Normalizing South Korea Faces New COVID-19 Spread From One Man Who Went Clubbing in Itaewon Over Weekend and Could Have Infected Hundreds

K-ent was also reporting on the public chastisement of idols who were spotting clubbing in Gangnam, Itaewon, and Hongdae, including Kara‘s Gyuri and WINNER member Mino, and reportedly a BTS member as well (though subsequently the original poster has since deleted the post and apologized for it not being true). That’s all fine and dandy for some public chastisement but this past weekend there really did happen what everyone feared – a cluster spread of COVID-19 in Seoul from a nightclub. A 29-year old man went clubbing in Itaewon including at the King Club (he went to 2 convenience stores and 4 clubs in the same night) and later tested positive for COVID-19.

People he encountered are starting to test positive and the spread could potential number in the hundreds after those he infected have gone on to infect others before realizing it and being quarantined. South Korea did a great job of containing the Daegu spread from the Shincheonji church group in February through March and life is basically back to normal there though everyone wears masks (supposedly) and social distances. It’s unclear what will come of this sudden cluster spread but people please consider not doing anything nonessential such as going clubbing.


Normalizing South Korea Faces New COVID-19 Spread From One Man Who Went Clubbing in Itaewon Over Weekend and Could Have Infected Hundreds — 32 Comments

  1. Apparently the BTS rumour was a lie by an anti-fan. The person even wrote an apology(?) letter. I can’t read Korean so I’m not too certain

  2. I know it’s not a real priority but I hope this incident won’t affect dramas/movies from filming in Korea lol

    —I hope the cases will be contained and won’t sky rocketed like it did in the past. I wish people would be more cautious and think how their actions could affect other people

  3. Once the govt started to relax the control order, allowing premises like nightclubs (where people cluster together), this is bound to happen.

    Some people just couldn’t stay at home, no matter how hard you preach them on safety and health concern. Once the restriction lifted, they care not for the livelihood of others. Visiting nightclubs is no longer against the laws. Tbf, i don understand why SK govts even allow these non-essential business to operate.

    • It was a rumor by an anti-fan that has since written an apology letter stating the fact. So far the only American kpop sites that are reporting it are the gossip sites that I’m not going to link here because in general I think they are useless sites that spread unfounded information for clicks.

      • thank you.
        seems like some dont miss a single opportunity to spread rumors and false news

  4. BTS membe r wasnt there and THAT NCT fan apologized. Get ur facts clear.
    Same nct fans targeted jungkook befor of sexual harassing their oppa who is close friend of jk and bighit sued the kid. I won’t be surprised if they sue them again. Nct fans have gone crazy bcoz their flop faves cant beat BTS and stooping this low and plus even if we assume that he wen there, he didn’t break the law. Govt’s fault to open bars
    Third people have their moral responsibility to not to attend clubs right now . stilll they went. we have to resume our lives but take precautions. simple

  5. That nct fans apologized for spreading fake rumor of bts fan. One even targeted jk of sexual harassing nct member who is friend with jk and bighit sued that kids. They will do it again and 1000s of people went but celebs r the one who gets targeted
    We have to resume our lives and work and it is people’s duty to take precautions but 10000s of dumb one still wants to go clubbing. Idiots

  6. Oh dear! Until a cure or vaccine is found, random cases like this will continue to pop up. Everyone stay safe, take the proper precautions and avoid large crowds. The pandemic is by no means over. Peace.

    • There might never be a workable vaccine. I’ll cross fingers and all that but saying people are stuck in this new normal until a vaccine is available is probably not gonna work. I’ve heard the earliest vaccine possibility is September to never and, if they come up with one, it might not actually work that well.

  7. I’m pretty shocked korean government allowed nightclubs to reopen so soon, of course something like this will happen. I hope they are getting a lot of criticism too.

  8. Mino was not in Itaewon, Gangnam, or Hongdae. He went to A guesthouse with an attached mini club on their top floor in Yangyang with some friends.
    As far as I know, that week (before itaewon cases known) the Korean Government already eased some restriction. And we all know South Korea never ruled Lockdown so..

