K-movie Emergency Declaration Adds Park Hae Joon and Kim So Jin to the Already Star Studded Cast

Goodness this is a wild and wildly impressive casting land for the production of upcoming action K-movie Emergency Declaration. Starring leads Song Kang Ho, Lee Byung Hun, and Jeon Do Yeon, the movie added Im Shi Wan and Kim Nam Gil a few weeks ago and this week pulled in Park Hae Joon (male lead of The World of the Married) and rising young actress Kim So Jin. Song Kang Ho plays a detective investigating casualties from an emergency plan landing, Lee Byung Hun is a dad with a flying phobia, Jeon Do Yeon is a General in South Korea, Im Shi Wan is a solo passenger, Kim Nam Gil is the plane’s vice-captain, Park Hae Joon is the head of South Korean crisis management, and Kim So Jin is a flight attendant on the plane. Filming starts this month in May but when I think plane incident I just have horror flashbacks to Vagabond so please have this movie make sense!


K-movie Emergency Declaration Adds Park Hae Joon and Kim So Jin to the Already Star Studded Cast — 10 Comments

  1. well I hope each have their specific position to shine and have proper perform in the drama and some not be the flower pot to others.
    really wow to the cast

  2. Im Shi Wan like D.O. from XO, impressive idol/actorsI. I love the drama and movie characters they have amassed. Maybe LMH can learn from how these 2 had build up their resume by the projects they have chosen.

    • ok I get it that LMHs comeback drama is not what exactly we expected, but I dont see any point nor logic in comparing him with actors you named.
      LMH is completely another level so it doesnt even make sense to compare him with ISW & D.O – no offence, not that those arent good actors or sth –
      you are comparing apples to oranges.

      • While I agree that lmh is already an A list actor , but tbh his acting skills really lack compare to im si wan or D.O cz all the role he’s been playing was a handsome tall rich good or good at martial art things . I understand if it’s not his fault for being typecasted but if he really want to be a respected actor he should be out from his comfort zone and not always choose the same role wether it was from a popular writer hence he believe it will become instantly popular . I think we had won bin or cha seung won who tall and handsome too but never afraid to take different role ( but unfotunately won bin doesn’t act anymore ) lol . Or he should build his resume by playing in more film cz it was never too late

      • @hyun he doesnt need ajtis respect. He is jot going to take arthouse works leaving massive prohects to make ajtis happy. Who cares about resume expect edgy people? People cares about massive projects only in end.
        He is not D lister to do anything

      • @Artemis I agree with you it was such a childish post I don’t know how people even make themselves write such nonsense with a straight face. Didn’t LMH do Faith, City Hunter, Gangnam Blues and Bounty Hunters?? Do you think these child actors can do these characters any justice? The only work they can pull off is small characters and roles

      • I would love to see him in new characters again, I agree he is mostly known for rich roles around the world, but he did have different characters too, like City Haunter, gangam blues, faith, bounty haunters.
        and Im not especifly talking about acting here, Im talking about fame,popularity. speaking of korea, LMH is among names who pass ppls minds, like bts. thats why comparing him with ISW and D.O doesnt make sense.( and this doesnt mean named actors arent good – I havent seen enough of them to make any statement about their acting )

        ppl liked BOF and Heirs, didnt they?
        ratings speak all about them. now why are the same ppl blaming him for the king? Im not setting him off the hook for this, he should have been more careful about his comeback.
        but as a fighter, I never kicked someone while he/she was down. and I CANT STAND same behavior in life.
        he did a mistake. thats ok. one never loses. you win or you learn. and he doesnt need to learn it from others. learning from his own mistakes is enough.Learn and move on thats that.
        being LMH doesnt mean he cant make mistakes.
        Lets just hope he bounce back soon.

    • Wtf lmh has to do anything here. He will keeo getting big projects bcoz he already brought profit. Noone cares about these actors. They wont get 32 billion won dramas. So move on anti

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