Choi Jin Hyuk is a Fashion Blind Zombie Detective in First Stills with Leading Lady Park Joo Hyun

I love the South Korean predilection for smushing two unlikely things together and calling it a drama topic. We have Vampire Prosecutor and Vampire Idol and now Zombie Detective. Starring Choi Jin Hyuk and Park Joo Hyun, this has to be a super silly drama but it also could be unintentionally funny by trying to be silly, I don’t know and not sure which way works better. The first stills of Choi Jin Hyuk as the zombie detective reveal that he’s clearly fashion blind and also way too obvious in his dressing – nothing like drawing attention to his sleuthing by dressing in a leopard print shirt and the stereotypical detective trench coat and hat. He also looks way to “alive” for being a zombie, no decomposition and the only dark circles are from his penchant for guyliner.

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