Dispatch Names 4 Famous Idols Jung Kook, Eun Woo, Jaehyun, and Mingyu as Visiting Itaewon Club in Late April during COVID-19 Outbreak There

I am quite familiar with the K-actor ’87 line consisting of Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi, Jang Geun Seok, Ji Chang Wook, Joo Won, Jung Il Woo, and Seo In Guk but today I learned about the idol ’97 line thanks to the mic Dispatch just dropped. Last week there were rumors and reports of idols visiting Itaewon Clubs, made even more irresponsible as the clubs were the center of a resurgent outbreak. Gyuri and Mino owned up to it and apologized but there were unconfirmed reports of more idols also enjoying the nightlife. Today Dispatch lit up Monday morning news naming names – Jung Kook of BTS, Astro‘s Cha Eun Woo, NCT‘s Jaehyun, and Mingyu of Seventeen were at a restaurant and two clubs in Itaewon on the night of April 25th into the wee morning of the 26th. They reported did their promotions and events as normal afterwards rather than the required 14 day quarantine as requested by the government. Dispatch says thereafter they have been tested and all tested negative for COVID-19 though the quarantine is still required as the virus as stay dormant for 14 days before triggering a positive test. Welp, I’m expected K-netizens to go hard on these young men and not sure if their own fans will be ok with irresponsible conduct.


Dispatch Names 4 Famous Idols Jung Kook, Eun Woo, Jaehyun, and Mingyu as Visiting Itaewon Club in Late April during COVID-19 Outbreak There — 78 Comments

  1. Majority of the fans are defending the idols and getting mad at dispatch. At first they accused them for lying and then when the idols admitted their faults and apologized the fans started to throw other accusations at dispatch. It’s really sad that certain people judge idols differently than they would towards a non-famous human. The pile of defenses they made for the idols is remarkable. I want them as my defense lawyers in the future LOL

    —I love majority of the idols mentioned here but I’m not going to excuse them from their actions. It’s great that they admitted fault and apologized, hopefully they and others people (famous and non-famous) who do the same things during this time will be more mindful of their actions. —there are so many people violating the social distancing rules, so many, it just shows that people in general don’t really care for their fellow humans 🙁

    • I understand idols made mistake but what about govt and thousand of people who went to clubs? Why to open clibs at the first place? Idols r easy target thats it.
      Yes they deserve to be callrd out but making them scapegoat for govt as well as 10000 of citizens mistake is wrong as well

      • I agree, other people deserve to be called out too but they’re not famous and people don’t care, it’s a downside of being famous.

      • government made issue that they are “suggested to close the operation” since SK is controlled environtmen, government can’t easily close private ownership unless it’s really really dangerous or they’ll called dictators, the government take the measure they can, now they can force stop the club because of the outbreak, see the difference

        blaming the government is easier than idol right?

      • the bar ignored the suggestion to stay closed

        also government can’t issue or forced private sector to close unless something really bad happened or they’ll be called dictatorship, see the difference? covid was contained in SK so they can only suggest it

        the government tried their best but it’s easy to blame them right? because govt=bad
        but the irresponsible idols who’ll interact with way more people than normal citizen and actively promote social distancing
        just need to be shielded because they just 22 years old man who don’t know any better, poor them

      • yup he is innocent. And outbreak happened week after. Outrage is fake. BTS antis finding scraps lmao. Most 22 years old guys r immature.

    • Its obviously a cover up for these idols.I feel so sorry for mino.He was not even in the club,its a guesthouse with an entertainment room.dispatch release mino’s first to redirect the hate to him.I am so angry..

      • U guys need to stop with ur bs conspiracy! U said bighit owned dispatch then y jk jamr got revealed, yg groups r problematic and whole company is shady

  2. They went early though before outbreak. Problem is it was irresponsible on their part. But also govt shouldn’t open clubs this soon.
    On the other hand citizens should follow distancing for this year atleast. Backlash is expected. All top idols. He is young and pampered by other members. So it is gonna be tough lesson. But stop blaming them for outbreak. Thousand of people went in itaewon. So stop using them as scapegoat lol. They did what thousand of people were doing. At same time people said dispatch was owned by bighit and they r using it against pimp company yg lol. Now that crap is over atleast. Dispatch is nooone’s relative.

