South Korean Box Office Regains Life During Summer of COVID Thanks to Back-to-Back Zombie Movies Peninsula and #Alive

First off, the South Korean movie theaters have been re-opened since June but there is always going to be asterisk on tickets sold for movies during this COVID-19 period. The theaters are blocking every other seat so each showing can only sell half the tickets as before so it will never be apples to apples to compare a movie that opened during the normal era to the box office haul of a movie during the COVID period. With that said, the first two hits have both been from the still popular zombie genre – indie zombie flick #Alive arrived first and so far has sold over 1.8M tickets sold, a total success for this low budget two star only flick. The bigger draw has been recently premiered Peninsula, the sequel to Train to Busan, which has in two weeks garnered 3M tickets sold and has recouped its break even point of 2.5M tickets. Next week comes Steel Rain 2: Summit which is also trending number 1 in ticket presales so at least this summer feels hopeful again for the South Korean movie industry.


South Korean Box Office Regains Life During Summer of COVID Thanks to Back-to-Back Zombie Movies Peninsula and #Alive — 14 Comments

  1. Sad numbers for what could have been to big hits. They got sacrificed to Covid19 and the same thing is about to happen to Tenet arguably a movie that could have made a 1-billion worldwide but would end up in the region of 100-150mio USD.

    I feel mostly sorry for the train to busan sequel it should have easily done 16-17m admission. Where as Alive could probably have done around the 5-6-m admission under normal conditions. Cinema is truly bleeding and suffering due to this covid19 era.

    I think it is gonna take atleast 1 year or perhaps even 2 years before we see moviegoers fully return to the big screen but as for now we may only see 5-8% of the brave moviegoers come forward but the remaining 90% will likely stay away from the theaters until this pandemic cools down completely

    • Seriously we can’t do anything. Depsite yaking precautions, i see people without mask and socialising like covid is not there. Yesterday a whole family near my area found out to be positive. No plans to go in thatres till vaccination comes and get real results

    • I agree it’s sad to see the cinema condition currently but both movies left a bunch of money on the table. I would say probably in the region of 80-90% of what they could have made under normal conditions but what I don’t understand is why sacrifice the train to busan sequel to Covid19? making it some sort of lap-rabbit to test the waters with but I get it alive was not a big picture anyways but come on not ”Train to Busan sequel” It should have not been released at all this summer and pushed back atleast a year

    • Why can’t the movie industry think out of the box? Why can’t they stream the movie online and I’m sure audience will pay for it online. I understand movies are supposed to be enjoyed on the big screen but since we are in a pandemic either they just withhold the film until it’s over, or release it in a different format. We are told to stay at home by governments and I would say we are lucky to be able to enjoy a film at home. Earning megabucks is the last thing on the list right now. Just think of all those whom have died due to the virus. They are the ones that deserve respect.

      • Agree. Its literally life-risking to go to cinemas nowadays. There are literally covid cases popping up in cinemas every other day. Netflix is definitely the way to go for most films. Delay those big-budget ones.

      • Did you see alive?? Well from what i have heard it is really good &acting was really good.i don’t understand what you mean by medicore here

      • Yes I saw it online already. Acting is good but story is very cliche and nothing new imo.

      • @ sabrina,welli respect to your opinion.then kidoos to star power of PSH & YAI to make it pendemic success eventhough story is cliche.can i ask you were you watched it,bz i didnt find movie with eng sub? I really want to watch it??

  2. I really agree with the comments here. The movie industry is in tatters due to COVID and if 1.8M admissions is considered a ‘total success’ – regardless of budget – then that’s a very sorry state of affairs. #Alive is meh, but Peninsula could’ve been the next Train to Busan. It’s literally the sequel and boasts of real A-listers. They should’ve been innovative following the footsteps of Universal Studios and releasing the movie online. Or they could’ve waited. It’s a huge waste on what could’ve been a blockbuster.

    • Its a spin-off, not sequel. And not as good story-wise as Train to Busan. Imo even without covid, it’s unlikely to be as successful as Train to Busan.

  3. Just celebrate that #ALIVE is getting great reviews worldwide and able to be #1on the Netflix Global Chart… kdrama or kmovie have done that….so it’s a little movie that can! Breaking records worldwide. Congratulations to the team, so happy for my fav Park Shin Hye. I’m sure their countrymen are super proud of PSH and YAI.

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