TW Singer and Actor Alien Huang Found Deceased in Home at 36 Years of Age

I don’t even know how to write this post without expletives. A lot of them. I actually wrote it freestyle and just went back and deleted all the F*&ks and F#%k Yous! to 2020. Because this year just keeps getting worse and worse in ALL aspects of life and world news and society news and even entertainment industry news. After I post this I will go curl up and cry because I don’t know how else to deal. TW singer and actor Alien Huang (Xiao Gui), if you follow TW-ent you know him and if you don’t then you won’t, has passed away as of today September 16th. He had over a dozen albums (solo and group combined), ten dramas, and fourteen movies on his resume. He was 36 years old, the same age as fellow star Rainie Yang because the two went to high school together and were each other’s first boy/girl friends in the most adorable of first loves. Xiao Gui was found deceased in his apartment, reportedly of head trauma after falling post shower and hitting his head on his side of the bed. Without immediate medical attention the accident was fatal. I….just can’t, this young man was so so talented and such a big heart. Rest in peace my boy, sending my condolences to his family and friends and please can the universe stop it with the horrific news one after another. Just….please.


TW Singer and Actor Alien Huang Found Deceased in Home at 36 Years of Age — 17 Comments

  1. May He Rest In Peace.

    I’ve seen accidents like this in many dramas but were never taken seriously as a viewer. Almost forgot how dangerous head traumas are when left unattended.

    • And a Korean actress past away this week on September 14th. She was 36 years old as well – Oh In Hye. This week is legitimately creepy. And this year has been h*ll.

      Rest In Peace.

  2. I’m feeling so lost. He was like a childhood friend to me because I have watched him since early days with Rainy. My teenage time of Taiwan is all about him. Rest in peace, xiao gui.

  3. I got really sad when I heard the news. Xiao Gui seemed like such a nice and caring guy. I got teary-eyed reading his group of friends’ messages (Rainie Yang, Tiffany Hsu, someone called Elin and also a guy from their highschool). These 5 have been close since 21 years back. I feel so sorry for their loss and also Xiao Gui’s family.

  4. Condolences to his family and friends. He seems to be a really cool guy. I loved loved his duet song “Love you” the OST to one of the Taiwanese drama.

    His interactions with Rainie on the talk show with Tao is so cute and how they always always bring up their relation ship, and neither would be too awkward to talk about.

    That is so sad how he passed away and so sudden.

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