      • He is not mature yet. And most men become mature after 25 or so. He is most pampered. So basically he is like a teenager. Please understand he is golden maknae baby of group. He doesn’t deserves bashing

      • Seeing all these clowns infantalizing & bending over backwards for a grown ass man who didn’t have the common sense to stay home during a pandemic is hilarious. Kpop Stanning is one helluva drug.

    • Seungri used to be the golden magnae, and look at what he has done.

      In bts, only jk has the scandals, his name again and again. 22 isn’t a kid.

      But then, for fans, oppa is never wrong.

      • R u comparing this with senguri. R u serious? I knoe u stan bb n yg artist but dont even comoare this to drugist and pimps. To call it even

      • How is this even comparable to serious crimes committed by bb members like taking drugs and one a pimp. Which whole world knows. What equivalency? This isnt a crime. 1000s of people went to cl8bs but 79 liners didnt went to club. They went to bar olus restaurant. Hoe do u even come up with this? Just bcoz u cant justify ur criminals oppas dont put jk on that level. Yg fans dream of seeing bts on has beens criminals is disgusting

      • Bb fans need to stop being salty about bts bts didnt ask them to cause crimes

      • I’m guessing what she means is that Seungri was the baby of the group so would always be excused and pampered for his behavior. But look how he turned out- the worst and though other members of bigbang has their faults Seungri completely dirtied the groups name.

        So I’m thinking in this way she is comparing to Seungri. Of course JK is no where on Seungri levels. But he is the youngest of the group and he has been in many “scandals” and always being forgiven because he’s the youngest. But like bigbang’s youngest the don’t want JK and his shenanigans to bring the group down.

        In most families, it’s usually the spoiled child who is always forgiven and shielded who brings the most shame to the family.

        Jk needs to wise up or else he will fall, and the higher up you are the harder you will fall.

    • Imagine calling a 22-year-old grown man “a kid” lmao. Another episode of fangirl Ady making 203928 excuses for her mediocre oppa LMH, who is on the downfall, and now BTS but will throw slurs and below-the-belt personal attacks on female idols lol.

      • We call him baby bcoz he is baby of group. Learn to read and defensive about jk has nothing to do with my fave actor? R u on drugs or u r airhead like ur fabe who is known as dumb idol. Mmy fave will keeo getting main roles as centre but ur fave. She is already a showpiece used for nothing. Eternal showpiece. Worry about her and u bash female idols all d time inlcuding jennie iu yoona. So shut ur crap lmaom. I bash openly ! And u make transphoblic comments on lmh and use kris jenner as an insult and keep insulting other women. So stop acting like saint lmaoo. Get a life obsessed creep

      • ofc 22 years old is a kid, for fans, even 40 years old is a kid
        they can never be wrong and the fans actively hide everything or start slander just to protect their “kid”,

      • Never claimed not to have bashed them (Jennie, IU, Yoona), but I keep it on their acting and star power, not below-the-belt bashing on their “personalities” like you do. lmao you act like you know them personally and then claim your Jungkook as innocent baby boy? CRINGE. My fave is fine, sweetie. Her drama still had better ratings than your eternal chaebol who even has KES superstar writer backing him but got a low of 5% range. Wow what a successful return for the “king” lmao.

