It’s Okay to Not be Okay, Kim Soo Hyun, and Seo Ye Ji Remain Top of the Good Data Top 10 Online Search for the 4th Week of June 2020

One drama is no surprise to stay hot on the search list but another keeps jumping around like a hot potato. The 4th week of June 2020 is done and staying most searched in K-drama key words as compiled by Good Data is tvN weekend drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay. Second is weekend drama Once Again with SBS Fri-Sat drama Backstreet Rookie rounding out the third spot. On the actor/actress name side, its Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji in the one-two spot and a surprise vault up right below them is Kim Yoo Jung in third place. I say surprising because she wasn’t even on the top 10 last week and even more surprising was that her BR costar Ji Chang Wook was in that spot but this week he’s dropped off the top 10 entirely. She must’ve had a very talkworthy performance in last week’s BR episodes for sure.

  1. It’s Okay to Not be Okay
  2. Once Again
  3. Backstreet Rookie
  4. Kkhondae Intern
  5. Mystic Pop Up Bar
  6. My Unfamiliar Family
  7. Dinner Mate
  8. Oh My Baby
  9. Wind, Cloud, Rain
  10. Fatal Promise
  1. Kim Soo Hyun
  2. Seo Ye Ji
  3. Kim Yoo Jung
  4. Lee Sang Il
  5. Lee Cho Hee
  6. Han Ye Ri
  7. Jang Nara
  8. Yook Sung Jae
  9. Park Hae Jin
  10. Hwang Jung Eum


It’s Okay to Not be Okay, Kim Soo Hyun, and Seo Ye Ji Remain Top of the Good Data Top 10 Online Search for the 4th Week of June 2020 — 31 Comments

      • but in this article he is not .1. Kim Soo Hyun is number 1.
        5 to 7 years from now JCW will be an irrelevant actor. so enjoy his projects while you can. Kim yoo jung is hard carrying the drama BR
        Shes the reason for its success is mainly because of her.

      • @Joane

        What the actual fuck? In ALL the articles pre-release, you’ve put down It’s okay and KSH in favour of JCW. Now you’re doing a 180 because you’re scared he’ll take away the attention from KJY?! WOW, that’s just pathetic. Also, funny you term BSR’s “success” to her when in reality, it’s not successful at all ?

        I mean, if u consider 4.6% and 8.3% in a free channel successful, then you’ve very low standards LOL.

  1. The top 2 dramas are my weekend busters .The second one , although a family drama, is really interesting. I m glad to see the 2nd leads of Once again in 4th and 5th place..
    Hmm KYJ’s popularity is still there and I guess she managed to impress the local audience a lot.. A good sign for BR to clinch higher ratings in the upcoming episodes.. But I m surprised that JCW dropped out of top 10??…How is it possible??

  2. Gotta comment before the no-English, spamming, abusive and ridiculous comments start raining in. Thankfully I’d be out by then.

    The #1,#2 spots is damn deserving. Both the drama and the actors. Obviously It’s okay is buzz worthy, it has KSH after all. But I started Once Again over the weekend and it’s really good! I enjoy family dramas once in a while and both leads are really good. So is the chemistry!

    • I m glad that you like Once Again.. Definitely deserving of the hype and T.V high ratings.Their chemistry is no joke..I started watching it mainly due to the leads but ended up falling in love with each character. The siblings bonding is the best ..The drama has an unusual pace for a family weekender and issues are resolved quickly..No wonder the writer has previously written dramas like Weightlifting fairy and Oh my Ghostess.
      Also IONTBO is already slaying it..So what do I say more..

      • I watch about one family weekend drama a year so maybe I’ll give this one a shot.

      • Yea really liking Once Again so far. But I didn’t process the writer being same as WLFKBJ?! Well… that should explain everything lol. That drama was probably the best college-themed drama to come out of dramaland. And we’ve had a lot of good ones the past decade!

        Also, the kid playing Ji Hoon is Kang Tae in its okay. He’s very talented!

      • Agree. Good drama, well written touching many real world social issues one of them prejudice, families issues, and more. Excellent acting, and strong chemistry whole cast. Soo love the craziness of the FL. I hope the writer will keep the originality, and do not start changing in the middle of the drama, basing on viewers opinions and wishes to increase rating, what happen often now with Kdramas, making the actors acting looking like those of addicts performing for drug money on the street.

