Kim Yoo Jung the First Pick of Netizens for Female Lead of Sageuk Drama Hong Chun Gi with Ahn Hyo Seob by the Writer of The Moon Embraces the Sun

I always felt that Han Ga In was not right for the female lead role in hit sageuk The Moon Embraces the Sun, the age gap with Kim Soo Hyun, her acting limitations (he was acting circles around her), and that the age of the character really suited a early 20s actress. There’s a chance to cast right for Hong Chun Gi, the upcoming K-drama adaptation in the works by the same novel writer who wrote The Moon Embraces the Sun, so think romance and mysticism and lots of palace angst and intrigue. The male lead is already confirmed to be Ahn Hyo Seob so of course chatter is on who will play the female lead, the only female royal painter in the Joseon era. Unsurprising and also topping my own pick is Kim Yoo Jung, who fulfilled all her potential and then some in her first sageuk lead actress role in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds in acting, chemistry, and visuals. Also good choices for the female lead based on successful sageuk track records and being age/visual matching with Ahn Hyo Seob are Kim So Hyun, Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Sae Ron, Kim Tae Ri, Shin Se Kyung, and IU. What’s your pick?


Kim Yoo Jung the First Pick of Netizens for Female Lead of Sageuk Drama Hong Chun Gi with Ahn Hyo Seob by the Writer of The Moon Embraces the Sun — 188 Comments

  1. Shin se kyung or kim tae ri. They suit these roles so much. Kim tae ri i doubt unless role is very high profile or drama is big budget. Shr is top actress of her gen. Only best roles she will accept

        I have seen all her dramas (where she is the younger version of the female lead) and she just shines in everything.
        I am an 82-year old Grandma Korean drama fan and I live here in Sacramento, CA.
        All I can say is:

    • About Han Ga In, she slayed her role in Moon Embracing the Sun. She was fitted for the role because of her innocent face and acting. I don’t get your point that she shouldn’t be the female lead. As far as I know, it was a success, and that’s what matters most. I love Han Ga In and Kim Yoo Jung. They’re the best female lead for me.

    • I like kim So Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung, these two are very good actresses but my top pick would be Nam Ji Hyun. I miss Nam Ji Hyun already. Her last project was 365 Repeat The Year. I am really praying and hoping to see her in a new project soon.

      • Yikes nam ji hyun’s voice is seriously annoying and she’s not that pretty to play the character

        I have seen all her dramas (where she is the younger version of the female lead) and she just shines in everything.
        I am an 82-year old Grandma Korean drama fan and I live here in Sacramento, CA.
        All I can say is:

    • @lola
      she may not be pretty to you and or if you find your voice annoying, thats okay. I like her, no i love her so i want to see her in new projects. just support the one that you like.

      • @lola

        I don’t know why we have to look down on someone appearance. I haven’t watched any of her dramas but she is undeniably beautiful.

    • I watch all drama of kim yoo jung..and she is one of the best to be a female lead of sauguk drama,, complete package..hoping she can be partner with jung hae-in or yoo in goo.

  2. Yep the 3 Kims for sure – can’t go wrong there with their beauty and acting alongside AHS. I’m happy if one of them was chosen though. Also wasn’t Kim Dam Mi chosen? I read an article a few back that she was the FL.

    • It is only a rumor. There is also talks among netizens that Kim So Hyun was also in talks but she cannot decide yet because she is not yet done with Love Alarm Season 2 (maybe restrictions of a Netflix contract).

      • which article? wahh.. i wish it gonna be kimsohyun? she already finished shooting her love alar. maybe she has a chance. ksh is my top pick

  3. Everyone on the list minus the netizen top pick. She always choose and act the same character over and over again. love in moonlight 2 cleaning with passion 2 backstreet, the only difference is the name of her character and background story, acting is the same. my opinion, don’t be angry or sad~~

    • The netizen top pick plays same role over and over again. Her role in BSR is almost the same with Clean with passion for Now.
      Her portayal in her BSR is worse since she looks so unnatural since she OVERACTS. i dont get it when they say that shes the best in her generation.

    • Watch May Queen, and youll see the difference.

      Just to remind you, keep a bunch of tissues while watching this drama.

      • She is so bland in May Queen. Kim So Hyun’s character in Missing You was far better.

