Park Seo Joon Brings Together 70’s Fashion with Modern Style in Bazaar Korea September 2020 Edition

I love the colors in Park Seo Joon‘s latest Bazaar Korea pictorial. For the September 2020 edition, which in the fashion world is always the largest most prestigious since it heralds the start of Fall Fashion, Park Seo Joon looks like he hopped a time machine back to the 1970’s in both outfits and decor. The predominately bold mustard and turquoise based palate actually looks refreshing the way he’s modeling it rather than dorky throwback. He’s recently finished filming the movie Dream with IU and has on deck disaster movie Concrete Utopia next year with Lee Byung Hun and Park Bo Young so he clearly is focusing in movies after the hit K-drama Itaewon Class propelled him to another level of success.


Park Seo Joon Brings Together 70’s Fashion with Modern Style in Bazaar Korea September 2020 Edition — 10 Comments

  1. My favourite actor ? I love him so much! He has the looks, charisma and acting chops of a Legendary star. Can’t wait for his new projects.

  2. It was fun to read all that past year comments, where people tried to underestimate and directly insult Park Seojoon’s acting talent and on-screen charisma, when years later he is now one of the biggest SK actors of his generation lol It’s because Park Seojoon is actually extremely talented actor and very charismatic in all his different from each other roles. That’s the actual truth that wins audience and makes people in industry have strong desire to work with him)))

  3. Park Seo Joon has a unique style looking at him he could pull off a error of 1930 Hollywood movie stars

  4. Comeback to korean drama world after a decade during quarantine and just to know this charming actor through Itaewon Class.. Watch his others previously drama backward and amazed with his acting because he can bring out the nuance of each character he played in every drama differently. Fond of his personality irl too.

    • Same here!! He got me back to Kdrama World after 5 years. I was amazed by him in IC and went back and watched all his shows and he shocked me with his talent! I had never ever seen a korean actor as good as him. Since then I have become his fan.

    • He is definitely an owesome actor who can potray in different character in a unique way..still, I believe in him as an actor, as a person with extra ordinary talent..

    • Indeed. His characters different mostly different not on paper, but because he was able to give each one of them certain distinctive nuisances. Like for example I noticed almost all his drama characters in resent years (especially since he debuted to full male lead and developed some experience) started to have their own way to talk. I would never confuse dialogues of Go Dongman, Lee Youngjoon or Park Saeroyi because they all distinct voices (speaking way) despite being played by one guy.

  5. Park Seo Joon’s acting talent is naturally honed by every role that he plays to mention also his singing voice.He will become multi-talented artist in the near future.But i’d like to see him perform an action role either as an antagonist or a protagonist.

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