Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won Lead Script Reading for Summer 2020 tvN Drama Flower of Evil

Round two, here we go! The pairing of Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won has always been a K-ent anticipation but their first drama together was the pure procedural Criminal Minds adaptation and didn’t give us their full talents in the natural K-drama glory. This time we get it with their reunited and it feels so painfully good sounding tvN drama Flower of Evil. They play a married couple with a daughter seemingly living the perfect life, except he’s living under a false identity concealing a cruel past and she’s a detective who starts to suspect and tries to unearth his deceptions. Ooooooohhhh, I hope he’s not evil but just a formerly bad guy turned good wanting a fresh start but if he’s still evil so be it this drama is going to hurt so good if done right.


Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won Lead Script Reading for Summer 2020 tvN Drama Flower of Evil — 26 Comments

  1. The acting talent is there and the PD has a lot of very solid dramas under his belt. The writer doesn’t have many main writing credits to her name so this will hopefully be a case of a solid co-writer being given a chance as a main writer. I hope it works out but keeping my expectations right where they need to be.

    Lawless Lawyer was a solid if not outstanding drama and LJG took a bit of time off between that drama and this one so hope it is worthwhile for him.

    • LJK has worked nonstop with at least 1 drama a year since coming back from the military in 2012, I don’t mind that he took a break for 2019. Hopefully he recharged well.

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  3. I didn’t watch the kdrama equivalent of Criminal Minds. How was their chemistry in that drama. They are both experienced professionals so I know they will turn out a noteable performance.

    • @Adal – They had chemistry in Criminal Minds, in that I really enjoyed watching them interact/their acting styles meshed well, but the drama was kind of boring/messy so I gave up early on (btw they had no love line there).

  4. Fingers crossed, PLEASE let this drama be good and deserving of their talents (Criminal Minds was not). I’ve looked forward to seeing them pair up for so many years now, king and queen of sageuk dramas even though this drama is modern.

  5. Oh wait, he’s playing an actual psychopath??

    I applaud LJK choice to expand his range as an actor but still sad @yet ANOTHER drama with MCW as a costar and probably no love line!!

  6. I miss Lee Jun Ki so much. But I am glad that he took some time off and I really hope this drama will be all worthy esp that it boasts such talented casts in LJK and MCW. My ultimate dream pairing of them is actually in a sageuk (a genre they both excelled in) but hey, it is still good that we finally get to watch them as a pair again. They had incredible chemistry in Criminal Minds despite no romance took place between their characters.

    Anyway, very excited for this one.

  7. Yay for the reunion the second time around. Now, this is an interesting story. And so i also hope this Drama can showcase their talent and of course the chemistry we are all dying to see…

  8. May be second time is the charm.
    Yoo Ah in and Shin Se kyung couple worked in Six Flying dragons (their second time meeting after Fashion king).
    That’s why…I hope too much for second time.
    May be that’s the case for Lee Jun ki and Moon Chae won.

  9. I cannot wait to see flower of evil I support this drama series 300% I’m freaking watch kdrama including Vicki. I support the other drama series 2 I support 300% and more LEE JOON Gi (LEE).

    • Disagree. How many LJK’s dramas or movies have you watched? Don’t come here just to bash. There are more overrated actors and actresses in SK. LJK is definitely not one of those. LJK is hardworking and he is a real actor, not just a pretty face (even though he has one).

    • Agree with @Kelly. How many good-looking SK actors are willing to play the role of a married man with a daughter? LJK is very versatile. He has tried different characters and genres over his many years of acting.

    • Maybe you mean underrated. Maybe you got confused with the meaning of the word. Because is definitely he is one the most underrated k-actors.

      What I admire about Lee Joon Gi, he takes different type of characters, and the character that he plays really comes to life and they look difference from one another too, which amazes me.

      Hope this upcoming drama is good. Good luck to him and the rest of cast and drama team.

    • just because he is good looking and good actor doesn’t mean he can’t be overrated, I’ve watch him since time between dog and wolf and to this day, that is his best performance,
      he is average and not god-like as I’ve seen many people typed about him.

      taking different role doesn’t mean anything to his acting range if he looks the same every time, he just Lee Jun Ki and not his character which is why I think he is overrated and his ating is exaggerated style

      • @mooshi Guess you comment is a response to my comment. Quite frankly, your comment does not make sense. But you can believe that you are correct, suit yourself. ?

  10. @MistyEyes she is trying hard to convince us but we all know she is lying her a** off! Lmao, let’s we all laugh together ???

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