Family Secrets Threaten to Upend the Tenuous Happiness in Episode 12 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay with Ratings of 5.145% and 5.264%

Hoo boy was there was lot to unpack and digest in episode 12 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay. The signs where there all along that Moon Young’s mom may (1) not be dead, and (2) may be more evil than simply an emotional child abuser. The possibility that she may be the butterfly killer of Kang Tae and Sang Tae’s mom is obscene and yet even if true it should not change what the three leads have found together as a family unit. Moon Young and Kang Tae are abused kids, forced to grow up to young, and Sang Tae wears his enemy 24/7 which is his autistic disability. These three actually have bigger challenges than solving who killed the Moon brothers’ mom and I’m actually hopefully it’s all a feint and not Moon Young’s mom. It’s someone connected to her likely and still around to torment everyone, and whomever it is I hope the bitch burns in hell for hurting so many people already so traumatized and daring for a little happiness. I loved the ending of episode 12, when Kang Tae made his choice, but just as importantly that Moon Young and Sang Tae gave him space to take him time to come to his own decision.


Family Secrets Threaten to Upend the Tenuous Happiness in Episode 12 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay with Ratings of 5.145% and 5.264% — 32 Comments

  1. This your mother might be the one who killed my parent trope between the leads is so cliche in melodramas. The episodes are so long and draggy and slow. And people wonder why ratings are not good in comparison to other shows like backstreet rookie and king maker.

    • But in all countries where there is Netflix including Korea it is almost always in the top spot eversince it was released. Therefore, contradicting your arguments about İOTNBO plot and flow of the storyline. You should realize that most audience nowadays are switching to Streaming online like Netflix and all other online platforms. The rating you are saying is only based in Korea where the measurement was based on demogs who are mostly TV reliant. Meaning these are those in the older age bracket. Add the fact that the mental issue in the story line is quite a taboo subject in Korea especially for older generation.

  2. That family portrait really did me in, y’all. This drama truly is a master class in how to portray emotions on screen. Serious props to SYJ, KSH and OJS for their absolutely brilliant performances throughout the series; they left no stones unturned in ensuring their characters were given the proper portrayals. Safe to say that IOTNBO is one of the dramas of my heart along with CLOY and Healer at this point.

  3. The drama has been good about showing that there are different sides to a story. Please drama don’t make Moon Young’s mom the killer.

    • Tbh, I think the drama is going to the direction of MY’s mom as the killer. This drama so far is not about rainbow and cotton candy but about facing your demon, fight it, pick yourself up and continue living despite your battle scars. So far KT seemed to be able to accept the truth while bleeding inside but MY will be another story. It will be difficult for her to faces the truth that her own mom was the culprit of the life long misery of the man she loves. Let’s see what next episodes will bring us….

  4. The fact that so many viewers care so greatly about the characters in this drama is a reflection of not only the amazing writing but also the top notch acting being displayed here. It’s been a while since I’ve watched a drama that I can’t bear to speed through and follow up the completion of each episode with an immediate re-watch of all my favourite parts in the episode. I must admit that I’ve been fast forwarding through so many other dramas but I savour every scene in this one. It’s been a while and boy does it feel good! Even the side characters are wonderfully brought to life and the details in each scene make this drama such a masterpiece. Yay to great dramas and may many more come our way this year! 🙂

  5. This drama has no flaws or acting holes and doesn’t have controversies attached to it. True masterclass and nothing less. Overshadows every drama that’s airing.

  6. IOTNBO is absolutely deserving of all the praise. It’s been a while since a drama could make me feel so emotional. I’m glad international fans see the beauty in it.

  7. KSH looks so sexy in a suit. Glad that there is at least one scene requiring that he dress up in a suit, lol. And Moon Young is learning – she’s learned to give him space when he needs it. I thought it was a very smart move of her to call Jaebum to find out how he relates to Kang Tae. Speaking of Jaebum – I feel he’s the weakest link in the entire drama. Will the drama not give him a life of his own, other than packing up every once in a while and following Kang Tae around? It’s such an unusual thing to do, looks like there’s nothing else in his life other than to fry chicken/make pizza and fight for some space in Kang Tae’s life.

    • At first i thought he liked Juri, but no? Hm.. but he deserves better. Probably a love line with Mr. Manager’s assistant. Lol.

      4 episodes to go and it deserves more recognition. It got trending on twitter and naver. But the rating… sigh.

      This is KSH’s best character. He deserves daesang!!!!

      • I love love love Kang Tae but I still think KSH’s best character is Seung Chan from Producers. He won 3(!!) Daesangs for it. Yes it wasn’t the emotional, heavy kinda drama, but that’s what makes it even better. It shows you don’t need that kind of melo to be an effective and amazing actor. I thought KSH was simply brilliant in that role.

        I know a lot would disagree tho. Because Kang Tae is just so well acted too. Fingers crossed he wins a lot of awards for this because it’s so deserved. Same with OJS.

      • @Yui

        Yes, I thought he liked Juri in the beginning, but the drama spun her a love line with the manager – maybe the drama can make him end up with the assistant but we’ve only four episodes to go and nothing on that end yet 🙁 . I do hope they give him a life of his own, I can’t sleep well at night thinking that he has nothing going on for him except to follow his bestie around like a lost puppy 🙁 .

      • @butterfly omona i love seung chan too. I still laugh so hard everytime watching him. KSH is simply an amazing actor. He can act as anything. His performance as a N.Korea spy was AMAZING!!! Very well deserved as the most highest paid actor in Korea.

        @naveen no wonder he got paid more than other actors. Got 4 daesang, daebak. Which A list hasnt got daesang? SJK got it after Dots.

