Kang Ha Neul Turns Down Sageuk Drama Cut to the Heart with Son Ye Jin Due to Conflict with Movie Filming Schedule

I thought this was a done deal but looks like Kang Ha Neul is juggling his full plate nicely without double booking. The award winning actor was offered the male lead in the 2021 scheduled sageuk Cut to the Heart with female lead Son Ye Jin which is about as high profile a pairing as you can get. Even the roles sound really perfect for each, she’s playing the ambitious Princess Pyeonggang who uses the love and devotion of the fool Ondal (of folklore) to help her win a kingdom. Sadly Kang Ha Neul will not be playing this iteration of Ondal as he’s turned down the role due to filming conflicting with his filming for a movie. Now it’s back to the drawing board for the production, and hopefully the male lead cast will be a great fit with Son Ye Jin when all is said and done.


Kang Ha Neul Turns Down Sageuk Drama Cut to the Heart with Son Ye Jin Due to Conflict with Movie Filming Schedule — 38 Comments

  1. It is a damning indictment of the television industry that they haven’t managed to uncover talented new actresses and are still chasing after the Son Ye Jins of the world to play characters who are in their teens. Even Kang Haneul is 30. Absurd! Incidentally, Kang Haneul will appear in the drama as On Dal’s father.

  2. Son Ye Jin as princess? why not give the role to someone.who is young, can act and pretty. will she act all cutesy again? lol.
    , I cringe.when she acted cutesy. (Ugggggggh) just like in CLOY. she too old to play a princess.

    By the way, it’s good that Kang Ha Neul declined the project. I dont want to see him in another noona romance again..

    • I dun even remember she act cutesy in cloy.. n what do u mean find someone who can act and pretty.. sonyejin is one of the pretty actress who can act well.. but 1 thing i do agree is she nt taking this job bcs the story is nt even interesting. She deserves sth better..

    • Are you 12 or what ? Such a shallow comment. Looks is subjective but saying she can’t act is so stupid, her acting is great …however , I do agree about the age, aren’t princesses really young usually ? Not older than 30 y/o… in modern times its different i know , but in the past wouldn’t a woman her age be a Queen/Empress ?

    • I’m with you Joane – the princess is supposed to be 18 years old. Son Ye Jin, for all her charms, would be visually soooo wrong for the role. It’s a historical drama so it’s not like they can really fiddle with her age either.

    • The one acting cutesy all the time is your favourite..
      By her age YJ was already doing challenging roles..
      While ur fave is still playing the same roles in every drama where she was casted as the adult lead role..
      FYI Son Ye Jin starred in the blockbuster The Last Princess.. and played the character of a real princess without acting cutesy..She got lots of awards for that as well..

    • Kang ha neul pls act another drama or movie with Gong hyo jin. Both of look good together.
      Love you Yong shik si and Dongbaek si

    • SYJ is one of the most awarded actress in Korea both for tv and movies. Where do you get the nerve to say such a ridiculous comment? She has been hailed recently as the most beautiful woman!

  3. I know they are both big names but neither actually interests me at all. I actually hate hate hate her. The only time I’ve ever liked her was in Crash Landing on You. And as for him I can totally take him or leave him. I’ve watched some of his shows but if I’m not interested in the concept or love the actress I don’t bother watching.

  4. She’s rejected it also it seems. Looks like casting will need to go through many more rounds to nail the the cast. Likely younger less known will end up being finalised. Why do production comoanies do such media play? Its cut throat in korean industry now with S leagues having dozens of scripts to choose from. Putting out such articles when cast don’t confirm later is just embarrassing

  5. Son ye jin, award winning actress.
    Maybe, they are not destined to act together. Award winning actress versus award winning actor. I love Son ye Jin ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. The age talk here are so disgusting. Where on earth are you from that you all socially ignorant?

    Let me remind you, they are pro actors, they can act whatever character. And, the look 18 year old back in the day, probably look like at least 30 year old in today’s time. As technology advances, people are getting younger, in case you have not noticed.

