Wilber Pan Threatens Legal Action Against Netizens for Noting that His New Wife Luna Has Same Instagram Pictures of Other Famous Insta Model

Okay this is kinda hilarious and turns TW-singer Wilber Pan and his recent marriage into a further newsworthy story of their own making. Wilber married his much younger Chinese flight attendant girlfriend Luna last month and it turns out C-netizens have lots to discuss about her. From her Instagram it was clear she ran in the same circles as other famous young wives of Chinese, HK, and Taiwanese celebrities even before her marriage and of course it’s a series of concentric circles. But the latest connection just makes me LOL so hard – a C-netizen dropped that Luna has a series of Insta pictures that are identical to ones from another famous C-insta star Yi Xi. The netizen says there is a Chinese media company that helps these aspiring models/rich wife applicants curate a SNS life that makes them look elegant, chic, sporty, etc. in a way that is classy, and Luna uses the same service. I totally believe it because the pictures are 100% the same, check it out yourself below (Yi Xi is on the left, Luna on the right). Wilber is threatening to sue people for writing about it but goodness just let it out there is nothing wrong with a young woman with ambition doing whatever she can to climb high.


Wilber Pan Threatens Legal Action Against Netizens for Noting that His New Wife Luna Has Same Instagram Pictures of Other Famous Insta Model — 20 Comments

  1. I swear besides the long hair, cleavage I don’t see a different person. Did they go to the same surgeon?

    The only difference I can spot is their cleavage. They are identical.

    The first photo is the funniest. Even the sportswear brand is the same.

    I am now going to Google their ages and who they are. Hahahaha.

  2. Mr. Pan should threaten the studio who provided such uncreative services not the netizens. Or better yet, give more allowance to wifey so she won’t goes for BOGO deals when availing such services in the future.

  3. Haha this is too funny. Wilber Pan should give a big bonus to the company because their strategy obviously work! If I’m as pretty as these models I wouldn’t mind paying for this kind of image management service. The potential ROI of a lifetime of wealth and luxury lifestyle is very tempting. You gotta respect these girls for their hustle, their hard work paid off so now they don’t ever have to lift a finger.

  4. Is Wilber feeling he was jibbed? I would assume that he did enough due diligence if he has been going out with his now wife for some time. ? What’s amazing that there is a whole industry out there to help aspiring tai-tai wannabes! ????

  5. Wilber need talk to his wife to stop using the same service as Yi Xi because there is no creativity on that service. They used the same spot same arrangement post and so on. Don’t blame on netizens, blame your wife 😀

  6. He is so stupid. No netizens will be charged for telling the truth. He is only embarrassing himself and his plastic doll wife. LOL. What a Joke.

  7. Cracks me up big time. How can someone be so lazy? So easy to earn Money off these trophy wife wannabes. Don’t they know they are going to get mocked and laughed at? It boggles my mind the husband is so silly too.

  8. The owner of the club who train these ladies is Amy, basically these ladies will go thru four steps: plastic surgery, create sns account and check in different places( charity, hotel, etc, …)( as you can see, the style and poses are the same) , join the party hosted by famous and rich people, and once they catch a good fish, thru media, by “accidentally” they will release the dating info, …
    Moka, Aaron Kwok’s wife,is also under Amy’s training service and get to know Aaron also thru Amy’s connection.
    Well, when there is demand, there will be supply.

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