    • I remember you said people calling your fave JJH “aunt” is ageist, but now you’re here calling koala aunty. Just admit that you’re no different than any other delusional fangirl: biased and overly defensive (but yours is next-level since you’re the queen of vulgarities and foul language). lmao

      • Aunty is respect in my country for a women with children and in their mid age. I m young girl who will call aunty an aunty. It id ur mentality which u take as negative. Change ur mindset
        Rofl u r fan of eternal showpiece. That i@ blind fangirlish behavior! And u want me to bash u. I have done enough on NB where u did d same. Why acting h9lier than thou? It is not gonna save ur faves career. Eternal showpiece

      • Nobody’s buying your act, hun. You obviously wanted to drag Koala with an ageist comment because she dared to not praise your king in previous articles. Pathetic. Guess what? Only his delusional fangirls will praise his mediocre acting of 17 years and claim him as the same level as Kim Soo Hyun and Park Seo Joon. Sorry to burst your bubble, but he’s not lol.

      • Who cares if u dint buy my act. U r a nobody for me.and i have nothing to justify to u lmao and i dont get what he has to do hereM u r despo for him or what? When u stan eternal showpiece u shouldnt talk about him. He wilm get that offers all over again. He is that big but ur fave? Her drama already looks a low level production and her movies roles. Yikes. Eternal showpiecem my fave wont do thatm worry about them
        And aunty is respect. It is ur problem and disgusting mindset. Get help for it

      • As I said, nobody’s buying your excuses hun. Go check the most recent article on your eternal chaebol. Your foul mouth, toxicity, and lack of grammar is well-known. And I repeat, my fave’s drama had better ratings than your eternal chaebol despite your claims that TKEM would reach 20% because of combined power of a megastar writer and so-called “king of his generation.” lol embarrassing.

  3. Damn that’s irresponsible. The authorities shouldn’t have allowed clubs to be open at all but it’s incredibly poor judgment on the part of these young men to have gone there in the middle of a pandemic, they must have known how poorly it would be seen and like I said in the last post about this – they would be a public health risk if they were exposed, especially if they didn’t self-isolate after that.

    • Korea was not in quarantine anymore.
      Everything was going normal
      People were living their lives
      10000s of people went to itaewon clubd whereas 97 liners went ti bar aka restaurant
      They went a week before outbreak.
      Yes they were immature to do so but problem is whole country was not following rules anymore. So they are easy scapegoats

  4. Yes, they are humans too, and susceptible to lapses in judgement, but the fact of the matter is, they are also idols, and part of the job means being held to a higher-than-average standard of conduct, as many young people do look up to these idols as role models. I think that any parent would hope that the idol that their child loves sets a good example. Though it may seem unreasonable at first, I think that mindset is fairly understandable if you try to empathise with the parent.

    Furthermore, as idols, they come into contact with an inordinately large number and wide variety of individuals throughout their work daily. The chance (and scale) of community transmission through an idol who may be an asymptomatic carrier is MUCH larger than a normal Korean who was at those clubs too. So to some extent, I understand the backlash that these idols are facing. Going clubbing at that time, no matter whether social distancing restrictions had been implemented or not, was not the wisest decision.

    TL;DR: Clubbing at that time, though not illegal, was definitely not worth this trouble.

  5. To koala:mino is not even in Itaewon.he was on vacation with his friends in Yangyang,Gangwondo.His news was released first because people actually wants the name of celebrity that were caught going there after the Itaewon outbreak.Dispatch redirect the hate to him when in fact he was not even performing in real club, its a small entertainment room for guest in the guesthouse he was staying in.Its only consist of his close friends there. Nevertheless,he apologized since it is reckless to have vacation during this pandemic,but South Korea itself already relaxed their social distancing rule so he is not exactly breaking any rules.thank you.

  6. Why not own it (It’s been circulating) instead of waiting for dispatch to release the article.

    Sorry to the fans of these idols but I don’t believe one’s sincerity when they only apologize just because they got caught. That’s irresponsible of them regardless of the test result.

    And please don’t justify their action bec they’re young—they are of legal age and already know what they’re doing!

    • What about 1000s of people who partied? These idols didnt even go to club like those idiots. Thry r not evem close to those idiots. Why such hypocrisy?