      • i looked it up on the net and it was shown in 2012? when she was still a child actress? all child actresses are good, believe me.
        anyway thanks for the recommendation

  4. Kim Yoo Jung is top choice for me too. Second is Kim So Hyun. Idk the female lead personality for this drama but both are so versatile and can veer from sweetly innocent and playful to carrying gravitas in sageuk very well. KSH just had Nokdu so it’d be nice to see KYJ in sageuk again.

    Not a fan of IU in historical setting; SHR was barely watchable. SSK maybe is okay but is far away from my first pick.

    Don’t know much about the other ladies mentioned, for sageuk at least.

      • what does heavy face even mean? No need to badmouth someone looks, she’s beautiful by the way.

        Personally I like her I’m historical pieces.

      • Her current agency doesn’t seem to be that great either, we don’t hear many offers although it seems like she will return for fifth season of love playlist and it will possibly be reformatted into a drama form and featured on tv.

      • @Laura

        Feel bad for Sae Ron. Yoo Jung and So Hyun are so ahead of her now in terms of hallyu fame.

      • @ Myrrana me too.did you are her pick in new agency was fab.she was looking great there.hope she will come BacK with new drama

  5. I have much reservation for AHS as the male lead and in particular also for a sageuk drama. An experienced sageuk actress should decline to be the FL because there will be a good chance for a mismatch in acting skills. She may need to hard carry a sageuk. A rookie idol actress or a B-lister may be a better idea. How about Chae Soo Bin? Just my opinion. I cannot handle another AHS disaster (ie. Abyss). I enjoy Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim but I FF most of AHS scenes.

    • Chae Soo Bin don’t emit this lead actress aura so her last drama flopped. She is better suited as second female lead.

      • Chae Soo Bin lacks charisma and she does not have strong screen presence to lead a drama.

        Kim Yoo Jung is my perosnal pick for the drama.

      • No, not really. Doctor Kim is in the majority of the drama. Most patient cases are interesting and AHS is NOT the male lead. He is only a supporting GS, I am fine watching him doing procedures but I FF all his backstories, loan sharks and most of his loveline with the CS. Have you actually watched? LOL.

  6. I love these actresses but it’s not really the case for AHS… He’s really far from KSH, so what the point to take a better actress than HGI if they took a worse actor then KSH…

    • Agree. This is exactly my point. AHS is really not on par with KSH. No need to waste time to cast any good actress with AHS.

      • From what I was told, it’s a female centric story, so if the main actor is disappointing, it’s not too big of a problem.

      • Thanks Laura. Female centric… SSK will be good as I like her in Rookie Historian.

      • @kelly

        No problem. She would be a great choice but she just recently signed up for new drama, Run On coming out this fall season, so she won’t be available.

  7. For me it is a battle between Kim So Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Tae Ri. My personal pick is Kim So Hyun but I feel like she will not accept this because she had Nokdu very recently. So, it is going to be either Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Tae Ri. Between them, I pick Kim Tae Ri because she don’t have a lot of TV projects. Moreover, she did great in Mr. Sunshine, another saeguk drama.

    • Kim Tae Ri is in a totally different league than AHS. Smart not to accept. KYJ has worked with PBG in a modern sageuk with rave reviews. Smart not to accept.

      • Kim Yoo Jung may still accept considering this is a female-centric drama. Her character in LITM is like a flowerpot. PBG outshoned her by miles in that drama. In fact, people talk about with PBG only in mind.

      • Park bo gum outshined my a$$ when knetz all talk about is kim yoo jung lmfao even in her recent drama knetz talk about her only they dont wvwn talk about jcw lol

      • Delusions…KYJ never made it to top 10 most buzzed stars during BSR’s premiere week.

  8. I’m fine with any of the girls but logically speaking if this drama is coming out later this year, I think only so-hyun& Nam-ji Hyun are available for filming this summer. The other actresses are either currently filming or have signed up or already in talks for another drama or movie.

    • But Kim So Hyun still have Love Alarm. Can it be possible she will do two dramas airing around the same time? I hope she don’t flop with both dramas.

      • Love alarm season 2 is filmed in advance and is already completed, so there is no conflict.

        Why worry about things that haven’t happened?

      • why not? even hwang jeung eum, and park haejin has2 drama around the same time. so it’s not possible for kim so hyun to have this drama

  9. are the three kims really that good? i mean ive seen Kim Yoo jung in backstreet rookie and her acting is over the top for me. while Kim So Hyun displays bland acting and i cant see that versatility and shes not also pretty.

    why not give a chance to other actresses like Kim bora and chae soo bin.

