Entire Answer Me 1988 Main Cast Reunite to Hang Out and Three Adorably Rock a Love Triangle Look

Okay, someone HAD TO have sent out a dress code otherwise how the heck is three out of six wearing couples tee, albeit in a love triangle look ahahaha. The perfect precious main cast of six from the hit K-drama Answer Me 1988 hung out recently and posted the pictures on their SNS, making me wonder just how much this crew turned reel into real in terms of friendships. In attendance was Park Bo Gum, Hyeri, Lee Dong Hwi, Ryu Hye Young, and Go Kyung Pyo. Notice I didn’t mention Ryu Jun Yeol and while he wasn’t present for the pictures part of the gathering he was spotted with the entire crew later hanging out at a cafe. And the couples attire wasn’t with him and girlfriend Hyeri, instead she wore a green and white horizontal stripped sleeveless tee and her onscreen man Park Bo Gum did the same as did her onscreen brother-in-law Go Kyung Pyo. This is totally nostalgia overload!


Entire Answer Me 1988 Main Cast Reunite to Hang Out and Three Adorably Rock a Love Triangle Look — 6 Comments

  1. Ah the three adorable June birthday babies colour coordinating their clothes. Hyeri June 9, Kyung Pyo June 11 and Bo Gum June 16. Also to celebrate before PBG leaves for military enlistment. Just love love this 88 gang. So sweet to see them retaining their friendships beyond the drama and two of them became a couple. My ship of Jung Hwan and Deok Sun are sailing high after 4 years. I knew something was up after seeing them together at TVN 10 Anniversary show back in 2016. How i wish the Answer Me 1997 gang does the same. But I must be greedy and hope for more.

  2. I can just imagine all of them piling into a noraebang to sing and dance their hearts out in real life. Too bad there isn’t a cameo of 97 gang in 88 as the timelines don’t match. I love the cameo of 97 gang in Answer Me 94. The bus fight was epic. Sung Dong Il play dual roles of Shi Won’s dad and Na Jung’s dad as baseball coaches. Hilarious. Been watching all three Answer Me in loops.

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