Sky Castle Young Costars Kim Bora and Jo Byung Kyu Breakup After Dating for a Year

A slow start to the dog days of August got something unexpected with a breakup news. Dating former drama costars Kim Bora and Jo Byung Kyu confirmed via their agencies that the couple has broken up. They young actor and actress met working on the hit cable drama Sky Castle and started dating shortly thereafter. Netizen sentiment was super calm with this pair, happy for the youngsters to enjoy dating and see where it goes from there. The breakup is reportedly due to the couple growing apart from work life and goodness does that sound totally normal and ordinary. I hope they had a meaningful and happy time together and best of luck back in the singles world.


Sky Castle Young Costars Kim Bora and Jo Byung Kyu Breakup After Dating for a Year — 4 Comments

  1. Break up rate is very high amongst 20 somethings when career is the focus. Most don’t last long. The most common reason trotted out by agencies is “they naturally grew apart so decided to break up” or “due to busy schedules, they naturally grew apart and decided to break up.” Very understandable and realistic. The high success rate are the older celebs who were dating with marriage and babies in mind, low-profile and often had short courtship period. Shin Sung Rok & non celeb wife, Eugene & Ki Tae Yong, So Ji Sub & non celeb wife, Kim So Yeon & Lee Sang Woo, Rain & Kim Tae Hee, Won Bin & Lee Na Young. Hope they younger set will not date just for the sake of dating but then young love is exciting and a good way to get experience on how to handle a relationship.

  2. I like these two. Thought they are really cute together. All the best. Sad though to see they join Jung So Min-Lee Joon and Honey Lee-Yoon Kye Sang casualty list.

  3. I really like Kim Bora in Sky Castle. I hope she lands a lead role in a big public/cable channel in the future like her peers, Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun.

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