      • Yes… She’s drop dead gorgeous in hanbok
        And I definitely will be watching and so does so many others where I’m from

      • Agree. JSY her last 3 historical drama. She is good in sageuk.

      • Wait was that supposed to be sarcastic…
        Osh…it fell so flat I almost passed it by like a ground

        Now we get to decide why people should like or no like this bias…Great…just great

    • Why are people always looking down on appearances? That’s not a criteria for good acting.

      It’s fine if you don’t like the acting of the kim sisters but no need to criticize someone looks

    • Unfortunately, Kim Bora and Chae Soo Bin are below the star power of these two Kims. They are better suited for small channels because no business will gamble to them.

    • I haven’t watched KYJ in other dramas, but I think overacting matches her character in BR, since the drama is like a comic book and everything is exagerrated. Everyone in the drama overacts. I find it funny when they sometimes talk to her in saeguk mode, like a throwback to her previous role.

      • how did you know that it was a throwback to her previous role whem you said you have not watched her other drama?

    • I agree with you that Kim Yoo Jung’s acting is exaggerated but Kim So Hyun is far so much better. She’s versatile and beautiful that’s why she has over 40 dramas already. Well, it’s your opinion but I am angered that you said she’s not pretty.

      • I’m not biased because I love the two of them since they both casted on the drama Moon Embracing the Sun on 2012,they’re both good tbh. It’s true that Kim So Hyun has more dramas than Yoo Jung also the reason was Yoo Jung has health issues in the past which is the reason some of her drama were canceled or she will be replaced as the leading actress. But they’re both talented and beautiful ❣️

  10. Are you kidding? Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun are considered in Korea as the next TaeHyeJi. In addition, netizens always praise their acting and beauty. You must be a hater of these two because they are now starting to snatch high profile porjects as compared to your unpopular bias.

      • Backstreet Rookie, Love Alarm, Love in the Moonlight, Ruler. Do Chae Soo Bin and Kim Bora got those kind of projects as “lead” ?

      • Is it a question? It stars KYJ and JCW and directed by Fiery Priest PD. So, it is high profile project.

      • Bsr has high ratings or even higher in upcoming eps because of kim yoo jung just so u wait lmao

      • @thylane – ? lmfao that was dry and brilliantly done. How did BSR become a “high profile project” lol. And to balance it, Ruler isn’t any better.

        As for Chae Soo-bin, I agree. Her profile isn’t prolific either. None of them have a string of successful project; we are all better off admitting to that and moving on.

      • last question thylane, im new to kdrama so im quite baffled thats why im asking.
        i agree with love alarm as this is an originsl netfix production. but what about ruler? what makes it a high profile project?.im just curious though. thanks in advabce for your response

      • Ruler was starred by top grown up child stars YSH and KSH. Further, it was MBC’s highest rated drama in 2017. So, it is high profile, duh!

    • thanks for your response. at least i now know how you define what a high profile drama is. but dont confuse it with highly rated. next time think first before you reply. . its embarassing that a drama where two former child actors are playing is considered high profile drama. smh

      • You got to be kidding me. You’re the one not using brains here. Ruler is high profile because it was starred by top grown up child actor and actress. Being highly rated is of course not related to being highly profiled. You miss the point of my comment. Please go back to school!

  11. Koala forgot Jin Se Yeon. Her acting in Good in Queen: Love and War was brilliant One of the highest rated drama shown in TV chosun in 2019-2020.

    • dude, JSY is the last pick, she is really bad in modern drama, she made me hate the character and she is barely tolerable in saeguk,
      queen selection of war is mediocre drama at its best, even the male lead isn’t suited for saeguk, he is handsome but he can’t flow or speak well in saeguk

      • Yeah…yeah
        But the ratings even in a nugu channel said otherwise
        And that wasn’t her first saeguk success
        What’s your explanation for the barely ‘tolerable’ Jin see yeon’s saeguk doing well…
        Well this drama with another meh but handsome lead can use that ‘Luck’

      • rating doesn’t mean that much for quality, the saeguk flows well because there is team behind it but JSY is barely tolerable in that,
        idk if that because you don’t understand korean but she is one actress that better to watch with subtitle on so you can distract yourselves.

