The King: Eternal Monarch Drops to Even Lower Ratings of 5.2% and 6.6% in Episode 11 Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

The end is nearing for SBS Fri-Sat drama The King: Eternal Monarch and today’s episode 11 marked a new low in ratings. It’s only fallen lower and lower with each recent episode and today only managed 5.2%, 6.6%. I hope this is the nadir for this once highly anticipated drama, to say it was the 2020 drama with the most buzz before it premiered would not be an understatement. Episode 11 continued to dole out information, especially bad uncle’s grand plan which remains opaquely revealed and requires swapping dopplegangers. The good parts are Shin Jae confronting bad uncle’s henchman, Luna coveting what Tae Eul has, and that’s it. The ending sequence with The King riding a white horse leading a squad of nights and circling helicopters to rescue Tae Eul was laughably, probably the worst knight rescuing lady sequence I’ve seen from Kim Eun Sook. It’s like as her writing hit rock bottom in this drama her sense of overwrought danger in romance kicked into overdrive.


The King: Eternal Monarch Drops to Even Lower Ratings of 5.2% and 6.6% in Episode 11 Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing — 180 Comments

    • Grant it…It is not the best Kdrama that Min Ho or Kim Go Eun acted in as main characters. But, truly, they can’t be blamed. All the main and supporting leads read the script, and they all accepted their parts. Most likely because they believed in the writer and director. But, that doesn’t make them bad actors/actresses or acting. The plot in itself is confusing. It is hard to distinguish, if a character has been switched from the Republic of Corea or Korea, or vice versa. Plus, the episodes jump around so much. As soon as, you start to get interested and understand. The story changes. The one thing I am questioning/thought: Is Tae Eul really in the Republic of Corea, or Luna?? It seems like as the King he allowed the switch on purpose to protect Tae Eul. Because wouldn’t Tae Eul already know what the jacket hanging in the corner was for (sold all the buttons) in the beginning episodes?? Plus, the necklace and why was she looking at the sword. I got the impression that the King and Court Lady were suspicious. Despite the fact that getting frustrated, and obvious more confused…lol I still have to continue watching it…FIGHTING!!!

      • offcourse …but if u see tae ul as she is in corea it feels very romantic and warming but as u said they are suspicious …this singal word spoils the charm of the intimate scenes …we r loyal fans of min ho…so i am counting..on him and drama..

  1. I think the story was poor attempt at korean version of game of thrones but I could have digested the process only if the main lead was park shin Hye and Lee min Ho.

      • Ang oa nila dba.. Di nila naiintindihan ng hus2 ung flow nang drama.. Hahaha.. Peace

    • True…if it is Park Shin Hye…would have been different views…but looking forward to see them again in HEIRS 2…

      • Park Shin Hye wouldn’t have saved this drama. Just be happy PSH doesn’t have a flop drama in her resume. Everyone seems to be blaming Kim Go Eun but I wonder if other actors would’ve done better with the same plot, directing and writing? imagine if Song Joon Ki and Song Hye Kyo came back with TKEM instead of DOTS? Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun in this?

      • NO female actresses especially those listed as veteran can save this drama, when the script and directing are terrible

    • I agree.The character of Tae gul is kinda tepid,always in trance like state.She could be a little bit more aggressive and playful like En -sup. The transition from present day and Kingdom of Cores was confusing at times esp with Episode no 10.No delineation mark to suggest where the character is.It’s hard enough to read the translation when it’s in white and flashes in the screen briefly plus having to digest the info where the characters are.

      • Moreover.Min ho played his character well.A true actor.He is able to get into his character well.Those characters with dual persona should be able to leap into another dimension and make it more realistic.I guess too many characters in the movies make it harder to direct.I liked watching Min ho with his regal bearing and playfulness combined.Looking forward to next series.Good luck to all.

    • The script is really .. .!!!
      I am wondering why LMH working with her again she didn’t give him something new or character that shows his ability she didn’t even try a new thing …?
      I don’t want shin hye work with her again she will give her the usual character nothing new nor different
      I hope to see LMH and PSH for different writer not with her .

  2. I never thought u will said something similar like on my mind…All just laughable..i still remember how LMH fangirls said after TWOTM ends, the ratings for this drama will back to double digits again..and yeah..They will always stay delusional..

  3. I thought that with TWOTM ending, though it really has no impact on TKEM, the viewers would migrate to the king. But TWOTM special had 3% ratings compared to last week’s 28%. So where did the viewers go this week I wonder. What were they watching instead? The fact the TKEM didn’t even increase views but declined says a lot. Unless they decided to wait for the later release of TKEM on Netflix Korea and watched it then instead. Maybe I’m reaching here.

    • The declining ratings tell us that there aren’t any new viewers tune in for TKEM (it’s too late for new viewers to really enjoy it anyway)and the old viewers who were following since the beginning started dropping TKEM week by week….

    • LMH’s drama is NOT only the drama showing on Korean TV channels. Viewers have more choices to watch what they want, instead of the usual KBS, SBS and MBC only.

      • There was only one other drama airing last Friday night (“Brilliant Heritage” on KBS1 at 8:30 p.m.; rating decreased to 18.2% from the previous Friday’s 18.6%). The viewers The World of the Married attracted just stopped watching TV, since they found no reason to go to “The King: Eternal Monarch.”