      • ady please stop. just stop. you bullied everyone including koala the other day saying it was all an elaborate conspiracy against bts, and now you are derailing again. let’s just take the L, wish he learnt his lesson, and move on. there’s nothing wrong in admitting an idol fucked up, they are humans like the rest of us. you are objectifying him and taking agency away from him as well. he’s AN ADULT and he has to face the consequences for his actions, especially in such a sensitive time (we are literally in the middle of a pandemic). once again, you bring shame to armys. grow up.

      • stop lecturing me. we armys r bts fans not kpop fans. remember that. we dont give a damn about what u kpoopies think about us. we stan BTS and the day they disband we will leave kpop. Armys dont give a damn about u and he didn’t commit any thing illegal. so u take a L and move on. BB fan

      • Ady is correct this time. What about the 1000 people who partied? Armani, please stop. I work in the ER and see too many people not tested and think they are ok but not… people ranging from housewives to young children. So stop your stereotyping Guys and Gals. No one should isolate one specific group of workers but excuse others including those who do not work.

      • @md thanku. I am not justifying their act but itaewon crona breaout happened in clubs later on . not on that day. Why to put blame on idols for that? Only idols should follow duties? yes they should be criticized but dont use them as scapegoat for breakout when they had no contribution in it

  7. The level of defence by the fans of these idols are mind-blowing. Sure they did nothing criminally wrong but as public figures, they should be mindful in their actions. Despite the relaxation of the lockdown, they should exercise better judgement not to visit those places unnecessarily.

    Sure the Korean govt gave green light to reopening of clubs but Covid-19 has launched a new kind of normalcy that is social distancing. Any clustering can trigger the spread. Everyone rightfully need to have responsibilities to the society. This is where people expect idols to set a good example. Being aware of societal problems and mindful to not exacerbate it.

    The fans can go all out to defend idols by saying more 1000 people also visited those places, but they are nobody, who would care where they went. Even if Dispatch revealed all the 1000 names, nobody bothered. There’s a reason why they are being called “idols”.

    • And the level of haters to bash yoing boys at the slightest opportunity is digusting. They didnt even go to club. They went to simole bar and restaurant and it was a week before whole itaewon thing. Dont use ur agenda on boys!

      Govt fault. Simole. They shouldnt have opened them and whole korea eas enhoying. See the pics of streetd filled with people

      It is truth why those people r justified just bcoz they r not idols? Those people went to clubs these idols didnt. Disgusting how some people wanna use them as scape goat!

    • Alexa. I have to disagree with you on saying idols need to set a good example. Idol is only a job just like a chef, a nurse, a librarian, a cleaner, a policeman, a mailman, a grocery worker. Everyone should set good example, but do they have to is the main question? It is the expectation of an idol which is incorrect. Why do you excuse the 1000 people who maybe fireman, pharmacist, teacher, dentist…. why can they return to work the next day without quarantined? Don’t you worry they maybe infected and spread to others?

    • @Jennie what even are you talking about. you mentioned all essential workers, and we know (if you follow the news) how hard it’s been on essential workers many of whom died during the pandemic. millions are losing their jobs because of the quarantines, people all over the world can’t see their loved ones so they can keep them safe. and you are here excusing people who WENT OUT TO PARTY? imo the main culprit is, in fact, the govt for allowing big gatherings when the pandemic is still ongoing. regardless, people should practice personal responsibility and avoid crowded places if possible. going to club isn’t the same as going to extinguish a fire wtf. they shouldn’t be crucified as this isn’t a crime after all, but we can’t blindly defend these people. some of them even were on campaigns for social distance, so the hypocrisy is a bit jarring. contact tracing is done on everyone who were found to be in the area, you only know of these 4 because they are famous. why can’t we calmly admit they did wrong? that’s the most dehumanizing thing you can do. also please research what being an idol means, and why people expect better from them.

      • Armani. I AM AN ESSENTIAL WORKER!!! I am not excusing people going to club, but be sensible. Don’t you think an essential worker can go to bars? Come on, we need to relax after work. You people don’t know a thing. SHUT UP. I KNOW MORE PEOPLE WHO WORK IN THE FRONT LINE. Do you know where I have been last night? I work in the Emergency.