  7. I am not surprised KHN turned this one down. Visually, KHN and SYJ may not match although in name celeb power, this pair may attract high profile attention. I know why they wanted to pair up SYJ & KHN as she was FL in first Pirate movie while he led the Pirates 2 movie. This project may be suitable 5-6 years ago with KHN pair up with Nam Ji Hyun. They were perfect in Angel Eyes and acting in a sageuk together would be icing on the cake. They suit each other visually and in personality. NJH is practically a veteran of sageuks so having her play a more spunky action oriented version of a princess soemthing like Ha Ji Won’s character in Damo would be PERFECT.

  8. As the world watches increasingky intrigued by the talent and freshness of South Korean films why not choose NOT to emulate the nastiness and Kardashian crassness of sinking cultures in comments?

  9. From a Korean Asian perspective, it would not make sense to have SYJ play the 16 year old Princess Pyeonggang. You don’t mess with a popular Korean folk tale character and try to spin it or re-imagined it so that it suits an older actress. I know some international fans would jump up and down to defend SYJ but she has not even confirmed to have accepted it. Good move KHN!

    • Yeah and she won’t accept it.. She herself said that she will only play characters appropriate for her age..
      I agree with u that YJ as a 16 yo girl won’t fit well.However I m sure she would have done her best to make it believable.
      Koreans were also skeptical about her playing the role of Princess Deokhye..But what was the end result..?? That film was a hit ..on top of giving her numerous best actress awards.

      She is no way doing another drama so soon.

  10. I don’t even understand why this discussion is taking place about age thing.. There is no way Son Ye jin is going to do this drama. I m 100 pc sure..So haters or whatever you are..save ur time and back off.. YJ herself said that she will take on roles APPROPRIATE for her age..You people keep ur worry to urself.
    I m really mad at the production house for doing this type of cheap media play.
    Her agency didn’t even say that she is CONSIDERING it..They just clarified that it is just one of the many scripts that she RECEIVED.. Actors get lots of scripts so it doesn’t mean that they will definitely be a part of it..
    Plus YJ has her upcoming Hollywood movie in the first half of next year ..When will she film this drama then?? Moreover she never does back to back dramas. CLOY was already an exception ..Does anyone really believes that she will do 3 consecutive dramas??

  11. Kang ha neul pls act another drama or movie with Gong hyo jin. Both of look good together.
    Love you Yong shik si and Dongbaek si

  12. Don’t know whether it’s a good move or not KHN… anyway he’s damn precious when it comes to prince character I totally fell for him in Scarlet heart…can’t wait anymore Haneul I want to see you in any drama or movie as I adores you so much

  13. Don’t know whether it’s a good move or not..also he once said that he wanna take rest.. Take care of your health KHN… anyway he’s damn precious when it comes to prince character I totally fell for him in Scarlet heart… can’t wait anymore Haneul…I want to see you soon in any drama or movie as I adores you so much

  14. For some reason I was relieved KHN decided to accept a special role instead of the lead.

    When I first heard of the pairing I was thinking it might work since KHN’s acting skill is unquestionable. But then I added the fact that sageuks of late aren’t faring well, and SYJ’s last drama was a massive hit so I guess it’s pretty safe to say that it’s for both of them not to work together.

  15. Son Ye Jin in sageuk drama…hmm..I like her but not in sageuk..her beauty is kind of modern look for me.. especially now that she is older..well,ten years ago I might be said otherwise.
    Not a fan of kang ha neul but he is good in a his previous movies.

  16. I’m glad more and more people are saying what they actually think rather than kowtowing to the ‘age is just a number’ brigade – lol, no it’s not. But by all means, keep getting played by cynical TV executives who want you to think that your 20 year old Korean hunk who will love you forever and never cheat is right around the corner!

  17. I’m glad that some people on this comment section have information about the story which will be made into a drama. I’ve read the story and I know that the Princess is only 16 years old and Ondal is older (his aged wasn’t mentioned but he’s older based on the description). Ms. Son Ye Jin might not be the best option though she’s definitely a good actress.

  18. i just know that the female lead would be 16 years old. and you know what I’m thinking? then syj is a big no? they should cast someone with similar ages. someone who’s almost 40 isn’t suitable to act a 16 yrs old girl. I’m not a hater, i adore her. but this isn’t a suitable drama for her

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