      • then explain why Hospital Playlist can still maintain high ratings although its slot is one of the most tight slots with more dramas? Just accept the fact that this drama has failed to reach the expectations of koreans.

      • @may_jane

        Sinply because the audience these days demand more than just having actors with pretty faces,the Hospital Playlist manages to pull-offstrong performance in terms of acting, directing and writing.

  4. Oops I thought ‘WOTM was taking viewers away’ ?. Wonder what happened ?. Whatever it is, it definitely has nothing to do with LMH and his one dimensional acting ??. For me the writer and her stupid plot, the directors struggling to execute said stupid plot and the lack of chemistry between the main leads are the main perpetrators in this mess. I’ll take a front row seat please. Wearing full body armour just in case ?

  5. I saw a decent number of people praising the battle scene but I don’t get it. It looks ridiculous that they are fighting on horseback and with blades. Is this a historical drama? the bad guys should had just taken out their guns and they would had outright won the war.

    It looks like the shiny glitter scene at the end successfully distracted some people from the obvious flaws on episode 11.

    Luna was a dipstick, I thought I would like her but I don’t. She is a waste. Tbh almost every female character in this show is a waste.

    The story moved forward but not the characters development and then they blessed us with a new cart of characters. I want to understand the motivations of evil uncle and etc but right now he’s just 1D.

  6. I wonder if there’s an after MS jinx. I remember anticipating Hyun Bin’s drama comeback and was disappointed (I loved Snow Queen )he didn’t really get his mojo back till MOA. I can not name anyone who came back from military and had a successful drama. Everyone was expecting LMH to go back to his glory with everyone being hyped about it but the jinx continues. Will KSH break it? I’ll be waiting for his drama,

      • You’re right…..DOTS , I fell asleep episode 1…. Kang Ha Neul was not considered big before military ,he was better in movies. I think it’s his first leading man character in a drama

      • I can’t believe there are people who didn’t enjoy dots?????

        Anyways no offense ??‍♀️?

    • Jo In Sung (That Winter, The Wind Blows) is another one. Ju Ji Hoon also made a successful comeback after the army with Five Fingers and he had to deal with a drug scandal just before enlistment. I think the success rate is 50/50.

      Anyways, military service is the real test to see whether your career has any longevity. Just with idols that survive the 7-year test. After this period, the success of your career depends less on your looks and more on your acting skills and eye for a good script. It is the period where you transition from “oppa” to a credible actor.

      The best strategy to avoid this curse is by doing your military service prior before you start your career like Park Seo Joon. It allows you to consistently stay in the limelight and “replenish” your older fanbase with younger fans. The girls that were 15/16 two years ago are now attending university and do not have time to watch a show about horses and a parallel universes, whilst the girls that are 15/16 now were still playing Pokemon two years ago. If you want to stay close to your initial fanbase, you need to grow with them. Find a more mature drama that appeals to young woman and ahjummas. That Winter, the Wind Blows, Five Fingers and When The Camellia Blooms all fit this bill. Hyde, Jekyll, Me, Melting Me Softly and The King are sort of teenage dramas – a group that does not stan you (yet).

      • Good points. Also, both JIS and SJK had megastar SHK as their co-star which certainly didn’t hurt.

      • Great insights. I agree with you. LMH needs to start playing for a long haul. He needs to step up his game instead of relying on his face.

      • JIS waited 2 years after completing his military to act in TWTWB. It was widely reported that he had a failed film that never finished production post military.

    • Well, there’s Kang Hae Neul of When the Camelia Blooms. He was just out of military just like Ji Chang Wook. Camelia rode high in the charts from start to finish. Sadly, JCW’s Melting Me Softly did not really do well.

  7. OMG. I thought ep 10 was not bad and hence, was planning to continue watching the drama. But guess what? I completely forgot about it and re-watched Healer instead on Netflix. I may have mixed up my days but seriously, this says a lot about how interesting this drama is for me. After reading this, I may just wait and watch ep 10 & 11 together.

  8. The drama is actually getting better in the second half. Episode 11 will get you hook to the dram.

    KES really have to stop her obsession with flashback or least the director should be more artistic into visual presentation. KES really have to stop her obssession with cheesy lovelines. TKEM does not those cheesy lovey dovey, all it needs is strong gaze that speaks volume and really tight longing hug. LMH should step on the gaze part. He should work his eye acting skill. Lastly, KES should never touch any form of politics in her drama. On the side note, kodus to her for going out of her comfort zone.

      • Idk…although I do agree that it is picking up. But like the usual patterns of k-drama- it’s so exciting from the beginning and u expect this big finish only to be disappointed with a rushed ending.
        With the slow rate this current drama is taking I am hopeful of a turnaround with the last episodes, breaking away from the old pattern of rushed endings ?

    • When a drama is only getting better by episode 11 of 16 episodes that’s saying a lot about the overall quality of the drama and how good it is. A drama is supposed to be good from the start or at least get better sooner than 5 episodes before it ends.

  9. I lost interest already. I am still at episode 10 and I haven’t finished it after a couple of days. I keep hitting pause to do other things. Basically I just roll my eyes when they hug or say how much they miss and love each other. The OTP romance is just not selling it. This is IMO LMH worse role/drama. He had always managed to sell it and charm but this one is flat. Gosh I hope he bounces back, I like him enough to still watch his next drama but he needs to pick a more interesting role for goodness sake!

