May 2020 Korean Gallup Poll Results on Top 20 Favorite Shows Includes Dramas The World of the Married, Hospital Playlist, and Born Again

May 2020 felt like such an active month, with hits and flops and plenty in between. What felt fun was the renewed interest in K-dramas rather than a blase and bored attitude. Gallup Poll Korea released its May 2020 list of the top 20 most popular currently airing shows in South Korea. Only 6 are K-dramas and the majority are variety shows including music shows and the like. Not surprising is the top ranking drama comes in at Number 2 with The World of the Married, 3rd place is Hospital Playlist, sitting in the 7th spot is daily drama Brilliant Heritage, 13th place goes to weekend drama Once Again, daily drama Fatal Promise is 16th, and high profile fantasy drama The King: Eternal Monarch rounds the drama list out coming in at 18th. It’s a nice cross section of different genres and shows that K-dramas continue to offer a broad selection of stories for the varied viewer.


May 2020 Korean Gallup Poll Results on Top 20 Favorite Shows Includes Dramas The World of the Married, Hospital Playlist, and Born Again — 25 Comments

  1. Koala is it Born Again or Once Again at 13th place?? I think it should be Once Again as it airs on the weekend slot and also has 30plus rating.Born Again is faring very poorly .
    Even being a family weekender,Once Again has an amazing pace with good character development .The chemistry feels so real.No wonder it is written by the writer of Weightlifting Fairy and Oh my Ghost.

    • Yeah , it’s one of drama that I truly enjoy watching .. their chemistry is really good that make me believe they are a real family

      • Oh thnx. i though gallup is 6 months poll
        I guess when they release year end rankings, they combine whole year. Like bts was active in early 2019 and still topped it over iu and trot singers.

  2. “Brilliant Heritage” deserves its relatively high ratings (well, it’s good enough to break 20% at least once a week post-2017). It’s not your usual daily soap. It’s a comedic story about an 80-year old man marrying a 33-year old woman to spite his children for only caring about his riches. It’s refreshing that the characters confront their problems right away and do not prolong misunderstandings.

    • Daily dramas are known for high ratings, but not profitable in advertising revenues, when compared to mini series. Not even close.

      That’s why, most stars choose 16 or 20 episode dramas. Channels and stars earn real money from them.

      • 20% in daily dramas is like 5% in mini-series. So, it is not really a big deal for advertisers.

  3. The King Eternal Chaebol at #18? The return of so-called “actor of his generation” and a KES drama? What a disaster. Time for the chaebol to stop posing in front of the camera and stop taking the same role over and over again. He should show range like KSH and PSJ (but doubt he can tbh).

    • what I wanna addresse is that you took the words out of my mouth. You really hit the nail on it’s head with the So-called ”Actor of his generation” I wouldn’t say his but I would rather say the ”Actor of this generation” just a small correction. Btw I am not paying attention to this poll as it is just another mediaplay.

      Aside from that I am not fan of his just a neutral viewer of Drama and other international series and movies just a basic consumer. I can objectively say that he is the actor of this generation on a worldwide scale I am not talking about local or small area but much wider. Why would I say this because he truly is I feel like this is a certainity due to the numerous crazes he has caused and his fanbase

    • WTF what can u act!!! for ur indformation his drama is at top 19 most watched tv show in 2020( netflix) (world)!!!??✊ only kdrama there and he achieved that within a month and d drama is nt for fish brain people only for d people that have patience , good thinker cuz not all d writer can be good as kES ( quality is better than quantity ) and d poll is only in s-korean (voted) but d show is international hit!!! everyone has their own colour and genre so stop comparing. He is still top hallyu star his tv show proved it how (global) he is. Fighting TKEM!!! If he act as rich guy u too act like poor girl.

      • Who cares? For sure, he won’t be nominated for any of the baeksangawards or sbs awards since his drama is rated poorly in South Korea.SBS will also get a lesson when it comes to LMH and poor production.

      • Where did u heard d news that they will not nominate him cuz of d rating who told u?

      • Did u hate him dat much ? for u to said that they shud becareful cuz of him ? hater gonna hate Min Ho gonna progress he knows too everyone cannt like him but extrem hatred is too much!!!!peace ok if they nominate him for award go and fight them??

    • Do u need a candy? Funny. Every comment section is dedicated to me. Obsessed. It won’t stop me from posting???

      • I wouldn’t go around assuming that posts here are dedicated to you. It’s more like making fun of you because of your predictability.

      • Mindy u think some people making fun of me is going to stop me? Its obsession that u people keep track of my comments from every post. It is amusing. Thanks for d dedication. Keep going. It is just funny to see. And laughing with ur types is not going to make u guys hialrious

    • 1. Love’s Call Center – TV Chosun (spinoff of Mr. Trot)
      4. I Live Alone – MBC
      5. Knowing Bros – JTBC
      6. Mr. Trot – TV Chosun
      8. Three Meals a Day Fishing Village – TVN / Hangout with Yoo – MBC
      10. Bbongsoongah School – TV Chosun (spinoff of Mr. Trot) / Running Man – SBS
      12. I am a Natural Person – MBN
      13. The Return of Superman – KBS2
      15. I Want to Know – SBS
      17. Mom’s Diary: My Ugly Duckling – SBS
      19. World Theme Travel – EBS / 1 Night, 2 Days – KBS2

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