with her behinde the scene. if not, their chemistry will feel so akward.
    Im giving this a go anyway, and if WJA rejects, I hope they offer Kwon Nara or Kim Ji won maybe

  2. I hope that the both of them will pass this one. WJA doesn’t look confortable in rom-com. She was pretty awkward in Melting Me Softly. For Rowoon, I think it will better that he doesn’t choose a role from a manhwa after EY. He should take a different kind of drama. This one rest a lot on his appearance too like EY (tall and handsome).

  3. Come on koala, she’s definitely not that bad. I don’t think MMS failing was her fault, not that she did particularly well either but don’t judge her because of that as it would be unfair to judge her or Ji Chang Wool with that drama. I for one liked her in Just Between Lovers and am willing to give her another chance. Ji Chang Wool is getting another chance, why can’t she?.

    • I was really hoping for Jang Dong Yoon to get a BAEKSANG nomination for new actor category. Is he not applicable for that?? I don’t know. But if it is true then I m disappointed cause he is far better than Ahn Hyo Seop in RDK2.Lee Jae Wook was good in EY but his role was mediocre where he always needed to wear that jealous and bratty expression.Don’t get me wrong cause I think EY did have a unique premise . However as I m one of those who prefer Baek Kyung more than Haru,I couldn’t bring myself to watch it having suffered Second Lead Syndrome just by watching short clips and reviews of EY.Even from those I think Nokdu is a difficult character than BK having wide range and emotions. JDY freaking played a lady and he nailed that role in terms of versatility.

      • Well, LJW has a great agency behind him. So, getting a nomination is quite easy job for them. It’s all about connections at the end of the day.

    • Oops the previous comment got posted at the wrong place..?
      But I do think WJA deserves another chance. I heard she was great in Just Between Lovers. However I don’t know but the title of this drama puts me off, every time I hear its name. Honestly speaking I would want the makers to change to a different webtoon. Many good Manwha are there. This sounds soo yucky ?

    • She wasn’t bad in Life. It wasn’t a memorable performance like in Just Between Lovers, but she held her own beside Cho Seung Woo and Lee Dong Wook, and did a good job. So I’ll give it a 2-1. I think every actor has duds in their career now and again, so I won’t judge her if one of her dramas is a dud. As far as I’m concerned, Melting Me Softly had issues from the directing, script, editing and acting. To blame all that mess on the female lead is unfair. If that’s the case Ji Chang Wook who is the more seasoned actor, should be blamed as well.

  4. Yeah, Won Jin Ah was great at Just Between Lovers. The chemistry between her and the lead actor was great. I never watched MMS because I didn’t consider the concept appealing, but from what I know, it seems like MMS failed at a lot more levels than just the acting quality.

  5. WJA was excellent in both Just Between Lovers and Life. She in no way is horrible lol. Melting me softly was terrible as a script but I do wonder if WJA can pull off rom com too or not. She does serious very well though.

  6. She was excellent in just between lovers and was decent in a supporting role in Life. I like her and will give her a chance.

  7. Won Jin Ah was good in Just Between Lovers, I think she deserves another chance. Hopefully this won’t be a godawful drama like MMS, I cringed through that one.

    As for Rowoon….boy is cute but Extraordinary You was carried by Kim Hye Yoon, at least they had good chemistry together though.

  8. I think I will pass on this drama unless review is excellent after few episodes in but I highly doubt it with these two as leads. I am glad JDY passed on this, he has bigger fish to fry.

  9. Her acting was okay in Life, very good in Just between lovers and awkward in Melting me softly. Shes not good in rom com. Hope She rejects.
    Kwon Nara looks too old for Rowoon and her acting and face look so stiff. i dont like her acting, not my cup of tea
    Kim Ji won would be ok should won jin ah decide not to accept the project.

    • KN bcuz of height.since rowoon is like VERY tall(191cm)
      and I forgot abou IU, visually speaking she looks decent for rowoon, and noona to him.

  10. Ahh there it is, the misogynistic Koala comes out to play. Sure, let’s dismiss an actress completely for one bad role when she has proven she can do quality stuffs given the right script and co-actors.

  11. She wasn’t that bad in MMS, was she? I dropped it after 2 episodes because of the terrible writing, directing and I didn’t like the lead actor’s acting. My first time watching her, thought she was alright. But then again. I didn’t watch the rest of the drama. :))

  12. Eveyone was bad in melting me softly specially Ji Chang Wook. His acting was so oveeeeeeeeeweer the top . in the teaser of his new drama, Im seeing the same over the top expression. Sighing.

    I miss Ji chang wook in Sageuk.

  13. Why so harsh on her? She was very good in JBL. Idk why people blame her for the mess that was MMS. Writing/directing were the main problem, but if we’re talking about acting, neither leads were good lmao. If anything, I blame JCW more since he was top-billing and the sunbae actor but delivered a mediocre af performance. A lot praise him for his good chemistry with female leads, but he had zero with Yoona and WJA. It takes two to tango.