    • Hahaha same, i rolled my eyes on the kissing scenes, these two has no chemistry what so ever. It is such a shame that LMH’s comeback has to be this one.

  10. Sad for the whole cast because they’re all good. . I see why it’s not doing well as there are too many questions even I who loved it in the beginning is baffled and bit confused.. But I love the actors and m sticking for them. I’m a fan of KGE and WDH and LMH is good too look at on my screen compared to the news.. In time like this I am just happy to be entertained and I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece although it had all the potential. My TKEM heart bleeds.

  11. The last scene was just………something else. Empty streets in the capital of the kingdom, an army of all black-clad bad guys running to TE like she’s an Avenger who needs that many people to take her down, the emperor himself coming charging for his girl on a fucking horse?? With a sword for some fucking reason??? Not to mention that the bad guys actively committing treason by trying to kill LG while being obviously overpowered like WTF was going on??? What a goddamn mess.

    Also, the whole part about the time between their worlds stopping completely? What the hell was going on there? Why is this drama so damn hard to follow??

  12. Episode 11 took things to new heights of cringiness and over-the-topness(if that’s a word). I mean who the hell is editing and directing this nonsense? The rescue scene with the white horse and sword fights had me rolling my eyes, it was so cringy and superfluous. Ugh! I really feel bad for the actors shooting this mess, even film students can do a better job with continuity. Also the excessive use of flashbacks muddle up the timelines quite a bit and create viewer confusion, it’s too disjointed. When were certain conversations held? On what visit? The trouble with Lee Gon and Jung Tae Eul is that most of their romance happens off-screen so the audience can’t connect with them. Plus, why is Jung Tae Eul constantly crying in these latter episodes, when she was shown as being such a tough cop in previous ones? When all’s said and done TKEM has become a classic example of what to do to ruin a good drama.

    • The horse and sword fight in the middle of a modern city was so cringe. It topped the dumb Japan hating navy scene from earlier.

      People don’t like to feel stupid while watching a show, and this show makes people feel that way.

    • That shot of LMH carrying his leading lady with those guys in the background carrying swords is so ridiculously cheesy. I am sure even LMH is cringing and wincing.

      • Hahaha. Totally agreed with you. The rescue scene is too cringing and painful to watch. Oh mine. I wonder why the director can shot such a scene? It’s too outdated and overly cheesy.

      • That scene reminds me of Boys Over Flowers (just without the swords). His wooden posture has not changed in 10+ years.

    • Lol, it is so hard to watch this part. Cheesy and outdated someone said is so true. I thought I was watching a bad Chinese drama.

  13. The horses would have made sense if JTE was kidnapped and taken somewhere (like forest?) where it will be very hard to access by cars. Horses in the middle of a wide city street during an emergency situation seems not well thought of. The King’s rage and angst would have served this drama better if written into EP3. This drama does not totally suck though, people just had really high expectations. Interesting to see how the rest of the episodes will unfold and if the ratings will ever recover.

  14. Some shows can only dream of ratings of 5 or 6 these days. My Goodness how dramas ratings have nosedived within the last decade. I really worry for Korean Dramas now with such an influx and such competition the landscape and ratings are abysmal with fewer people watching sadly.

    • Ehm no? Most SBS Friday-Saturday dramas have done above 10% consistently. Even so-called flops such as Vagabond. Weekday dramas on public channels have also consistently done above 10%. Heck, even dramas with zero stars have done close to 10%. Case in point: Angel’s Last Mission.

      If you are talking about cable channels, then 5/6% is fair, but also on cable they are doing consistently above 10% (CLOY, Itaewon, TWOTM, Hospital Playlist). And that is only for 2020, where we still have a half year left…

      Stop spreading false information to brainwash people into thinking that 5/6% for a $25million+-drama is a good return on investment.

      • Not the ratings we are used to seeing from a decade ago..their is much more competition and the bar for good ratings is seen to be a lot lower now..double digit ratings for shows were common once but rare now…Its a much different market even the networks made a point of this during the week by saying they are sticking more to veteran actors these days due to dramas falling ratings and high competition.

      • Many cable dramas have better quality compared to public networks (they have more capital as well). With production costs that keep on increasing, I would have done the same. Veteran actors and actresses can, at least, increase the probability of getting a good rating. I also think that the demographics have changed and people have become more selective.

        PS: veterans are those who can act.

      • Bianca, lower live tv ratings is also an issue here in the US. It’s just the TV landscape changing, I actually think korean tv ratings are somewhat better than they were a few years ago.

    • Why worry! Kdrama will thrive, it’s just the landscape in viewing kdramas have changed. Ratings only matters to the broadcasters, you better worry for them. The usual TV viewing is dying, which is I’m hoping these tv broadcasters have already established their streaming platform.

    • I am not that concern of decent rating but upward or downward trajectory, cause that explain more,
      a drama that went from 3% to 6% is a drama that gains viewers shows that they didn’t just maintain the viewer they had, they have more, they are engaging, well-acted, well-made but probably lack of exposure hence the 6%.

      So The King is actually doing worst in my view because they lost half of its viewer by getting less and less view each week, not only that the lost the hype, they also lost the viewer that tune it, at least they should be able to maintain the rating but they didn’t.