      • I don’t see what’s wrong with essential workers enjoying their lives. @armani – what work do you do? Stop judging unless you are one of them.

      • Just to clarify. I do not know Jennie and don’t know which Emergency she works at or in which country. I am an ER Doctor and we prepare our work for anyone walking through our door. How do you feel if I do not examine you if you only stay home as a housewife? Everyone is vulnerable. Not just idol. I do not understand why you criticize the idols when stay-at-home moms are also our patients.

      • Armani. I am not sure what you do. But I am a bartender working at a club and I need to work to make money. Are you telling me I should stay home too? Are you paying my bills??

      • @passerby aww it is very terrible situation. when privileged people talk about staying home not understanding the pain people r suffering financially and mentally. Not all can afford it. I hope u take safety precautions though and sanitize urself all the time.

  8. It is expected that what celebs do will always be blown out of proportion. Hundreds or maybe thousands of koreans went to restaurants that day but only these 4 idols have been singled out. Anyways, this issue will be forgotten soon. NCT is making their comeback and BTS are going to the afterparty with the Obamas. Just another day in KPOP…

  9. They participated in social distancing campaigns but thought they were above it. What’s even the point of these idols promoting it, when by their fans’ defense of them it is apparent the fans also dgaf about this social distancing. Empty words from idols going into and out of fans’ ears. How fitting.

  10. Reading these kinds of articles, or seeing people protesting social distancing rules under the name called “human right”, making me really upset. The level of ignorance and selfishness of these people are unfathomable.
    What I understand from this is they went to the bar, and after getting negative for the virus with the advice to stay home for 14 days, some idols still continue doing full promotion, idols activities.
    While there are thousands of healthcare workers risking their lives saving people, being separated from their families, there are still people only care about themselves.
    I hope these idols don’t do any kind of “thank you” sign language on social media, otherwise, they would look really ridiculous right now.

  11. Lolz, I posted my comment several times again and it didn’t show up. Is it just me or some people encounter same problems? It’s not the first time happening to me.

  12. It will be nice if the agencies let them to quarantine at home for 14 days with pay. There maybe two sides of the story. Clubbing is not a crime. One may not know if the club you step into has an outbreak. I know a nurse who happens to work in a unit with outbreak and although she tests negative, she needs to be quarantined luckily with pay. Now about these idols, did they know the club have outbreak before stepping in? Why did the govt not close the clubs if have outbreak? The govt is supposed to protect the public. There is nothing wrong going into an open business. The idol may want quarantined time with pay but what if the agency does not allow or if he will not get paid if take time off. I certainly do not want to stay home for Half a month without pay for something I do not intentionally commit any wrongdoing and if I am tested negative.

  13. Too old to know them . But nowadays celebrities get away with “scandals” easily. I don’t mind but i’m still not over the witch’s hunter that Yoon Eun Hye was victim of. I’m not naming her to start a topic…just saying the unfairness that exists.

    • Army dont know about this blog, I think its time to tweet it to jk fanclubs with thousands of followers. And see what happens to it lol!

      • There you go again ady, I thought only your idol is immature. But I guess you’re the one who’s immature grown up adult

      • Ah, online bullying. That’s a good idea. And I wonder why people have negative views on idols and their fans/fandom.

      • @Nana i dgaf. I am just teasing. I like this blog lol. I know what army can do if they found out.
        @Gin online bullying? Where is it. Simply stating if famous fanclubs found about it. They will shower their love. Isnt this public blog? Anyone can come. Do u think army care? We dont care about kpop. We only care about bts and we dgaf about what do u think about us

      • Ady exposing herself again. Claimed she called koala aunty out of respect as it’s a tradition in ady’s country. Back in Feb 11 in an OP by koala talking about LMH spotted filming in Seoul basketball arena, she called koala dumbo for deleting one of your vulgar comments when arguing with a commenter called Funny. She also called people who work in the corporate world as slaves, mocking them saying they will be paying their bills past retirement while she as a landlady who worked her ass off for her land, houses and real estate are living on rental and doesn’t need to work yet she is here sympathising with working class people and slagging off the privileged people who talked about sitting at home during pandemic. Calling other people racist yet she wrote in Hindi to another commenter in an English speaking blog here. Then in this OP asy is a young girl supporting BTS, passing herself off as a teenager or landlady when it suits her.

