The World of the Married Heads into Finale Weekend Riding High on Buzz as Top Searched Drama in First Week of May Followed by Hospital Playlist

It’s finale weekend for record breaking hit cable drama The World of the Married as it heads into the final two episodes 15 and 16 with plenty of buzz and even some last minute scandal with two teen actors in the cast. Love it or hate it, the drama is an unequivocal hit with zero expectation heading in – I actually didn’t even cover it because the remake of BBC series Doctor Foster didn’t interest me as well and leads Kim Hae Ae and Park Hae Joon are fantastic actors but on them alone and a story that didn’t interest me I overlooked this behemoth in the making.

It’s already surpassed Sky Castle as the highest rated cable drama of all time and could even set the bar even higher with the final two episodes. The buzz hasn’t died down as the first week of May online search results are out and Married is still firmly in #1 followed by Hospital Playlist and The King: Eternal Monarch. When a drama under-delivers in ratings despite the big name production and big budget there are reasons why and apologists trying to excuse the failure to launch but Married is just a true winner and deserves huge props for being a keymaker in reviving K-drama interest domestically.

First week of May 2020 Top 10 Search Dramas:

1. The World of the Married
2. Hospital Playlist
3. The King Eternal Monarch
4. Hold Me Tight
5. Soul Repairer
6. When My Love Blooms
7. Good Casting
8. Once Again
9. Find Me in Your Memory
10. Born Again

First week of May 2020 Top 10 Search Drama Actors/Actress:

1. The World of the Married – Jung Jon Won
2. The World of the Married – Haekyung
3. Hospital Playlist – Chun Myung Tae
4. Hold Me Tight – Han Hye Jin
5. The World of the Married – Kim Hee Ae
6. The World of the Married – Jeon Jin Woo
7. When My Love Blooms – Jinyoung
8. The World of the Married – Park Hae Joon
9. Soul Repairer – Shin Ha Kyun
10. Good Casting – Choi Kang Hee

First week of May 2020 Top 10 Search Words Connected with Dramas:

1. The World of the Married ending
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5. When My Love Blooms meaning
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7. The World of the Married live ratings
8. Soul Repairer character chart
9. Once Again character chart
10. Hospital Playlist OST


The World of the Married Heads into Finale Weekend Riding High on Buzz as Top Searched Drama in First Week of May Followed by Hospital Playlist — 19 Comments

  1. I want ti watch but i read episode 13 was depressing to watchm so i couldnt continue. I dont know if i have heart ti wqtch last 4 episodes
    Though i still think it best run was till epispde 8. Kim hee ae and other 2 leads all deserve awarfs. Kim hee ae needs grand prize

  2. No no watch it.. Because episode 14 ending was a boom.My tears were automatically rolling down throughout the episode .I won’t spoil it but the mistress finally got a tight slap (metaphorically) in the end.

  3. JTBC definitely showed others that producing dramas with low budgets, unknown/unpopular veteran actors and actresses and a deep understanding of your society’s problem and etc do bear fruit.

    • Which popular drama of jtbc had an unpopular or unknown lead? Kim namjoo? Kim sun ah and kim hee sun? Yum jung ah from sky castle? Or kim hae ae? They all got best actress awards and baeksang for their work. Kdrama wasnt that popular internationally back then, but this ladies are still so much popular in korea. Who do you refer too?

    • Kim Hee Ae is A Top Actress in Korea, she is so popular. She has 6 Daesangs (2 at Baeksang’s and 1 at Korea Dramas Awards). TWOTM is doing great internationally. It would be huger when this drama would be on Netflix after its run.

    • Kim hee ae is like most successful actress of her gen since lee yojng ae has retired.and go hyun jung facing hee problem. What bs u r spewing lmao

  4. Episode 14 was the best for me by far. I cried a river during that scene and then WAOUH. So excited for tomorrow night. Top Actress Kim Hee Ae deserves Daesang at Baeksang’s for her awesome acting. What a successful comeback. Hopefully she will do another drama/movie soon 🙂

  5. Unrelated to the topic but after looking at all those search results, I feel amazed at how PBG managed to stay on top despite Encounter being ranked at no. 3 or 4 almost its entire broadcast. His domestic fanbase must be really huge considering how insanely popular SKY Castle was at the time.

  6. How to watch this show legally in the US? I’ve seen some fans say at least The King is killing it on Netflix, but TWOTM wasn’t even given a chance to compete internationally. Reminds me of how well Sky Castle did domestically but it was only available on Viki after the buzz died down.

  7. Park Hae Joon is a fantastic with a very expressive sensitive face. He is not getting enough credit.
    The Crashlanding actor is miscast as a philandering husband or maybe I still see him as a loving husband and dad .

  8. HOSPITAL PLAYLIST is amazing 🙂 It is light, fun watch, revolves around friendship and lives of the leads. Love it!

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