  15. Objectively this drama is nothing but a long list of flaws. But I’m still liking it. 🙂
    The mystery part has me hooked. But ya it is terrible and 6 months later I’ll question my sanity but till then bring on the next episode

    • ? I’m with you. Hopefully in 6 months time we’re in a much better situation. And that we haven’t descended further down into insanity. So, bring on the cringe. Imma bring my popcorn!

  16. They casted such great actors but in this drama I only like watching woo do han. Hee has done justice to his character. Lee min ho is such amazing actor but in this his chemistry with Kim go eun is terrible. Their chemistry is annoying.

  17. I think the main problem of the drama is the mess up writing and directing. The episodes 1-10 were really slow pace with abrupt romance being force-fed to viewers… then suddenly, episode 11 became so rushed with action, kidnapping and battle with JTE at the middle.

    I think KES is trying to bring more plot flaws/holes than answering the previous questions about parallel universe, etc.

    Plus, horses? The scene made me cringe alot.

  18. The problem with this show is that it’s not relatable. And if people can’t relate to the characters, then they don’t care what happens.

    Like, I can’t relate to a modern Korean king whose problem is his time traveling evil uncle, and
    who rides a horse and fights with a sword like it’s the 14th century. I can’t relate to a police officer who is just there with nothing interesting about her. I can’t relate to a prime minister who acts and dresses like a fashion model.

    As bad as Heirs was, that show was still sort of relatable. People could sort of relate to the school bullying issue, the poor girl with a disabled mom, the rich kid being exiled by his brother who sees him as a threat. TKEM has absolutely nothing that people can relate to.

    And it’s not because it’s a fantasy plot. You can have a really wild fantasy plot and still have relatable characters (like Goblin, W Two Worlds, Oh My Ghostess, Hi Bye Mama more recently).

      • I disagree, I loved Goblin. People on this comment section have a way of stating their opinions like they are facts. You didn’t like DOTs? Okay greats. Lots of people did. I didn’t like it either. Does that mean i go around saying it was a bad drama? No I dont. I say it wasn’t one I liked but I’m not gonna belittle the ones that liked it by going on forums and saying it was horrible or overrated etc. Goblin was in my opinion a masterpiece. Goblin and my ahjussi and two drama that left me in a drama slump. Did everyone like it? I’m sure not. But to go around saying it is the worst drama ever you are belittling the people like us who liked it. Just say it wasn’t for you and move on. Why use such an aggressive way of saying it?

    • The worst? It was among the earliest TVN dramas that surpassed 15% and it is among the top five highest ranking drama from the cable channel.

      • Maybe there was no better drama aired during that time. And rating is not an absolute indication good quality drama. Plus the drama was aired during winter, and the time people are usually at home. Spring to summer seasons’ when people are out and about.

      • But goblin’s effect was HUGE back then. Even the cool kpop idols followed the goblin trend.

        Any news of The King’s effect????

        Plus, nowadays most of people stay at home bcuz of covid19. And this drama aired on 10pm. Even the celebs need to apologize if they hang out with friends in public area.

        This drama is good or not, it’s preference. But comparing this one to others, especially the popular one like goblin.. ouh…

      • No better dramas. Are you sure? Cause SBS certainly have some of it during that time.

      • South Korea is not draconian lockdown. People are still free to go out, such as hiking or mountain hiking and most people are busy on outdoor activities.

  19. The whole story is worst story written by Kim Eun-sook. So confusing and boring. Maybe it is also the director’s fault. Actually I am not a fan of LHM. He is okay looking but his acting is so stiff and dull. I am not very sad that this show is a flop as I’m not a fan of him. The worst choice is the main actress. I don’t know why Kim Eun Sook have a thing for Kim Go Eun. Her looks is so plain and her eyes don’t talk. She is the worst choice for a romantic drama. These days – does plain looking actresses equivalent to good acting? Anyway both can’t act therefore I am giving this drama a miss.

    • so true. i wish i get to see lee min ho, park shin hye and kim woo bin triangle , this time kim woo bin gets girl. looks cindrella story for the writer was an inspiration but shud have gone through some reality checks with public . fantasy romance cant be depicted with no chemistry lead go eun is more suitable for action drama

      • Exactly. The directors & writers should never choose plain look actresses like Kim Go Eun & Kim Da-mi for romantic Korean dramas. Their looks will never fit in this type of dramas. They should film dramas like Itaewon Class or Signal where romance are not really the main focus. For romance drama, they should choose pretty actresses like Park Shin Hye, Park Min Young, Son Ye Jin, Song Hye Kyo, Kim So-Eun, Kim Ji-Won, Kim Hee-Sun

      • Actually I find Lee Min Ho ugly. He looks girlish. I prefer actors like Song Joon Ki, Hyun Bin, Park Seo Jin and Kang Ha-neul. I don’t like Lee Min Ho & Won Bin looks.

  20. You people that’s condemning the drama how will you feel if someone pull down your work you people lack common sense and brain the kind of drama you want is infidelity and romance which means your are bad when it comes to maths TKEM team is the best so far for this year hater you van kill yourself and stop spreading nonsense

    • Princess jailed inside a castle does not make any sense. Poor work demands bad comments. A princess who does not work will never understand.

    • Lack of common sense and brain? Just accept that most are just criticizing the flaws of the drama. Riding horse in this scene in the battle scene so cringey, the romance lack depth and the supposed to be a strong cop is always crying.

      LMH’s fans are harsh with this kind of logic and “smart shaming” the reviews and I bet you watched cheezy and non-sense dramas like The Heirs and LOBTS.