      • @sam and other users on this blog need to drink beer and get a life. U guys can target me all day. Wont stop me from commenting and what expose? U think exposing me on this irrelevant blog gonna do anything???????
        I was checking old posts and royal and others people were busy bashing me. U guys r funny. Get a hobby or something. I cant believe u take this online forum so seriosuly to heart?????
        And yup i m landlord. Whats d deal? Koalas is of my aunt’s age. So i eill call her an sunty. It is ur problem if u see aunty as an insult.
        That comment about cooperate slaves was to get back at that person back then. That is called situation based comment. Dont sct like u know me. I hsve more empathy to ppor than u will ever have. Not boasting but i have helped them during crona? What did u do? Target me here lmakk. U think u did something?
        I m not a teenager but of jk age idiot.??that doesnt make me old dumbo?i was writing in hindi to an hindi user. Why does it affect u? Jeez u r creepy stalker who keeps revord of what i said? Jeez people here r obsessed about comments. Get laid or something. Taking ur frustration on me isnt going to stop me??

      • Imagine keeping revord of ky comments and the date i posted. Some people here need to get laid?

  14. They went there a before the outbreak and literally did nothing wrong. They have nothing to apologize for. To me this actually looks like a cover up for the nth room, to make it seem less important. They had the pictures since a long time and they knew they did nothing wrong but published the article after the nth room article to shift the attention to the idols. They really have nothing to apologize for.

    • Thanku. Common sense is not common here. Yes they should maimtaim distancing but they r used as scapegoat here when actually 1000s non celebs caused the second wave and nth room is shady as fck with reported hugh profile people in it. Better focus on that crime. Korean priorities are all wrong

    • Didn’t the first wave come from a Church in South Korea? Why didn’t anyone say anything about those churchgoers?

  15. Goodness! Don’t all these guys live together with their respective group members? If people aren’t supposed to go to the clubs because of an outbreak, then why are these guys going and exposing themselves which could lead to them getting sick and making the other members sick, along with exposing to anyone who works for them and the workers families? Makes it seem like they don’t care about their group members, or their employees either. Selfish and thoughtless behavior, but what else to expect from idols? Not surprising, really, since they are all in their 20s. It’s just too bad when they could be the role models for the younger generation and help to stop the spread of the virus.

    • I don’t think they live together by choice. It is the agency’s arrangement. It is not cheaper to live in Seoul. Not all people in their 20’s are well-off to live wherever they want, maybe you do not know that?!!

    • And to expect someone in 20’s to be a role model…. Why don’t you speak with the Parents of the younger generation??? How many young 20’s are in the workforce nowadays? Too many people living in privileges not realizing some need to work to pay bills.

  16. The article that dispatch released is just a cover up for the nth room incident.

    Besides 97 liners went for their outing on 20th April and not 25th April as reported. On 20th April things were pretty normal – bars, restaurants were open and there was no lockdown. They didn’t do anything wrong but yeah it was a socially tone deaf move but they didn’t do anything wrong

  17. This coronavirus is a test for everyone. It always exposes weaknesses. I don’t think the government was wrong to allow them to reopen because the staff and owners need to earn money, people need to socialise to keep their mental state normal but the attenders should have ensured they had a clean health bill to attend these places.

  18. Yes. Please bring ur cult of mindless clowns to swarm this blog. Most of koalas articles are click bait. She does this sht for the cash u morons. It’s hilarious how ur oppar is being dragged over hot coals in korea but u intl fans are barking at each other and trending i love u hashtags to bring him Even More flack.

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