  9. Dear Ms. Koala,

    Mentioning the rumour of BTS member in your post is not necessary. This malicious rumour was started by an anti (who already apologized for spreading false, baseless rumour and deactivated her/his account immediately) and there’s not even a single pic or footage to prove it. You could’ve just mentioned Song Mino & Gyuri because those two cases have been confirmed to be true. We all know you’re not a journalist, but you could at least do a basic research before deciding to write and post an article. This kind of rumour could harm innocent people. And you are fully aware that many people visit your blog, they’ll probably take something from your post. So please be more careful next time.

    • ^ I agree with this.

      I don’t mind Koala having harsh opinions on dramas in this blog, it’s her personal one after all.

      But if you’re speaking of factual matters/rumours, you have a little more responsibility to the people you’re speaking of, especially in a situation where if true, it would mean this person is a public health hazard.

      Be safe, people!

      • Yeah. So dissapointed with this. I mean was it so difficult to write something just not base on some one said this, that, rumour said this and that especially if it’s something negative.

    • Even Mino’s news is proven half right. Yes he went out, but not in crowded club in Seoul (Gangnam, Hongdae, or Itaewon). He spent only like 2 songs in semi private-mini club at his aquaintance guesthouse located in Yangyang, 2 hours from seoul. And it’s on news already.

      • Stop yg fans. That is compnay which is into prostitution drugs etc. Atop blindly defending yg groups

      • No, I’m not blindly defend Mino and I’m surely not a YG apologist. I understand Koala just refer her article from initial news that spreaded wrongly. Thus, I just want to clarify. Mino was not in that Itaewon mess. It’s on the korean news portal already, but compared to the initial news that so bizzare, understandbly the clarification got less attention.

        So, everyone but me can defend their fan? Wow, that’s new. Oh, and if you’re looking for a war, please go to netizenbuzz, not here and not with me. (This comment is for the one under my comment)

      • Rof u need tissues. It is forum not battle ground. Yg company is sjadya nd their artist all jave scandals. Stop justifying

    • Oh come on. Ms. Koala specifically mentioned “reportedly a BTS member”. That easily translate that its not a fact yet.

      • Thank you, she wrote reportedly. People, please look up the meanings of the words before you bash ockoala.

      • But I still think it’s unnecessary to even mention something that’s not based on reliable source on this post. This could potentially mislead readers. Who knows if those readers will talk about it on other platforms and the rumour starts to spread even wider? Such a shame that many people still spread negative rumour like it doesn’t have potential to harm other innocent people. It may start small with bad image, but it’ll end up with netizens cursing & badmouthing. Haven’t we learned from last year’s celeb suicide cases?

        Lastly… To @yvonne I my post wasn’t intended to bash Ms. Koala, it’s a reminder, a friendly one. I even closed it with a “please”, asking her to be more “careful”.

    • Mino rumor is not true,it is dispatch maliciously spreading the picture stolen from mino’s friend sns and report it as if mino gone clubbing in Seoul when its not.Mino had a gathering during his vacation outside of Seoul in Yangyang,Gangwondo.Its a small province so what is reported as ‘club’ is not a club after all (no club in small province unlike Seoul).its a guesthouse with an attached entertainment room just for their guest to have fun.non guests are not allowed,sosial distancing totally possible since its not a big crowd. Nevertheless,he even apologizes and promise to watch out next time. He is not even have to take the test,because he was not there.Dispatch is really trashy and shady to bring it out a week after his vacation,when the Itaewon cases break.

  10. Koalas is such a fake blogger who cant accept that she is spreading fake rumor about artist called BTS. Disgusting behaviour

  11. Could you please don’t write false rumors about bts member. When yoy wrote “reportedly ” please add also solid proof because we army have been trying to stop that false rumors made by antis and they apologize for making that rumors in the first place and here you are adding to it. Please be professional for this kind of matters. I want you to re-do your writing on this blog on that part. We are tired dealing with antis for several weeks already and don’t need another coming from you also.

    • She nevee owns up for her mistakes. I goona post it on Twitter if she doesnt change it. Then her blog will be crashed

      • There you go again ~
        Keep commenting your opinion as you like and always be the one who feels hurt

      • @ady

        are you that influential, do you have followers on twitter? lmao.
        try again

      • ? army can be notorious until we can have clear apology from spreading rumours and helping them.

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