      If you want an intelligent drama, watch Signal and many other underrated dramas which is waaaay better than this.

      • Lol I’m so done with the lee min ho fans.Its fine if they like the drama but coming with such illogical blames is ridiculous.

    • They are just making false news
      Thats imposible they are number 1 around the world
      They are just envious of the succeasful outcome of these drama
      I dont believe that site

    • There are reasons why many people do not like the drama. It is cringey, plot is hard to follow, too many flashbacks, boring etc. If the director had done a better job, the show would have probably gotten better ratings.

  21. International Hus drama is doing great but some people just lack common sense to see how great this drama is TKEM team is the best also he’s the only kdrama that rank 18 in the world and also top10 in Korean so why the hate its like you people are bearer of bad new

  22. Cnetz observation on LMH effect in recent years: each time his drama airs, another drama aired around same period of time receives mega hit domestic ratings AND international buzz that only comes around once in a blue moon, ie., Heirs vs My Love from the Star, Legend of Blue Sea vs Goblin, The King vs World of Married.

      • Don’t blame other stations or cast directors if they snubbed or rejected any of these cast members when it comes to future dramas then. Ratings are part of their KPIs, plus who is going to pay for the production expenses and so-on, CERTAINLY not GLOBAL community who only watch from Netflix. Oh yeah, most of the nominees for Baeksang and year-end award winners score big-times in ratings too from SBS. For example: Romantic Doctor Kim, and Innocent Defender

    • @BBC are you mad or something. How is the local rating more important then International audience. International Audience — > Tv audience. It’s outdated nobody watches TV these days. It’s a bygone era

  23. Also, opposing dramas sweep major awards at award shows, ie., JJH daesang, KES daesang, GY best actor, Kim Hee Ae pending daesang or best actress. LMH dramas = no nominations

  24. Just stop watching if you’re all that picky and inconsiderate of other people’s work. It’s pure fantasy y’all and meant to entertain those who like it. If you don’t, just go pick the next drama. Can you do what they do?

    • Actually my friend you know what, those people who are criticizing the drama are Oscar award winners themselves, so they deserve to do so, after all they know much more about acting, directing and writing more than professional actors, directors and writers..
      Maybe you have heard about people who sit near by an under construction road and give advices and directions like “they are doing very bad” “the road will be destroyed after a single rain” “they don’t know what they are doing”

      The people who don’t like the king eternal monarch, I suggest them to watch an Indian drama serial “sath nibhana sathia” starring gopi bahu who washes her husband’s laptop,

      My Pakistani and Indian friends should probably know what I am talking about ??

  25. LMH needs a character that stretches him. Quite frankly, a simple sweet Rom-Com would do him well. Honestly, a role like Ji Chang Wook’s new drama would be great for him. No spoiled chaebol, no brooding history, no pseudo-action hero. Just an ordinary guy in living an ordinary life. All his characters feel exactly the same, that includes Personal Taste.

    • Yep. He’s played the same type of guy, all falls on the same archetype. I think the farthest his stretch his acting prowess was in Gangnam Blues and he was pretty decent in that one. Even got nominated I believe.

      Why do I have a feeling that he’s scared to look ugly? Like even if the scene already calls for an ugly cry, he needs to remain good looking. That breakdown scene in the kitchen was kind of a letdown because the buildup (him keeping his composure and not wanting to break the facade) was actually executed and acted pretty well. Until he cried.

      IMO, one thing that he’s actually pretty good at is comedy. He needs to explore that more. He’s a naturally cheeky person and I think he’ll do well if he loosen up a bit. Bring back the cheekiness of Goo Jun Pyo!

    • i would not want lee min ho to get the a role the same as Ji chang wook in his new drama. Ive seen the 2nd teaser,another slapstick comedy for JCW
      Role played by lee jong suk in Romance is a bonys book would be a more suitable role for Le Min Ho.

      • I don’t think so. It’s still a genius rich male lead who saves the poor girl… It wouldn’t be a big change of role.

  26. lee mon Nos fans are so bothered by the bombing ratings of the King Eternal Monarch. so they keep on justifying why this drama is getting 5% rating in south korea. Actuallyn Im pretty excited to find out who will they blame next? time slot? Just accept that your fave is a mediocre actor who has been playing same role over and over again and koreans are losing interest on him

    SBS, stop briadvasting the show. 12 episodes are enough. AIR Convenience store saet byul by Ji chang wook and Kim.Yoo Jung. That would be more fun to watch than this the king PPL.

    • Makes me wonder if the lead was another actor would they see the flaws as others are seeing? Many of LMH fans are watching with LMH tinted glasses so they appreciate and love everything which is ok as a fan. Unfortunately with these glasses on it’s difficult for them to understand why others are not loving the show and are disappointed.

      Personally I watch a drama for the story and if it has an actor or actress that I like then that’s a plus. If the story doesn’t grab me I drop it, which is why I never finished goblin or DOTS. Never watched LOTBS, but I’ve rewatched City Hunter several times but dropped this one early.

    • LMH’s fans and KGE’s fans are now using these lines (LMAO):
      “This drama needs brains”
      “Unintelligent people will not understand this”
      “People lacks common sense will not like the drama”
      “Who cares about Korean ratings when it is no.1 in Netflix”

  27. I love this show I started watching it four weeks ago and binged watched on Netflix as it’s available there I love the storyline the characters they are doing such an amazing job with this show.

