Kim Yoo Jung Makes Spots Fashionably Pretty at H&M Event in Seoul

Rawr, this dress is both sexy and cute and Kim Yoo Jung wearing it is legit bringing more to something that wouldn’t otherwise be all that. The young actress recently finished up SBS drama Backstreet Rookie and isn’t just resting but has resumed her active endorsement events. Last week she was out in Seoul at an H&M store as a spokesperson for the brand and I love her whole look. Cute leopard print dress with wide bell sleeves and a sweetheart collar, short for the summer feel and to make the pattern look less heavy, but paired with the fun combo of white platform combat boots. Her hair isn’t the long locks in BR but breezy soft shoulder waves that just frames her face beautifully. Yeah yeah, BR was another dud but goodness having talent and a resume over a decade long means she has plenty of runway to try something that doesn’t work and chalk it up to learning experience.


Kim Yoo Jung Makes Spots Fashionably Pretty at H&M Event in Seoul — 39 Comments

  1. Prettiest. Top beauty, top endorser and talent of her generation. Beauty, Body, Brains, talent, good character, sex appeal, she got it all.
    All her male leads are so lucky to patner with her. They get more popular because of yoo jung.
    Backstreet rookies viewership rating rose from 3.7% percent to 9.5% because of her.

  2. when her Yoo Jung fan say that BSR is the best drama of 2020, im shaking my head. some of them are really delusional. wake up girls, Do not lie to yourselves. BSR may have popular leads, but the drama had no strong plot.

    The Most Delusional Fandom that ive ever seen.

    • Some fans like to over exaggerate doesn’t mean they are delusional, okay…maybe some are but it’s a minority. It’s like saying, “this is the best ice cream ever!” There is obviously better ice cream out there but it’s just the excitement of the moment, so don’t read too much into it lol

    • the first episode 10 is really a solid drama for me. there is core and clear narrative. but It lose track on rpisode 11 onwards. and in here so far is the prettiest image of her so far! I can’t take my eyes of her. so pretty. For me she is one of the prettiest acctress in her generation.

  3. She looks so good, the dress is like your sleep gown, when you wear it to just relax.

    She shines in Backstreet Rookie.
    This adds up to her good performance.

  4. Sorry but I do not find her pretty. To each their own. I also find her arrogant and disrepectful in one of the BTS of BSR. I only watched that drama, BSR, because of Ji Chang Wook.

    • It’s your right to share what you think of her beauty but in my opinion, I don’t understand why you feel the need to share that particular thought here but you do you I suppose. I think she’s really pretty while I’m a normal looking human, sigh.

      Can you direct me to which bts where she is not respectful? She always seem respectful to me but also everyone, every human will have a bad day. One bad day doesn’t make you an arrogant or disrespectful person.

      • @ … on
        I’m not going to waste time and watch every video and self-interpret and guess which one you’re referring to lol okay bye

    • I have nothing against kim yoo-jung but I dont think the show has high ratings because of her I watched backstreet rookie because of Ji chang-wook.

  5. So, what do you think of JCW’s contribution? This KYJ fan is so delusional about her idol when in fact she is not a superstar yet and will take a lot of miles to achieve Song Hye Kyo level.

  6. Yoo Jung is a fine young woman who dares to take risks. She goes for commercial shooting in her own natural maybe slightly damaged hair (due to rigorous hair colouring to suit her dramas & CFs). Her CFs organiser approves it, so why worry over some untamed hair peeking out from her pretyy head?

    Her upbeat personality is shining even with minimal make-up.
    She may be arrogant or do I have a better word to replace that? Feisty? Yes, that’s the word. I would rather her saying words true to her character in the bts rather than seeing actors who only put on a show to tell everyone how well-mannered they are but in reality, they may be cursing & swearing when not in front of the camera.

    She’s true to herself & I admire her for that.Take a look in the mirror & ask yourself whether your beauty shines forth when you condemn someone…

    • Are you referring to So Hyun? Heard that she badmouthed her idol co-stars before because they can’t act like her, but her agency is so good at removing that issue.

      • no she’s talking about you jung. bad moves from u tried to associate sohyun with messes. you are the only one who’ve heard that. lol. what a shit and stupid slander.

      • Can I know which agency that removing that issue?

        Her list of idol acting partner

        During Sidus

        2015 – Sungjae – i think they are still in good relationship..last seen interaction is during year 2015-2016 when Sungjae proudly showing the Iron man gift that he received from Sohyun and during Dream Concert 2016, Sungjae proudly introduce Sohyun as his acting partner to the BTOB fans in their vlive.

        2016 – DO – they want to do the melodrama and last seen they beautifully present award together at the Blue Dragon Award in 2017

        2016 – Taecyeon – well, they have good siblings relationship.. They following each other on IG and they are very witty when sending each other food trucks. Last interaction, till now, Taecyeon will like every Sohyun’s post on her IG.

        L – during ice bucket challenge thing, Sohyun invite L as her next challenger and L accept it. He also do some video message for Sohyun during her fanmeet in 2018.

        And her current agency E&T

        Dujun – i think they are in good relationship too, well till date, she’s the only actress that has her picture posted on Dujun’s IG.

        I think my observation is pretty accurate and hearing this kind of issue make me think if this issue really happened? ?

      • Can I add the last one?

        For 2019, she acted together with Kang Tae Oh and the TTON’s family bonding is real good. They do hanging up together for food hunting with Jang Dong Yoon too.

        I think I dont missed anyone right? What I’m trying to say that they still having good relationship eventhough their filming has ended. If ever Sohyun has badmouth her idol-acting partner, I don’t the bonding between them keep going strong.

        Well, sohyun is very articulate and thoughtful person for me, she always keeps her personal life and her career separated and I don’t think she’s so carelessly blurt the words that will hurt her partners.

      • I’m a fan of both girls. I don’t understand why people have to constantly compare each girl. I’ve been following both girls for a long time, so I know you’re not telling the truth about so//Hyun badmouthing her fellow actors. Don’t spread untrue things.

  7. I’m from the old generation, so i don’t know much about all the young actresses but i saw 2 dramas with Kim Yoo Jung and she is a pretty and a charismatic young lady . Her acting is okay . Need to see her in other roles.

  8. For me KYJ is very beautiful, a total package. Love her especially in Love in the moonlight hopefully another kdrama with Park Bo Gum them both together…and rooting for them in real life…?❤❤❤

  9. Is it only me?
    When everytime I checked any articles about Yoojung I always felt nervous when reading comments? Hay naku.

  10. Are these young K drama stars dumb pretty to blindly endorse a brand like H&M that revels in sweatshops and very poor labour standards??

  11. Hello..I actually not a Kim Yoojung fan but I like her dramas especially Backstreet Rookie.Just like everyone else,I watch that drama just because Ji Chang Wook haha..But we can’t said bad things about Yoojung.Can you imagine that she already be an actress since she is 4 years old.Don’t said bad things about her.Beside,we don’t know her true personality.So don’t said bad and stupid things just because you don’t like her

  12. Wow I love this girl so much❤️
    She’s very pretty and very fashionable on her outfit. She’s grown a very beautiful, stanning, gorgeous, adorable lady. A great actress from child star up to a young lady now. Aja aja girl, good luck on you successful career. Saranghe ?❤️???

  13. i know k-ent is a very competitive place right now. but still, -every yoojung articles- some comments are just way out of line. some of you guys are too obvious…

    fighting kyj… stay safe and stay healthy. whatever happens will support you.

  14. Some comments here are disgusting. But whatever, all I know is Kim Yoojung is a beautiful, talented, positive young lady. Sky is her limit

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