Woo Do Hwan to Enlist for Military Service in July 2020

Another promising young actor picks his duty doing time, and I think his timing is perfect. Woo Do Hwan has announced that he’s headed to mandatory military service next month on July 6th, 2020. He just finished The King: Eternal Monarch, with ratings far below expectation but his performance ended up being far above expectation. He played dopplegangers the serious royal guard Jo Yeong and the goofy boy in a man’s body Eun Seob. What’s funny in Woo Do Hwan going to the military is how much Eun Seob hated his public service duty which he was nearing completion when the drama first started, and conversely how dedicated Jo Yeong is to serving his king and kingdom. Best of luck to Woo Do Hwan, his parts of TKEM are definitely worth re-watching and this is a great time to flex another muscle and experience the ritual of every Korean young man.


Woo Do Hwan to Enlist for Military Service in July 2020 — 9 Comments

  1. Woon Do Hwan, you are the guy to watch in future K-dramas. Saw your dual roles performance in The King:External Monarch, absolutely captivating.

    Definitely a A-List star in the making. Will miss your action for a while.

    Stay safe

  2. No! so many of my faves are going to enlist over the next year or so but I was hoping that he would do one more drama before the army. He’s super hot right now so it’s a pity that he has to go away for two years right after achieving his biggest success.

    Serve well & stay safe, Woo Do Hwan!!!

  3. If TKEM was not great, KDW was the best part of this drama! So he can leave knowing he gave a great prestation for his final job.

    It’s sad because his name was mentionned for a OCN drama.

  4. I can’t believe he’s 27. After 2 years he’ll be 29-30. I hope he’ll be a male lead for his comeback. But for now I wish him good luck and safety.

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