  28. Speaking of goblin cast, they sent KGE coffee in the set. Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook and Woo In na. I think that’s why Goblin was also a hit coz their chemistry as a cast was visible not just behind the scene but it radiates through the viewers. I was skeptical to watch it but I did coz of Gong Yoo but I ended up watching it and loving it. It was warm, it was funny, it was just the right romance and it was well delivered. I had hopes for TKEM but I’ll just watch coz I’ve already started it. ? I’ve invested enough episodes to finish it. But I hope that LMH and the rest of the cast and their careers won’t be so affected by this negative publicity and rating. But I also realised that we all see things differently and have different preferences. I know a lot of people who love it and a lot of people who won’t even bother to watch it. So to each is own.

    • I wasn’t gonna say this before because fans would rip me apart but don’t you think the lee min ho and Kim go eun moments seem like they are scripted? Almost like they were told to seem like they have good vibes ofscreen? With the goblin cast their vibes seemed natural (lol who can forget gong yoo elbowing Kim go eun as she sat on the arm of his chair and then saving her too ?). These moments seemed natural whereas to me at least, lee minho and Kim go eun’s offscreen moments don’t look natural. That’s what I feel at least

      • They’re clearly gimmicks to save the show.

        The pictures/vids uploaded could be candid, but the purpose of uploading them? Clearly gimmicks for the show.

  29. This drama could be the worst performance rating wise, for SBS Friday-Saturday slot.

    I thought LSG post military drama Hwayugi was bad enough with the broadcast accident (not that bad rating wise though since it was TvN) but later realised SIG, JCW, LMH all experienced poor ratings, in fact, much worse than expected, for their comeback drama. So far none of the ‘87 batch strike the jackpot like SJK.

    Let’s see if luck is on JW side. Plot wise the drama sounds interesting. Hope he has a good one.

    • Don’t worry about JW’s next drama ratings as Tv Ratings represent few people as not many watch TV nowadays. It’s outdated and to be frank a bygone era. I don’t think Tv-ratings would mean anything from here on out. That is in the PAST we are in 2020 and that era is a bygone era

  30. As much as I know there is no use crying over spoilt milk, will this drama be more successful if the team behind Goblin or any team with good track records was the one in charged instead? ><

    Hard to say~ What do you think? (:

    • LMH and KES has the best track there ever is in Kdramas. LMH has 4 megahits (LOTBS, BOF, Heirs and City hunter) and KES has 3 megahits (Goblin, Heirs, And DOTS).. despite everything this drama is out of worldie hit Internationally. Having a crazy run toping most charts over overseas

  31. Oh god I just can’t get what’s gotten into people, I mean when you are watching kdramas then they will obviously be like these, when we had appreciated w two worlds with two worlds then what’s wrong here? After all it is for our enjoyment, and about Jeong tal’s character, she is also doing well,there are many dramas with possessive male leads then what’s wrong with Lee gon hitting on Jeong tal in earlier episodes, and then she has also fallen for him, Lee min ho is as usual great and his character as Lee gon reminds me like haebak from bride of water God, but of course more sensible and smart, overall this drama is really fun,

    I don’t know the reason but maybe koala has any grudge against the writer or Kim go eun, from the first ever episode she has been criticizing KEM and until now she is still doing so, if you don’t like this drama then for God sake don’t watch it but please don’t spoil our fun and moods??

  32. Oh god I just can’t get what’s gotten into people, I mean when you are watching kdramas then they will obviously be like these, when we had appreciated w two worlds with two worlds then what’s wrong here? After all it is for our enjoyment, and about Jeong tal’s character, she is also doing well,there are many dramas with possessive male leads then what’s wrong with Lee gon hitting on Jeong tal in earlier episodes, and then she has also fallen for him, Lee min ho is as usual great and his character as Lee gon reminds me of haebak from bride of water God, but of course more sensible and smart, overall this drama is really fun,

    I don’t know the reason but maybe koala has any grudge against the writer or Kim go eun, from the first ever episode she has been criticizing KEM and until now she is still doing so, if you don’t like this drama then for God sake don’t watch it but please don’t spoil our fun and moods??

  33. I am so sick of these negative comments. You don’t like it don’t watch. I tune in every weekend. I loved the last episode. I am a fan. I completely understand what happen in Episode 11. If you can’t follow the story line fine. There were so many clues that explained what is really happening within the parallel universe. I am loving this drama and since watching it I have gone back and watched five of Lee Ming Ho movies. He is a great actor. He was made for this role.

    • It’s the same person posting under multiple user name probably the writer herself. If you also notice the comments most of them are revisionistic in nature and alot revisionism nonsense they seem irregular and out of the norm and very easy to tell that majority of them are manufactured

      • There are also some people who find dots boring, so it’s completely useful for such sort of humans to argue with, if you guys know that much about acting, directing, writing then just go do it your self man, why bother watching anyone else’ hardwork? And I don’t think that the writer would pay any attention to this diplomatic blog and do comments here..

    • “You don’t like it don’t watch.”

      I’ll tell you why I’m still watching:

      Because I’m still shocked by the bad storytelling from a veteran & currently most successful drama writer in the Korean drama industry for the most-anticipated drama of 2020 with the biggest drama budget.

      Because I’m shocked that this is done by the same writer and team (most of them) that produced such blockbusters as DOTS, Goblin and Mr. Sunshine.