        Almost everyone agree that her acting suck and just a little suck in saeguk but if war: selection of concubine is your bar for “good saeguk”, I am sorry then you need to watch more, it’s one of the most anticlimactic drama,

        her other drama is with Go Soo, the freaking Go Soo, who wouldn’t watch it? it has Go Soo in there, not because JSY is there

    • Now I recaĺled. JSY auditioned and was picked for her 1st sageuk drama. In fact she won Excellence Award for that role. After these she followed with 2 more successful sageuk drama with a paid cable channel.

  12. To be honest, I like all of the women and I hope none of them have to act with Ahn Hyo Seop. They’ve all had much better, talented male leads. He’s all about visual.

  13. The male lead is so weak, whoever get cast as famale lead she need to carry this drama. 90’s gen actors is so weak these days. Many of them will going to army, yet no one reach LMH or KSH popularity.

      • PBG is the only one. While 80s lines actors has many big name like Lee Minho, Kim Soohyun, Joowon, Lee Seunggi, Lee jongsuk, Kim Woo-bin, Yoo ahn in, Park seojoon etc.

    • Yea seriously the new gen actors are super weak I must say. KSH, LMH, LJS, KWB, etc all reached their top status around their early 20s. Obv we have some late boomers like PSJ and SJK but none of the new gen actors have reached their status excluding PBG.

  14. I was excited until AHS’s name was mentioned *smh* he’s so bland. How is he getting lead roles ? He’s pretty but that’s it. Honestly I cant stand it when such casting happens. All the ladies mentioned here are good-great actresses, way over AHYs league *smh* as much as I want to see KYJ finally get a nice project with an age appropriate leading man (like hallelujah!) I’d pass

  15. I cant believe the comments I’m seeing regarding certain actresses not being “pretty”. Fisrt there is no one definition of beauty and second since when does that correlate to acting ability ? It’s like there a couple of tweens in here, no self respecting adults talks like that

  16. it’s due time, ahn hyeo seob was the original lead for clean for passion but he can’t because of the delayed filming

    I think kyj is a good pick, she has really good saeguk speech

  17. Beside KYJ, what about other rookie actress?

    I think AHS doesn’t look good in saeguk speech, saeguk needs presence and more than just pretty face,
    KSH isn’t that good in saeguk, nokdu is just a meh drama
    SSK in rookie historian is good but the drama is also a weird meh, she and her crew is the only good things of the drama,
    JSY is just bad actress
    NJH is good in saeguk but everytime I watch her drama, I never felt that she loves her costars
    of all the name I definitely lean towards KYJ,
    even in her new drama, I like her over the top depiction, the drama require that and somehow reminds of JJH in MLFAS, not that I compare the drama, it just feels similar, people either love or hate it but the character is one of a kind

    • the one that u said isn’t good at saeguk just titled as a goddess of historical drama. pfftt. so sohyun is definitely a good choice.

      • in ruler, KSH is overshadowed by the 2nd female lead,
        in nokdu, the face of the drama is JDY who also overshadow the “goddess”, she is pretty and I think she can be amazing in modern drama but saeguk isn’t really well suited for her

        jeez, KSH is one of the fandom that over the top sensitive,

    • Your opinion is your opinion but nokdu is considered a “meh” drama and so//Hyun isn’t good at historical dramas? Lol

      I would love to see Yoo//jung in another historical drama! I wouldn’t compare jjh iconic role to her backstreet rookie role. Jjh character is almost universally loved. As much as I like Yoo//Jung, I really dislike her character. I missed her moonlight and angry mom days.

      • none of the younger actresses these days want to take comedy role, which is something I find refreshing for young actress path, everyone seems like a depress teens/adult like happier teens doesn’t need to be shown

        have you seen the review from MLFAS? many people dislike JJH character, it’s super popular so ofc is has a lot of love,
        also recent review when people go back to the show isn’t favourable towards her character.
        I was once thought CSY is as iconic and universally loved until I see recent review and also how CLOY fans comment on that.
        CSY isn’t exactly nice but JJH make her so close to heart,
        I appreciate when there is someone who one to take comedic and character that start unlikeable

      • Almost every actress mentioned in this article has tackled comedic roles or roles that have comedy elements mixed in with other genres.

