Angry Lee Dong Wook Appears to Trash a Wedding in Character Stills From K-drama Tale of Gumiho

I’m getting a combo mix of Goblin and Hotel Del Luna mashed together in the first stills of Lee Dong Wook in upcoming fantasy drama Tale of Gumiho. His character is an immortal male gumiho and totally reminds of me both IU as immortal Man Wol in Hotel Del Luna, that scene when she walks into the press conference with her giant rifle, and also Gong Yoo in Goblin just looking over it with mortal life. This isn’t a diss, I love both dramas and those over-the-top memorable characters, but it’s going to take strong human characters to make a super-human male lead grounded in believable pathos. Visually Lee Dong Wook pulls off this emo look, he’s much more action oriented this time around than his restrained character in Goblin as the grim reaper.


Angry Lee Dong Wook Appears to Trash a Wedding in Character Stills From K-drama Tale of Gumiho — 13 Comments

  1. Never like LDW. Drama “Life” with CSW was so hard to watch because of him being also the other lead. The drama was full of veteran and great actor. Unfortunately for LDW, it highlights his low acting ability compared to other cast. His expression was so stiff. But still hoping the best for this drama [for Kim Bum, particularly, ‘cause this guy deserves a big break]?

    • Felt the same about his acting, esp after “Life”. I went through a LDW phase and binged literally everything he was in & had to admit to myself that acting just isn’t his strong suit…which is a shame since he’s, well, an actor. But i do agree with the comment that you have to watch Strangers from Hell, his most recent work. Him and Im Siwan killed their roles in that. Could be a turning point for his acting, he really surprised me there. Holding out hope that he has improved in this drama. He does tend to do better in a supernatural eerie role (or playing a serial killer lol)

  2. I’m not sure where this hate/dislike for LDW is coming from lately. He’s better than most of the idol actors these days. Smh. Never the less, I am excited for this one.

    • I dont think its hate, just criticism. Yeah he does better than a lot of idol actors, but thats kinda an insulting comparison dont u think? The guy has been in the industry for Decades and is quite senior yet his acting is judged based on how well he does relative to idols, whose main job is singing and dancing.

    • Hmm, not really. That’s just a stereotype on idols’ acting based on some who are bad. So many like Siwan, Lee Joon, D.O, Sungjae, Hyunsik, Jun, and so on can all act circles around him.

    • Sure, criticism is fine and expected of any actor but lately I’ve seen comments on other sites that address topics other than his acting. Which brings to question why all this sudden hate because I don’t remember reading those kinds of things back then but alas to each their own. I do believe there are idols who can act which is also why I used the word “most” when comparing him to idols. I never said all of them sucked. ??‍♀️

      • Well, like the user above me stated, “most” of these idols also have far less experience than him by at least a decade, so I don’t know why using “he’s better than most idol actors these days” is something to praise lol.

  3. not his fan but I noticed LDW can nail a serious role but has less range comedic role in my opinion, I’ve watched stranger to hell he was very good in that drama but less stellar in romcoms like goblin and others

    • LOL feel the exact opposite. He’s extremely convincing when he’s being funny (ie My Girl, Goblin, Touch your heart) but he’s not the best when he needs to show a more serious side. He tends to veer in the overacting category.

      But I like him. A lot actually. In fact, I like him so much I watch the crappiest dramas for this guy ? I hope this one is good because give me a break LDW!! Lol

      • I Started to ?him in Scent of a Woman w/ KIm SUng Ah, the star of KIm sam soong, HEs so in love in this drama, so full of emotions

  4. I think LDW is ok overall.What is his strength is also his weakness.His eyes.They have a certain melancholy to them so I think he would do well in melodrama romance as long as they cast him with a veteran melodrama actress like Son Ye Jin or Moon Chae Won.He would do well as a villain in a thriller too.However, the same eyes also look cold and unexpressive sometimes so it doesnt work well with romcoms. I also dont like the way they style his hair most of the time.The middle part takes away from his handsome look.He could try a short haircut too to change his look.

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