      Because they have done fantasy dramas before: Goblin and Secret Garden. Both dramas received exceptional viewer response and created national/international buzz.

      Because this drama is bad at storytelling. Want intrigue, suspense and analysis? Secret Forest, Signal, Life on Mars, Tunnel. Heck, want the Western versions? Sherlock, Numb3rs, Inception!

      This drama is not deep. You don’t have to be a freakin’ NASA/MIT scientist/Mathematician to understand what the show is about.

      Because I’m freaking annoyed as we all have waited for this drama since August and this is what we received. And since it’s bad for KES-writing level and a failure for a big-budget drama, I still watch it to see whether it could sink any lower.

      Turns out it could.

      Oh, for those who like to say that this is not your typical romance/kdrama, hate to break it to you, but it is, and it’s worse because they can’t even do THAT properly.

      And yes, advertisers will still prefer advert slots on public TV or cable TV channels.

      And I am so annoyed by people on Twitter questioning Nielsen. Nielsen is not just a random research company. Nielsen is considered by ad agencies/brands as the go-to market research and data provider for their marketing needs and to gauge public interest.

      And yes, the international fans are not the main target, never has been, never will.

      And Lee Min Ho is a celebrity, not an actor. There, I’ve said it.

      • @Mel

        You expressed everything what I have in mind, from ratings to the writer perfectly.

      • @Catherine

        Been really annoyed since the beginning by all these nonsense about “International viewership is better than SK ratings”, “They made it for the international viewers”, “SK viewers don’t like complex stories” and other incoherent reasons.

        The fact that they (TKEM fans on Twitter) started questioning Nielsen’s credibility as a MULTI NATIONAL RESEARCH COMPANY just ticked me off, LOL.

      • @Mel

        When their “yardsticks” are sources from Swoon,Netflix and Wikipedia, instead of Nielson, you can tell how immature and illogical some of these fans are. I have yet to see CLOY,Itaewon or even Goblin fans sunk to this level.

    • There are three types of people who are watching this show:

      One, those who truly love the show and don’t see anything wrong with it

      Two, those who know that the show is problematic but are enjoying the show nonetheless

      Three, those who love to nitpick the problems of the show because honestly, there’s fun in doing that too

      If you love the show, don’t let other people’s opinion rob you the joy of watching it. It’s just that people have different reasons for tuning in. Don’t take it personally. Now, if you find that the comments are excruciatingly painful to read, I suggest that you stay away from blogs and spaces like this. Because here, opinions can be pretty brutal (though some can be just downright mean).

  34. Wow, we are enjoying this drama. This is not your typical spoonfed romance/kdrama. Thinking and analysis required!

  35. This drama really failed the anticipaters. This was the first in their list. I remember everyone’s excitement since August. Their cast was so good. I would admit that I too was exited but this drama proved that good looking actors are not what viewers want anymore. It’s more every a good storyline and co-ordination. The actors had weak co-ordination. There were too many genres in the drama so the the scenes seemed to be abrupt. LMH had the same type of tiring role for some reason. Though I like him I think he should change his characters a little. I really like KGE but for some reason she does not seem comfortable in her role. The antagonist could have done much better. He seemed someone who talks more and does less. The only one who maintained the fun was WDH.He emerged in both of his roles perfectly. I won’t lie but I have continued only cause of him. And the drama had a too good competition. The type of dramas which are more admirable like world of the married or hospital playlist. The parallel world concept was a new one. If they would have adapted it in a better way it would have been a hit. That’s drama failed in huge aspects. I atleast wish they would not have a bad ending.

  36. I like this dramabut sadly, I did not prioritize watching episode 10 as I expected it to be as dragging and boring as the previous episodes. Many principal characters speak in monotone and the main antagonist is always scene walking unhurriedly and in slow motion.

  37. This is my second best drama this year. The chemistry is on point. Fingers crossed that the ending shows them living happily ever after . This drama can only be understood by the wise . I LOVE IT.

  38. Idk…although I do agree that it is picking up. But like the usual patterns of k-drama- it’s so exciting from the beginning and u expect this big finish only to be disappointed with a rushed ending.
    With the slow rate this current drama is taking I am hopeful of a turnaround with the last episodes, breaking away from the old pattern of rushed endings ?

  39. I guess we cannot judge the worth of a story by using the yardstick of ratings. I watched “Clean with Passion for Now” despite its poor ratings and found a gem in it. I recommended it to all my students because they can learn a lot from it. Everyone listens to a story for one’s own unique reasons. I believe that if we just allow stories to be as they are, they will somehow find people to whim they are meant. Just because a story doesn’t suit our needs, expectations and standards does not remove its real worth. Let’s not kill stories. If they are nothing to us, they could be everything to someone else. Respect for each other’s existence, individual differences and tastes or whatever will allow us to grow and live harmoniously without creating chaos. The essence of the parallel universes points to all of us. Each one of us is a universe. If we allow another universe to exist freely, there will be no chaos. Making others wrong and asserting we are right is like destroying or controlling another parallel universe. Let’s have a peaceful world. Let’s watch a drama if it suits us. If not, we need not say a hurtful word. Allow the story to exist..Someday, it will find hearts that will understand it, lobe and accept it. Peace be with you!♡♡♡

    • did you seriously recommend clean with passion for now to your students? I pity your students. i do hope that my children’s teacher would not ask them to watch a drama like clean for passion for now. OH My God.