        I’m not sure where you’re reading the reviews because most of the reviews I read loved her immensely. It catapulted her to super stardom. If her character is mixed in appreciation, it would not have the same effect. There is always a few edgy people who like to go against the majority and post scathing reviews.

        JJH character was loved by the majority since the first episode and same with HDL character and It’s okay to be okay character. They all give similar vibes although JJH character is the most comedic of the three roles I mentioned here.

      • @ponpon are delusional for saying many ppl dislike CSY character. i don’t know what you want to prove. CSY is one of the most love characters ever

    • @ponpon

      lol just because I’m stating a fact now i was accused as oversensitive… haha.. you are so irrelevant. i think you are the sensitive one for not be able to accept the fact. now you want to start a fanwar here huh by bringing ‘fandom’? no need to bring fandom here. because yours a lot more worse.

  18. Kim You Jung and the male lead should be Kim Soo Hyun..It would be very perfect!!!!!!!!!!Both extremely excellent in saeguk drama..How i wish they will be paired

  19. I love KIM YOU JUNG!Her beauty shines and excell a lot in saeguk drama then with lead actor KIM SOO HYUN!Oh it would be a legend and history..

  20. The most excellent actress in making saeguk drama is KIM YOU JUNG!She is so versatile and excellent in acting!Partnered with actor KIM SOO HYUN who do the same acting!!!!!

  21. Anyonw here watched Secret Door? The series was fantastic because of KYJ, then she has to be replaced because of mature role. After that replacement, the show is not that great anynorw. Just my opinion

  22. Heard in an fb comment that SBS is banking on top young stars today. So, we may see the influx of stars like KSH, KSR and YJG in the coming years leading SBS dramas. Further, if this the case, the FL for HCG may probably be So Hyun or Sae Ron.

  23. Heard in an fb comment that SBS is banking on top young stars today. So, we may see the influx of stars like KSH, KSR and YJG in the coming years leading SBS dramas. Further, if this the case, the FL for HCG may probably be So Hyun or Sae Ron.

  24. I actually think KSH is overrated, she’s quite pretty but most of her acting is really dull, the second female lead outshines her most of the time, especially ruler master of the mask. Yoon so hee, Kim yoo Jung are my picks.

    • Outshined “most” of the time? Stop lying.

      As far as I know, she was outshined only in Ruler because the 2nd FL character is better written than hers. Other than that, almost of her dramas are iconic. She will not get wide public recognition in and out Korea if she her roles are not that iconic.

    • pray tell, who are these second female leads you are talking about? I just want to know since I’ve seen her entire filmography and I dunno who you are talking about.

  25. i think KYJ can best relate to the character since painting is her favorite hobby or maybe even one of her passions, in real life.

  26. It’s always noisy here whenever article mentioning KYJ or KSH came out. The comments are more entertaining than the article itself ? Personally I hope none of the actresses will take the role. AHS is not good enough

  27. Some of the KYJ and KSH fans here are delusional. The next Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun? Really? At their age, Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun were already dominating the industry in terms of successful projects and CFs. KYJ and KSH can’t even surpass the early-mid 90s actresses like Kim Tae Ri, Kim Go Eun, Yoona, IU, Suzy, and rising star Kim Dami in terms of star power and CFs. Both are good actresses, but they are not bankable as seen through the mediocre ratings of their recent projects.

  28. Wow. Delulu KYJ fans are using multiple entries to make the same comment. One person keeps talking to herself. Are you all drunk here? Crazy immature fans!

  29. You can’t blame them because it is the K-media that named YJ and SH like that. Further, I guess they already achieved successful projects around the same age as SHK and JJH like Moonlight and Love Alarm. So, it is already big deal considering that the competition in these era is far fiercer than SHK and JJH’s era. In other words, KYJ and KSH are competing against multiple generations like the 80s, early 90s,mid 90s and late 90s.

    Hence, being able to lead dramas at the age of 16 and becoming popular overseas, is already big deal at their level.

    • I didnt come here for hate, but I totally agree, today’s era simply can’t be compared to the 2000s. In the 2000s, hallyu is just beginning and actresses that started that time arw so lucky (not saying they’re not talented) just that it was easier to gwt popular back then, there was no previous international hallyu star to compare with. Today we have so many TV stations, netflix, internet, various streaming channels and websites. And because of that, I really think Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun both deserve their popularity today. As for me, I believe they were already really good actors even before they became popular. Watch Kim Yoo Jung in 2010 Kdrama Grudge the Revolt of Gumiho (underrated show starring Full House kdrama second lead, she plays the second main character which is the daughter of the main character). As for Kim So Hyun, she truly made me believe she’s a great actress since her even 1 episode childhood portion in 2011 kdrama thorn birds (starring Mr Sunshine’s Kim Min Jung).