        @adal i still dont get why he followed him around. And how come Sangtae accepted MY in just some weeks but he needed 10 years. I feel so sad for him. Thus i wish his character a HAPPY ENDING. I wish he’ll get a lottery and go traveling around the world.

      • @Yui

        I don’t think SJK has a Daesang for DOTS (or any drama actually). DOTS itself – as a drama – got Daesang tho! No one from KSH’s age group has even 1 Daesang for acting (let alone 4!) I’m quite sure on this but anyone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway KSH is definitely special and also very well loved by the industry. He’s beyond talented tho.

      • Nope..actors like Lee Jong Suk,Joo Won have Daesang to their name..Even SJK had one for KBS drama award..
        But sure it is less than KSH’s total Daesangs.
        DOTS as a drama won the Daesang but it was in Baeksang Arts Awards..
        If you talk about Baeksang only.. and if I m not wrong , Hyun Bin is the only Male TV actor to have won a Daesang till date whereas on the other hand many actresses have won Baeksang Daesang.

      • @May – no actually not talking about Baeksang! It was Daesang in general. I didn’t know about SJK, so I looked up and you’re right! I stand corrected. For LJS and JW, I genuinely forgot about them. Specially JW has been super low key. Not sure which drama they’ve won if for but it’s good to know since JW in particular is a good actor.

        As for Hyun Bin, he’s a legend. Not the same age group but freakin epic none the less!

      • @ Butterfly ..LJS won for W :two worlds and JW won for Yong Pal..
        Both of them have their impending military comeback..We will be seeing JW’s drama in a few weeks whereas for LJS , boy is still in military..
        So far KSH was shining brightly amongst his contemporaries i.e the late 80s batch..
        However if you ask me about the BIGGEST same age competitor of KSH at THIS point of time, in terms of both success and talent ,it is undoubtedly Park Seo Joon.. His career graph is only rising..

        Also if we talk about acting only..Kang Ha Neul should also be included .. However he needs few more hits to venture into A-list category.

        But yeah will be difficult for KSH’s peers to match upto his status .. especially when he acclaimed so many feats at a young age.

      • @May

        I really really agree with PSJ. 100%. He’s had two consecutive successes in Secretary and Itaewon Class. Fight My Way had so-so ratings but was generally well received too. So he’s for sure KSH’s biggest competitor. They’re also really good friends and used to be in the same agency. I’m looking forward to this rivalry honestly. Both are great actors and can really bring in some top performances.

        KSH has achieved a lot through very few projects. I think the combination of “very popular” and “A-list actor who can act” is very rare. He’s been able to achieve it since he was just 23 yo and that’s a big thing. Looking forward to what others are able to do – Joo Won in Alice and LJS too eventually.

      • @ I think Park Seo Joon have to give 2-3 blockbuster to reach as KSH. We can see the Impact of KSH after 5 years… his drama is trending not the only in Asia but also in western countries. KSH should do more dramas…I know he prefers quality over quantity…but still. Lee Jong Suk got daesang based on fanvotes we can’t say a real daesang…SJK got daesang for DOTS in Korea drama awards. KSH have to give two pan Asia hit TMETS and MLFAS..and the ratings were so High.KSH is second youngest actor to get Baeksang award for best actor at age of 24.

      • Pan Asia hit*
        KSH has also come back so he will sure rise and do more successful drama and movie. I think KSH and PSJ have both stardom and have critically acclaimed but the impact KSH have made all over Asia with only 4 dramas is still undefeated. KSH has been hallyu star since 2012..I think there will be no other KSH. It will be fun to see them together..coz both are verstiale actor. BTW u guys know that KSH helped PSJ in his rookies days…he personally gave his company number.

  8. My favourite scene was when Sang Tae protected Mr Kan on the bus while Mr Kan was having flashbacks of war. It really showed Sang Tae’s growth!!

  9. Episode 12 and still all in with this gem. Show deserves all the love it’s been getting from the international fans.

    The main leads portrayal is just so heartfelt and brilliant, even the supporting cast delivers.

    I think we are being led to believe the killer is MY’s mom pretty sure we will be shown yet again that things are not always what they seem.

    There are many memorable scenes in this episode, but my fave is the ending where Kim Soo Hyun himself made a cameo dressed in a suit ?

  10. I’ve read somewhere that moon young and sang tae are actual siblings and the reason MY dad killed the mom was because she tried to kill ST.

    • I also think the head nurse who is friendly with Sang Tae and gave him a book, and then was also snooping in Kang Tae’s locker room when he found the notes is suspicious!

    • Count me in. Head Nurse is suspicious. Note that she also had the book that the escaped patient was reading. She could have slipped ¨ scripts¨ that the escaped actress rehearsed into the book.

  11. Far out my blood pressure and stress levels have sky rocketed since watching this drama .I had to count to 3; practice that butterfly hug just to get to the end of each episode. I’m banned from the sitting room because my family are heartily sick of me replaying scenes over and over again on the telly. KP, Drama beans and My dramalist are my go to self therapy briefings to calm my nerves. This is not a healing drama it’s an all out psychological battle feat; survival of the emotionally fittest and I’m frickin failing big time!

    That ‘kiss’ episode 12 OMFFFFGGGG I couldn’t breathe and replayed that scene 50 times over. I can’t wait for MY to whisk him awayto the Bates Motel for my R & R. You know some rest and some reading. ?

  12. I love IONTBO , and look forward to seeing it every week but I discovered someone better the all of them in actor Ji Sung. I watched “Swallow The Sun” on kissasian,and am hooked on this man.”Kill me Heal Me” is a must watch too.Ji Sung plays a man with multiple personalities. I urge any viewers who have not watched these yet to tune in.Absolutely amazing,plus Ji Sung is divine to look at!

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