  40. Seriously, why do everybody always said the plot is confusing ?? That’s why you need to be patient and wait till the last episode to understand the whole story. This is an awesome K-Drama.

    • i agree. She is a Hyped actress. i dont understand why shes popular. i mean, i just dont get it Can someone ecplain?.. Judging on tbe looks and talent department- shesssss…Pass

  41. Hi I am loving this it kinda si-fi and drama together don’t know why people don’t get the plot it’s not that hard to follow I know a lot don’t like lead actress this is first drama I have see her in so can’t really comment good bad or indifferent love Lee Min-ho jeez he is so handsome I am from Scotland UK watching on Netflix which by the way has VERY good ratings I know they will not count sadly. …. and if you don’t like it don’t Watch it then complain about it, as we say … there are switch’s on your remote and you know how to use them …. take care everyone

  42. I don’t know why people keep complaining about this movie,people wants to know what the end of the movie is without the last episode like seriously?. it’s a great movie and the actors are great too, the plots the twists, the confusion is all part of the movie. I really wish the rating goes up!!!.

  43. i love this drama.. I will continue till end of story..

    … In my opinion..
    1. this drama have many character which you have to play attention to watch and remember..

    2. a lot of question have to find the answer and can not know that yet coz have to many answer can posible.

    3. all the thing in this drama are very goodddddd .. song/camera angle/actor/actress and story plot.

    that all i can think now.. just only my opinion.

    • I really like this drama, i will support this drama till end,, the drama will not stop by your unsupportive comment but those who don’t want to watch can just step aside, don’t degrade the drama story

  44. I really don’t get why people keep criticizing this drama. Yes i agree it’s different and we are all used to the normal, but at times different and unique is good. I think people who criticise this drama, are those who don’t pay attention to it, they just watch because of the big names involved. The story line is beautiful, the ost is to die for, the actors and actresses are wonderful, the suspense is present, the graphics wow, the environment and surroundings very beautiful. so what else are you looking for. If you are looking for a movie you can predict, then sorry this drama is not for you.
    As for me I’m going to enjoy till the very end ?

  45. I cant belive the drop of ratings becouse if u realy a watch every episode is realt just need to use your logic to rideon the story.

  46. Well what can I say? This is just one of the facts that knetizen are noob. They can cope up the pace that this drama given. They have surely low IQ. The storyline, plot twist, writer, actors and staffs are amazing and indeed make this drama beautiful but knetizen do not appreciate it for they are all stupid.

  47. I don’t know why whoever is writing this article is doing this. I love this program and can’t wait for the next episode. People will always criticise if they don’t like just one character in a program and of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but as for me, I give this program a 9 /10 and Min Hin Ho is so distinguished and his character suits him 100% and he has not disappointed so far. So LOVE IT and can’t wait

  48. i am enjoying this drama. with koalasplayground they reported the ratings for 11 & 12 are 6.1 and 8 something. all are fake news now! haters gonna hate.

  49. This drama lacks believability (especially with that fight scene at the end of ep 11 because how is the street so empty and how did everyone find her???) and has too much product placement so it takes away from the story line which was already weak. A shame since it has a good cast and I thought a good writer.. hopefully they all bounce back in their next drama. I’m still watching anyways because I’m already this invested and at least the people are pretty but I really have no more enthusiasm for the show. Usually I watch episodes the day it airs but now I don’t really care what happens to either characters since I can’t connect to them at all. Also the amount of doppelgangers makes it hard to keep track of all these villain clones and who they are (Thug #1, Thug #2… I’ve lost track). Now I’m just tallying up how many times a product placement commercial is featured on an episode (no lie, I want to try some of these products but it’s a really LOL moment when it happens because are they really trying to sell me on this face mist and convince me that this is a police stakeout?) I’ll watch to the end for the lols because at least it’s still enjoyable, just not a show I would recommend as having a good plot because it’s honestly not… parallel worlds are tricky to write because it can get so confusing and if I’m spending so much brain power trying to figure out how the story is going, then it means they aren’t doing their job in explaining the story clearly and it’s become more of a fanfic with Mary Sues.

  50. I feel like it’s seriously not that bad. And I don’t know if it’s just me but the last scene in EP 11 was the one of the best “knights rescuing damsel in distress” that I have seen. Especially considering the fact that our damsel bravely fought off a bunch of bad guys and was running for her life. I think people are also forgetting the fact that he is the KING not an average guy. There’s gotta be some pomp and show no? And moreover this is a science fiction show guys!! I don’t know why everybody is taking it so seriously!! Because another show which has hyper realistic storyline is doing better in ratings than a sci-fi show can we really call it out?! Sure it has plenty of its issues but the overall acting and storyline are really not that bad. I have seen more convoluted storylines in books and movies of this genre. Before hating on the story and the acting people should really just consider if what they’re watching is their genre or taste cause it’s not everyone cup of tea.

    • Totally agree. It’s a shame because all everybody cares about is that it’s not getting high TV domestic ratings. Topping Netflix and Wayve list is not being taken into consideration. I am watching this week after week and feels sad for the cast and crew.

  51. This is a well acted, exciting, detective, romantic, fantasy, love story. All the characters are well developed. The plot is intriguing. I’ve watched each episode at least 4 times. The international community loves, loves this show!!!!!!

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