  30. To be honest, Kim Yoo Jung should stop accepting candy roles. She already starred in two dramas with the same character consecutively and I must admit that it’s too painful to watch. CWPFN with ML that is 12 years older than her is just cringe not because of the age gap but because it was really just cringe. BR is not any better. Why did she accept such role that makes her look like a sl*t. Sorry for the word. I used to like her so when she got sick I prayed she recover fast so she can comeback soon. Now that’s she’s back but I’m just disappointed.

    • Wow sl-t?

      What did she does in the drama?
      In clean with passion, he works for her family, she just a little bit dirty.
      In Backstreet Rookie she wears fitting dres,is curve such a crime?

      Damn, all this KYJ criticism is hardly about her drama or her character (her actual character) but more of “she is too sexy, ouch my eyes”

      She just 22 years old and she already called sl-t in comment section, people
      Is it because she is so good at kissing?
      Why does her has so many antis that hate her because she is attractive and apparently, has curve,

      • Very good at kissing at 20 years old. and not to mention that Not all actress in the K drama land can do the things that she does. Kim yoo jung is indeer one of a kind.

      • I don’t care about her curves and I don’t care what you think about my opinion because it’s mine. If you’re free to say what you want then so do I.

      • This is what most of Idiots will say when they don’t have an argument. Throwing what you say back to you when they don’t know anything. Pathetic.

      • Firstly Im not an idol and just say KYJ is a sl*t.How well you know here? You are just being a bully, you dont like her drama dont watch and walked away. What make you a judge and a jury and decide she is one base on her drama? You dont like being call a sl*t tough luck than dont you use that harsh word..

        Furthermore, you are hiding behind a computer being prime and proper but you are just a Bully.

      • @shryani75 I didn’t say you’re an idol. I said you’re an idiot. “you just say KYJ is a sl*t” Woah, I never say that. Go and read my comment again. Poor you.

    • @Jess- You just crossed ‘that’ line when you referenced KYJ looking like a ……

      Now I’m actually fuming because this whole article turned into a fricken debacle and opportunity to allow KYJ anti’s to rear their ugly tentacles to make disparaging remarks about her under the guise of course using ‘In my opinion’ but we all know they have a major axe to grind and are seething with the green eyed monster raging -it’s laughable.

      You’re so obvious! Yeah yeah got your number on this one.

      • @Ginger Crunch HAHAHAHA you’re funny. I didn’t say that the actress is a sl*t. I said that her character makes her look like one. I expected this kind of reply when I wrote my comment. You’re so obvious too.

      • @Jess – You need reading comprehension 101

        Again I will write what I wrote was ‘You just crossed ‘that’ line when you referenced KYJ LOOKING LIKE A …..’

        You see I know how I worded the reply and how you would perceive it but lets get real here – you made a comparision though enough said. Is it that obvious now? I do sure hope so.

      • @Ginger Crunch yeah it’s obvious now that your shallow and sensitive. That’s how I see her role in BR if that’s crossing the line then me being honest is a problem.

      • No @Jess you referring to KYJ for accepting a role that makes her look like a …. is what makes you shallow and insensitive and you’re not being honest you’re just being bitter and twisted. Me calling you out about is cool. Look around at all the K pop idols who dress likewise nothing wrong with the way they look but no you wanted to vent your anguish at KYJ in particular – double standards.

      • @Ginger Crunch. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks that way. I’m actually looking forward to what you will say. It’s quite entertaining how my comment got you so worked up.

      • Oh hard @Jess you mustn’t know my history on this blog then. However let me acquaint myself. I don’t care if ‘your’ opinion is that KYJ can’t act, isn’t pretty enough or popular etc…but I will step up if I read of ‘disparaging’ remarks as in your comparison because you know any other word could have and should have been used but instead you chose the ‘S’ word and might I add instead of referencing the character Saet Byul you knew it was a great opportunity to take a personal dig at KYJ. Loud and clear – so am I worked up? Of course does it not show? Highly offended too but I am replying tactfully and politely. So in future can you please reference the character at all times as to not misconstrue any misunderstanding.

