Son Ye Jin and Kang Ha Neul in Talks for Princess and Fool Characters in Sageuk K-drama Cut By the Heart

There is so much subtext going on when I read the synopsis for upcoming sageuk drama Cut By the Heart. The lead offers are out to Son Ye Jin and Kang Ha Neul, which brings together the leads from the two biggest romance based K-dramas in the last two years with Crash Landing on You and When the Camellia Blooms. Son Ye Jin will play Princess Pyeonggang of Gorguyeo dynasty, who vows to govern as a woman and sets out to create her perfect partner who can be her strategist and general. She meets On Dal (the “fool” character in traditional Korean folklore) in a village and moves to live with him in his mountain top abode, teaching him to read, write, and martial arts. He is devoted to her and would do anything she asks. It’s described as a tragic romance between Pyeonggang who uses On Dal for her Kingly ambitions and Ondal who will sacrifice anything like a fool for her. It’s from the PD of Wind, Cloud, Rain and the screenwriter of Woman of 9.9 Billion and Night Light. I feel like Kang Ha Neul will be reprising his Camellia character but in Gorguyeo era and this whole thing will be a return to rocks falls down endings of sageuks yore. Good stuff!

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