Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo Bin, and Taecyeon Attend First Script Reading for tvN Drama Vincenzo

Woo hoo, I feel like the drama gods are timing things perfectly for me. With Kim Soo Hyun‘s drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay done (sheer amazeballs good), I can now switch years and start charting course for early winter when Song Joong Ki returns to the small screen with Vincenzo. The cast held the first script reading today at tvN studios and will be commencing primary shoots. Starring Song Joong Ki as a South Korean who grew up in Italy and is a lawyer who works for the mob, he gets a second chance at life goals when a mob war sends him back to South Korea and he crosses paths with Jeon Yeo Bin‘s win at all costs idealistic lawyer. Initial media reports had Taecyeon playing the main villain, a drug lord wannabe, but he is actually going to be playing an intern at the law firm who has it all looks, smarts, and attitude. Either role I’m thrilled for Taec to be part of this project and overall it looks promising with the PD of The Crowned Clown and Money Flower with the screenwriter of The Fiery Priest and Chief Kim. Vincenzo premieres in December 2020.


Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo Bin, and Taecyeon Attend First Script Reading for tvN Drama Vincenzo — 7 Comments

  1. Answer is quite clear why Taecyeon is no longer casted as the main villain. “all looks, smarts, and attitude” sounds exactly the same as his old drama as supporting cast in Assembly. This guy never improves or what not? Geez.. I don’t mean to bash but his roles are all similar after so many years in Kdramas. Sad that he is only casted for his looks and physique, very bland.

  2. looking forward to seeing you back in kdrama SJK… keep it up.. good luck and more power to your career.. hope this gonna be release the soonest… can’t wait to watch…

  3. Another excellent drama for an extraordinary actor. Good luck and more power to your career. Stay humble always. Stay safe everyone

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