Choi Jin Hyuk and Park Joo Hyun are All Smiles at the Script Reading for KBS drama Zombie Detective

The last time I watched a K-drama with a zombie in it, she totally stole my heart with her plight. It was Lee Se Young‘s character in Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) and she was really the beating heart of that drama for me despite her not having a beating heart. Choi Jin Hyuk will give it a shot next playing the titular Zombie Detective, and it’ll be interesting to see how they handle the whole decomposing problem lol. Or maybe he’s more vampire like in mythology, undead but doesn’t actually decay. His character has lived in the mountains as a zombie but learning human mannerisms, and one day moves to the city to start a detective agency with the goal of recovering his memories and finding out who he was and what happened to him. Park Joo Hyun ends up working for him after she quits her reporter job at a network after dealing with an assualt. The drama is described as comedic and sincere. It’s scheduled to air towards the end of 2020 on KBS.

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