        Thank you

        Signed by one of the thousands of KYJ fans that constantly have to battle here on her behalf.

      • @Ginger Crunch You know, we don’t have to agree with each other. You already convinced yourself that I’m a hater. So what? I don’t really care. What’s the point of having this conversation? It was really fun debating with you “to be honest”. I’m not honest to you, at least I’m honest to myself which you will never know because you are already convinced that I’m just hatin’. So bye and keep fighting on her behalf.

      • @Jessi Well glad you got something right and acknowledged it first – that you’re definitely hating on KYJ. Your words not mine.

  31. Let’s not drag there previous works and try to drag down other actresses if they are not our choice. You call each other’s fandom immature? Well, we are all immature here. Both actresses have been in the industry so long and they have different auras and acting style. Let them have Kim Yoo Jung as the lead, what’s the problem there? Leave it alone if you’re annoyed by it. People nowadays voice out their opinions so free that they are not considerate to others feeling. Honestly, I think Kim Yoo Jung is great for the role, what’s the problem if her fans wanted to see her again in sageuk? I mean, she’s great in it. Perhaps on the other side, all these actresses are great and we don’t have to bring the other one down to bring our bias on top.

  32. allow Kim Yoo Jung to rest and go to university. so that she will look smart. She looks otherwise during her presscon with his current ML who i decline to name.
    Other actresses her age are studying. KSH, kim bora, Moon Ga Young, Kim Sae Ron, Kim Hyanggi.

    • Who to allow KYJ to rest? Isn’t she the one to keep on taking bad projects? Is she in financial crisis to need to work??

      • wow.. are you genius in IT? how did you figure that? i never like to stick in using the same id coz i didn’t even remember what i used before.. haha.. what i mean is i want to keep on commenting, but my comments sometimes didn’t come out no matter how i posted it before.

  33. my understanding is the sl*t means for the saetbyul characters. not kyj..kyj isn’t a slut, but saetbyul behaves at least like one in the webtoon. if u read webtoon ch 29, she forced kissed daehyun for 30 MINUTES while he hasn’t breakup with his gf yet. that’s sl*t. she said that it’s ok for them to kiss coz daehyun is gonna be hers anyway. never like her character in webtoon. same goes with daehyun. hopefully there will be no such scene like this in the drama because it will draw another harsh criticism

    • Why complain, BR is just another drama series with different storyline. Writers need to create a story that is different from the others. If you’re a viewer you can’t watch a series or movie with the same as old story like the other kdrama so what’s new then after. Let’s just be openminded., we are now on the new era. They are only actors don’t judge them, they only did their part. If you don’t want it just leave it and watch another kdrama, we all have different point of views. Simple as it is…

  34. my top pick is kim yoo jung simply because her last and her current drama are TRASH drama. she needs this project so so so Badly. her acting career is on slump. this Girl should go to university so she will be smart. shes not wise in picking her projects.

  35. KYJ is known for Sageuk Fairy and she’s pretty good not only in acting but the way she carries her hanbok. I watched all her drama series and yes, she’s good in Sageuk than modern type. And even herself kinda wish for a different role like rich for a change. When Arirang named the top 7 growing teens, KYJ is #1 according to the survey and they highly praise her for her topnotch acting. Among KYJ’s sageuk drama, I like the “Secret Door”, and the “May Queen” wherein she did pretty good acting. In BR, it’s amazing how she can change her emotion in a snap but the part I like best is the action part which she didn’t have double which make her different from other actor/actress that has body double. Even in LITM, they got the body double but too far from her shape so she did climbing that roof to chase the chickens. I’d rather she’s not taking this Hong Chun Gi, the lead man is actually the one chosen for the “CWPFN” but declined. KYJ should go for romantic suspense/action like warrior princess similar to the Princess Agent plot. She can do it.

  36. For those people who says Yoo Jung is not a versatile actress, it’s clear you haven’t watch the 22 movies under her belt. By the way it’ll be soon 24. Watch her upcoming movies “THE NIGHT OF THE 8TH DAY(main role) and PUPPY (supporting role. ?After you watch that then free to criticized her constructively. Do not just focus on her dramas. You’re so confused why she is called versatile actress when your only basis is her dramas.

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