Jang Geun Seok to Have Quiet Military Service Discharge at the End of May 2020

Goodness I totally lost track of this young man but it’s nice to have a surprise positive news about him. K-ent is reporting that actor-singer Jang Geun Seok will be discharged from the military at the end of the month, completing his nearly 2 years of mandatory service. Due to COVID-19 it’ll be a quiet discharge no public or fans allowed and I’m sure his dedicated fans would have been there if travel was allowed. I’m interested to see where he’ll pick up his career after the last decade not exactly turning out the way many of his fans thought it should have after his breakout with You’re Beautiful in 2009. I think growth and transformation is never a bad thing and hard work will eventually land on the right project and will bring his talents back on the mainstream radar. Welcome back Jang Geun Seok!


Jang Geun Seok to Have Quiet Military Service Discharge at the End of May 2020 — 33 Comments

  1. I have read he owns mutliple buildings worth tens of millions of dollars. And he was hallyu superstar earning lots of cf dollars from asian countries not just korea. Its not like he is hurting for cash

  2. I really like him despite his terrible project choices. I’ve labored through a lot of crap for him lol.

    But I’m really hoping he can get some good projects under his belt and take his acting career seriously. He’s too talented to let it waste.

    • HAHA!Same, I’ve watched all his stuff and most I scratch my head at and wonder why I just put myself through that. But I still keep watching.

      • Maybe you don’t follow his musical career, so let’s put it that way: 4 solo albums and another 4 with the duo “Team H”. Tours every year. With a LIVE band. Singing 20-25 songs at every concert. Not mentioning his Oricon chart records.
        I would call a singer every person who has such achievements.

    • the records were bought by his diehard japanese ajummas he accumulated from his one hit wonder drama, u know which one. seriously people, do you really think he is that good at singing?? cringy at best!?

  3. He’s so talented and versatile, but I prefer him in sageuk much like I also prefer YJG in sageuk. I hope he finds a good project because it’s such a waste of his potential.

    • Still love the movie Love Rain. Both parts you play. My husband and I keep CD with the song in our car and we have played it over and over for a year. Have looked you up on YouTube and watched you sing concerts. Love Rain song with you singing is our favorite of all.

      • Une française, chouette ! nous pourrons peut être nous retrouver sur un autre article. mon anglais est très mauvais et parfois mes commentaires ne sont pas très bien compris. Je lis ce blog depuis 2007 . Heureuse de te lire @Bouchez jacqueline . Je suis @cahill (Sylvie).

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  5. You’re Beautiful was my first Kdrama. JKS became a sensation in Japan because of this. Now it is Park Shin Hye who is a much bigger star in Korea. The last time the two worked together was for a series of Lotte ads.

  6. I love Jang Keun Suk to the stars & back!I love his beautiful smile that can melt even the hardest of heart!I love “Love Rain”!Saw it a million times & still seeing it!Just can’t get tired of it!Just seeing his handsome face is enough to make my day!Welcome back my Prince!Please stay safe.God bless you always.

    • Me too….
      And I watched every single concert videos from fan that i could found in youtube lol…
      And i watch all his dramas and movies, and Cri Show, and his show with team H, and all his tv show in every countries from 2010 to latest.
      Im crazy waiting for him…

  7. Feel that You Are Beautiful and Mary Stayed Out All Night, ruined his career. After those two, he started to view himself as a rock star-projects and appearance. Ultimately changing the direction from his early acting career and path to serious actor.

  8. When everyone was swooning in Boys Over Flowers, i was head over heals with Jang Geun Seuk in He’s Beautiful. However after that, all his project was a miss for me but i still like him as actor.With a great project, hopefully he’ll be able to bounce back to stardom just like any other artist.

  9. Wekcome back our Prince!
    We miss you so much.
    We wait for your new project both acting and singing. Fighting!!!

  10. Welcome back, our Sukki! ♡ bogoshipda! see you! You’re really a good actor. I love your My Bus and Hello, Hello songs too. yes, I am a huge fan of Kang Mu Gyul!

  11. Welcome back my Asia prince, I want to hear your voice again and watch you on dramas or movie. I am always listening to your songs. C u soon!

  12. wow welcome back my oppa,,im happy for you,,im so proud u and of i wish you back again in many drama,,w/ park shin hye..and also yoona…❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️i love u oppa

  13. Welcome back Jang Keinsuk! You were the beginning of my immeasurable fascination with Korea. Thank you for enriching my life and I wait eagerly for your future projects. Love from Iceland ??

  14. I love him since 2009 and I cherished to watch his dramas because he was indeed a good and versatile actor but let’s not forget that he is also a successful musician. I will love him forever no matter what happen to his career. xoxo

  15. He’s Amazing I Absolutely love All the Dramas and Movies he has done He alone makes The Drama Incredible His Characters are Brilliantly Done?????? He Captures your Heart with his Tender and Strong Emotions I’ll Forever be a Jang Suk Girl ?
    Welcome Home Asia Prince JKS ????

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