  3. I am glad for Kim Yoo Jung, Saet Byul is a pretty solid, complicated character and she is doing the heavy lifting in terms of acting in that show. I am very unimpressed by JCW to be honest, his character or his acting aren’t anything to write home about. Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji fair and square earned those top 2 spots. Well done.

    • kim yoo jung hard carrying the drama. if it not for her, its ratings will hit rock bottom.

      ji chang wook is being useless as usual. he is not even in the top 10 most buzzworthy list. he was replaced by kim yoo jung

      even if he is working wit YJ, i still dont like this guy, i tried but i cant. i dont know. he is full of gimmicks.

      @lola. lol. ji chang wook is adorable. is he 7 year old? my god he is 34? 35? i wont use adorable to describe him.

    • People riding my comment to hate on JCW…I liked him plenty in Suspicious Partner, Healer and K2…not here. That’s all. So, please take the childish fight elsewhere.

      • I love him as the bumbling DH here. Love it most when he got beaten by SB. Role reversal! He’s no longer the cool badass. I used to feel he’s too good looking to do lesser roles other than characters at the top of the game. But he’s convincing here. And funny too.

  4. Kim Yoo Jung jumped up by 22 places… and the disparity between the first and second place for most talked about drama is quite astounding.

    • Oh good point! I didn’t realize the difference between It’s okay and Once Again; it’s not just double, it’s practically triple. Damnnn. Deserving tho, undoubtedly.

      • I don’t like Saet-byul going after a man in a relationship but I’m enjoying the character otherwise. KYJ is having fun with the character and acting her well. But I also really loved KYJ in Love Cells 2 & that was panned.

  5. I dont know why Ji Chang Wòok has many supporters Is it because of his looks. His acting his meeeh.
    i find him the most controversial among his age group. he is also full of gimmicks is he trying to act like a 23 year old guy. He looks his age. he looks 34. so him trying to look very young makes me puke. there’s something wrong about this guy that i cant point my finger on.
    Anyway, lucky him forveven with his meeh acting, BR is doing very good ratings wise He should give half of his paycheck to kim yoo jung.

    • Why u guys are hating on ji Chang wook??? U guys do realize he has done so many action dramas… So he tried something new… We guys just don’t like jcw cuz of his looks but cuz of his singing, his personality, his kindness towards fan, adorable dance…. U guys jcw is not trying to be 23… Its cuz of his looks he looks like 23 and also jcw is already famous… And also STOP HATING ON JCW…. He is perfect in everything….

  6. Seo yeji is really something! She nailed her role as ko moonyong, btw can they please release all the soundtrack

  7. Im happy for my queen kim yoo jung, My Queen is back!!!!shes nailing her role in BR. and now shes included in the most buzzworthy actors. Shes perfect. Her acting is her best armor. Her visuals are the best.

    YJ is the future of k drama land. Her acting never fails to amaze everyone.
    the reason why BR is doing very well is HER. Only her. netizens love her so much. Expecting BR rating to soar high in the succeeding episodes

    • As a silent lurker most of the time.
      I really think you either a troll, Kim Yoo Joong anti or 12 years old.

      I am glad you are happy and optimistic.

      • she really is kim yoo jung fans.. you can find a lot of fans like her in ig. i bet she was from south east asia.. hahaha.. so boastful

  8. Once again is still highly relevant, what a good drama, if any of the psycho but okay and convenience store drama here, check once again, it’s so good

  9. I really like both It’s Okay and BR. The actors are doing a great job in their roles. SYJ and KYJ are stunning in their role, so beautiful and charismatic.

    The support cast of Once Again are the ones in the list, it’s good for them.

    I’m very happy for Han Ye Ri and Jang Na Ra. My Unfamiliar Family is really good like a weekender without the filler and boring episodes. Han Ye Ri and Kim Ji Suk have a good chemistry. Their characters have the best relationship.

    Jang Na Ra has a difficult role but she’s doing great. But the revelation is Go Joon. I didn’t know that he could be so cute and manly in the same time. He’s so different from his past roles as a bad boy.

  10. I really love “It’s okay not to be okay” and the lead actors of it. It is really worth searching and watching for. Their chemistry and story is really awesome and makes you curios.

    They deserve their success.
    Love Kim Soo hyun and Seo Ye-ji so so much. ❤❤

  11. I am sure Joane is a KYJ Anti trying very hard to gather hates for KYJ. Joane also has multiple names talking to each other all the time here. Crazy.

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