Script Reading for jTBC Drama Private Life with Go Kyung Pyo, Seohyun, Kim Hyo Jin, and Kim Young Min

Not to be confused with last year’s rom-com tvN drama Her Private Life, the upcoming jTBC thriller Private Life released script reading stills this week as the drama is starting promotions to take over the Wed-Thurs time slot after Was It Love. Starring Go Kyung Pyo as his first military discharge return project along with Seohyun, Kim Hyo Jin, and Kim Young Min, the drama deals with swindlers and also the secrets people try to keep hidden in this very connected digital age. Directing is the PD of Temperature of Love and The Royal Gambler, and even more exciting is the screenwriter did Cruel City and My Beautiful Bride so is very adept at the thriller story. The drama premieres in early September.


Script Reading for jTBC Drama Private Life with Go Kyung Pyo, Seohyun, Kim Hyo Jin, and Kim Young Min — 22 Comments

  1. For me she was always the visual of snsd over that botoxed ideal beauty of kora. The actor from cloy and wom. He is on roll. Major part of 2 blockbusters of year

    • yoona is beautiful and is the nation’s idol visual for a reason. recently there’s even pann article about her youthful and unchanging beauty. unlike lmh who is aging hard and looks like that kardashian mom.

      • Yoona’s olastic suregry is discussed in every news lmao. She cant even move her face. Atleast lmh can do it. And she is not on his level fame wise.
        Sm mediplay isnot going to make her one. There is suju video from 2006 where her chin jaw nose looks different person.
        Say thanks to her olastic surgeon
        And irene jennie are trends. Whereas yoona is old plastic hag
        Lmh is universally lobed. Your olastiv monster of gangnam will never

    • bts fan and minoz are so toxic. media isn’t even talking about yoona ps which she didn’t have, only you because you have a thing on here for hating successful women. yoona is winning with one of the most successful movies of last year and nominations at prestigious awards. lmh can’t relate. i real the comments and now i understand why you are so angry, because tkem was a flop and lmh is being outshined in acting by his rival ksh hahaha.

      • Not more than snsd fans who hate twice because their detsroyed records
        Lmh carries his own projects hits or flop. King made profit despite mega budget ( more than any yoona movie budget ) and he has whole decade of success. He has won countless award
        But ur girl? She was overshadowrd by suzy iu and was flopping for whole decade. First move was a side kick role amd finally after decade of flops she lamded role against jo jung suk who carried exit. Yoona flops r countless
        Her next project is also opposite legend but can she carry a project on her own? Nope she will never get projects like king bcoz she is a showpiece
        Lmh take credit and backlash because he carries them
        He remains bigger star than she will evwr be lmaoo. Getting brave when u get one hit in ten years lmaoo
        And yes she is plastic piece. Go n watch suju video n see hoe she shaved her jaw, got new nose, botox. It is not even for debate. Netizems talk about that all the time
        Dont worry abput lmh. His projects will always be bigger than her. Forgotten that king has entered netflix year end top 10 charts worldwide not just local korea. When will ur plastic wood?

  2. I don’t like Kim Hyo Jin since her time in Marry Stayed Out All Night. She’s looking too ajumma all the time, and her face just like little upgrade of Sunohara Miki. Seohyun just too skinny now, I miss the day when she was still promoting with SNSD..

  3. Ugh, why are there so many idols nowadays trying to be an actor? SNSD, Suzy, Seolhyun, Hyeri etc. I am so fed up with them. There are prettier and better actresses out there…

      • Sis, this is the worrying trend I am talking about. How many of the good actors are idols? In comparison to idols such as Suzy, the acting talent of people like LMH is like a breath of fresh air…

    • The eternal chaebol has been acting for nearly 20 years and is still the king of mediocrity. He picks the same drama roles over and over again and just poses in front of the camera lmao. Even his visual that he relies on is fading because of plastic surgery and age. Some idols are better at acting than him despite his years in the industry. How embarrassing.

      • I have never said that LMH is good – quite the contrary… But if he is level “embarrassing”, the idols are level “garbage”. I refuse to watch any drama with idols as main leads (I can tolerate them as second leads though). I also refuse to watch anything with “running to my dying father as if I need to quickly get the beer before the supermarket closes”-LMH

      • Why r u dragging him hereM he has given faith gangnam blues tiw different roles which eom him acxlaim and awards. His draama etrrnal is worldwide netflix top 10. Not korean only.
        You know how big this is? Ur draling showpiece has yet to show anything after decade of acting. He is still milles better and actually brings profit

      • Because that user is acting like LMH is a good actor compared to some idols, which is not true lmao. He’s been acting for almost 2 decades and is still mediocre and limited af! He’s so overhyped when there are actors like Kim Soo Hyun who have acting skills to back up their hallyu fame. Rabid hallyu fangirls will consume anything even when there’s no quality to it.

    • @fake ady Well, I agree with your last sentence about LMH having infamous scenes to steer away from lmao, but I disagree with your idol stereotype. I think majority on this site would agree that idols/singers like Kyungsoo, Siwan, Lee Joon, Seo In Guk, Park Hyungsik can act circles around LMH despite having singing as the first profession.

  4. I loooooove the writer so much but for some reason the female actress in her dramas got on my nerves: Nam Gyuri, Go Sunghee (i love her now, but before urgh) and now Seolhyun.
    The dramasbshe wrote are some ofnmy faves. The female characterization is great, but the actreeses playing them is usualylly the only bad review i have on said drama. Urggg

    • Nam Gyu Ri did a decent job in Cruel CIty and has improve since. Go SUng Hee is doing a really decent job too in My Beautiful Bride. No COmplain. Dan I have watched Seo Hyun in Time, she is doing good and I have decent faith in her than Go Kyung Po

  5. Can I Fangirling Kim Young Min in a Cruel CIty screenwriter drama… OMG>>> I’m in heaven right now. Hope he will get a big role.

  6. NGY grated on my nerves in CC. She strived to look pretty in all her scenes rather than strived to act.

    And while i love GSH now. She was jarring in Spy and DoaNWM and she was still just not good. it was not until WYWS that she kinda click.

    Though to some degree u agree on what you wrote on GKP, he has to prove himself as a ML material. But between him and SH, she worries me more. She is just not actress material, she doesnt showcase much emotion.
    I hope she proves me wrong. GSH did and I just love her now.

    But I guess to each his/her own. You have your way of seeing things, and I have mine.

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