Suzy Wears Lancome in Fresh Ways in New Makeup CF Campaign

The makeup trends coming out of South Korea have often led the wave of looks for the last two decades, including new products and formulations. The traditional big brands include the iconic French makeup companies have joined the bandwagon because if you can’t out create them then just join the party alongside. Lancome has chosen actress-singer Suzy as its SK spokesmodel and a new CF pictorial is out this week that doesn’t overtly sell its products but uses to define different looks on Suzy. Softer eyeshadow with a much stronger eyeliner and fake eyelashes combo, blotted lips but not the gradient look which has been trending for three plus years now. The look is on point and still fresh faced, not too much makeup which will be one of the categories hit after COVID because less people will be buying lipstick, for example, if we’re all wearing masks in public. I love this pictorial and Suzy continues to fly high in K-ent CF domination in her age group.


Suzy Wears Lancome in Fresh Ways in New Makeup CF Campaign — 22 Comments

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  2. Give it to her she does really rock cf concepts. I mean snsd fans used to boast about yoona jessica having more cfs n suzy came n have the highest peak from her gen even beating snsd at her peak when she was just 18. Though mediaplay was notorious when she said she gets paid more than kim yuna, kim tae hee back in 2013 per cf which wasnt true. But she is born to be model.

    • One thing was that it destroyed her group overall. Nowonder twice dont do solo cfs. Well they make it up from touring , group cda and 50% album profit when their albums last year generated around 80 million dollars, half of which must be profit and they got half of that profit. Add touring merchandise. They r doing fine without solo cfa but reason is jyp saw what happened to miss A when suzy become too big and broke idol boundaries to becone household name. But at same time miss A was never anywhere near twice. But i hope tzuyu who is one of most popular foreign household names in korea get chance in future. She will slay cf game bcoz she is born to be model and her solo cf back in 2015 was rage

      • Is Tzuyu the most popular foreign idol in Twice?

        I thought it is Sana. No doubt Tzuyu gained popularity during those early years of Twice because of her visual but lately, I read many comments saying while she is beautiful, she is likened to “a flower without scent” due to her lack of personality.

        Sana in contrast is popular, especially among korean men. She always ranks pretty high in various polls. But you got the point there… If it is to sell cosmetics or fashion products, the target group is the women. Maybe Tzuyu has more wholesome image than Sana.

        JYPE doesn’t promote Twice individually the way he did with Suzy. So it’s difficult to say if any of the Twice member could peak in term of popularity as Suzy did.

      • Dont take knetz comments from sites seriouslym theyvtranslate negat8ve comments. Even suzy has zero personality n is wooden but visuals matter in end. Yes sana is very popular among men. Tzuyu keeps to herself but she is known as beauty. I mean nugu ggs girl get dramas . Twice nation gg must be filled woth offers too but they make more money than any young actress when theiir albums profit is huge n tours etc bring smillions to per members. Jo wonder they dont do solo cfs. Tzuyu is still 21. She has enough time to do for solo activities. I wont be surprised if she gets filled with offers when time comes

  3. Western makeup dont blend with east asian makeup trends to be honest. Asian makeup is more up on natural look compared to western brands

    • I don’t see your point. Even Korean makeup artist use western brands. What is important is not brand but the colours or product they use to create a look.

      • East asian brands r far superior to western. Much better technology

      • Really? Are you a professional makeup artist? Which East Asian makeup brands with better technology would you recommend?

      • There r many. I m not makeup artist but anyone with little knowledge of makeup knows asian makeup is far superior..I prefer hera products

  4. I seriously couldn’t see any difference in the make up styling in those pictures except the absence of lipstick in one pic.. And one pic is black and white, how to tell?

    • Those pictures are not promotional pics, it’s from her beauty photobook by lancome. which btw, all the profits will be given to support low income teens to get feminine products

  5. This is click-bait article. Unfortunately Suzy does not generate much comments in this site anymore. Total 4 commentators with 12 comments. Boring! None of these photos look any good if you read enough fashion magazines… Makeup concept is copycat same as Korean fashion always copies from the West. A face like Suzy cannot make it to international stage, staying in Korea is her only job.

  6. I thought the first pic is not Suzy at all. Park Shin Hye initially came to mind. Though I like her in Dream High and While You Were Sleeping but to be honest I think her overall popularity in Korea is already starting to wane. She needs a hit drama like what My Mister and HDL did to IU to remain on top.

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