    • he had great chemistry with other FLs.
      I have a thesis that he has prblm dealing with shy-introvert girls like yoona and WJA.
      I agree that JCW didnt put his best in acting in MMS. but I blame writting and directing more than Leads acting – they were limited to script anyway- and he could literally do nothing to save it.
      and big disagree for blaming WJA for failing that project. Im watching whatever drama she accepts next, to keep it pretty fair.
      I think I can state my theory after JCWs coming drama, because KYJ is way more outgoing and sociable to me. actually JCW had more chemistry with KYJ in a single teaser than what he had with Yoona or WJA in a whole drama.
      (whats with comment section?I posted three times!)

    • JCW had a lot of chemistry with his co-stars. I didn’t have chemistry with Yoona becaus the love story was bad but he had a great chemistry with the actual FL.

    • check his chemistry with PMY in healer and with NJH in SP.
      the K2s love story line was miserable.
      I would love it more if it was zero romance. loved his relation with the stepmother the way their eyes shined while planning to destroy their enemy. it was like a two-against-the-world for me.
      and I have a theory that he is not good at dealing with shy introvert costars like WJA and Yoona.
      MMS was horrible because of bad script and directing more than acting. yet I believe that wasnt his best in acting. Im watching whatever WJA accepts next. to keep it fair.

      I figure about my thesis with his coming drama. yoo jung is way more sociable and outgoing. actually JCW chemistry with KYJ in a single teaser was more than yoona and WJA in whole drama.

      • He looked very (extremely) handsome to me in Healer. In Suspicious Partner and everything else since, there’s something about his face that distracts me. An artificiality that pulls me out of the moment.

        Same thing with Lee Jong Suk. It makes me less likely to watch their shows. I’m not at all opposed to plastic surgery- but it gets uncanny when someone goes too far.

      • @Dezzys when did LJS get a PS??.I didn’t know about it?.. need to dig more now.

      • Astar. LJS nose changes everytime he films a new drama. You have to watch to see!

  14. Ro-Woon: He’s the worst guy I’ve ever seen in front of a camera. This guy is incapable of even the slightest acting. A real nightmare. Of course, he’s not the only one responsible for how Extraordinary You was a failed drama. But he was a major contributor to that failure.
    I never want to see any more drama with this non-actor. He’s a pot. A pot of whatever you want. Flower pot, chamber pot, pencil pot. He’s so incapable that even for a model’s career, the photographer would get an expression deficit.

    • Extraordinary You wasn’t a flop. Even if its ratings weren’t good, it was pretty buzzworthy. The casting was composed by rookies and the story was about highschool, the chance to have good ratings was low.

      But the fact the actors got a fan meeting in China, were invited in Knowing Brothers or Dining Together, they filmed for the season 3 of Busted as guests show that this drama was not a flop.

  15. This title is horrible. I cringe whenever I hear it.

    I hope it is changed- for the sake of whoever ends up getting cast. Maybe just shortened to “Sunbae, don’t…”

  16. Sometimes an actor accepts a role and ends up in a miscast situation, sometimes a lack of chemistry situation but someone who acts well in a few dramas doesn’t turn into a bad actress because of one crappy drama. Especially a drama where the main issue was the writing.

    The reality is most k-dramas aren’t good just like most Western tv isn’t that good either. Hence actors, the face of the failure of writing and production, are front and center when things go awry. It would be great if fans could give them a break now and then. They are trying to make a living like the rest of us. Glad to see some positive comments on this thread because this gal really was quite good in her previous shows.

  17. Koala, I ?% agree. She was truly awful and I pulled on till the end solely because of Ji Chang Wook. I will give anything that has her in the lead a miss.

    • Big disagree if you are judging her based on that drama.
      I watched that for JCW too and if im standing for anyone who judge him based on MMS, Im standing for this girl too tho Im not her fan.
      that drama was a mess. not leads fault.
      keep it fair and give her a second chance like some other or stop your negativity and leave her alone.

      • I think u r the only one fan stanning for her. Good luck. Investors won’t be pleased. She is worst than CSB. ?

    • Won jin ah and Chae soo bin lack cbarisma to lead a drama, Their acting do not resonate with me i could not finish Melting me soflty and a piece of your mind because of them,

      Won Jin ah did not have chemistry with JCW in MMs. Ive watched the MMS bts, she looked annoying and was pouting all the time.
      As for Chae soo bin, shes just not my cup of tea. I find her acting bland.

      I dont know why these two keep getting offers.

  18. Won Jin Ah’s acting is BORING AND DULL, for me. she also lacks screen presence and charisma.

    she is included in my top 5 worst k drama actresses that include
    1 Lee sung kyung,
    2. Chae soo bin,
    3. the female lead in Dr. Stranger (Dont know her name), and
    4. YOOOOONNA- an idol, in my opinion cant sing, cant dance Cant AcT

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