Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won Confirmed for Kakao TV Drama City Couple Way of Love

I fervently hope this is the drama right choice both of these stars need to get themselves back on track. Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won are now confirmed for the Kakao TV K-drama City Couple Way of Love, from the screenwriter of Discovery of Love and I Need Romance and the PD of It’s Okay to Not be Okay and Incarnation of Jealousy. Like, this is a rock star tandem and two really solid leads who prove with the right role and costar they can deliver. It’s billed as a modern take on city dwelling thirty-somethings and their romance successes and travails, which sounds pretty spot on and what’s interesting is that the drama is aiming for a year end 2020 premiere so bring it on!


Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won Confirmed for Kakao TV Drama City Couple Way of Love — 19 Comments

  1. I feel like I lost Ji Chang Wook after his drama with Yoona. Everything else after that is like a spiral down the abyss of nowhere. His agency is not screening his projects properly. He needs to get off romance drama for a while and go back to action drama or movie. Or take a break even. I kinds feel sad about the trajectory of his career.

  2. I liked all his drama except the last one, It was the WORST. I stopped at Episode 6. I did not help that I did not like Kim Yoo Jung. I did not like her acting- so it made the drama less watchable for me (preferemce and taste, I guess).

    But Im very positive with this one. The story looks promsimg.

  3. Why do I feel that Kim Ji Won is better suited as the second female lead rather than the female lead? She certainly has the looks and talent but she seems more suited to play tough as nails characters.

    As for JCW he seems to be making up for his absence by taking on so many dramas. I don’t know if it’s a good thing though.

  4. Just my personal opinion:
    I do feel that Ji Chang Wook wasted his precious time, effort & talent in his last project. His ONLY drama that I did not finish -the story was dragging.gping on circles…. so when the casting news came that Ji Chang wook has a new project- it made me happy I am pretty sure that the script and chemistry will be better than his last drama. Fighting Ji Xhang Wook.

  5. He seriously works so much but I haven’t liked his last few dramas at all =/ Wish some of my other male favs worked this much (Min Ho please pick something so we can forget about that last mess).

  6. I also really want him to go back to action or thriller style dramas and if he still wants to come across as desirable, it’s not an issue because kdramas tend to have romances written in anyway. He just really shines in those genres and with romance and/or slice of life dramas, he’s just more forgettable.

    Looks like he was planned to star in a korean action movie but not sure if it was put on hold due to COVID. An action movie would be even better, if I were him, i’d cross over to Chungmuro and hardly look back.

  7. I love Ji Chang Wook as an actor. Just not into his last drama due to female lead. Looking forward to this as Kim Ji Won has been my fave since Descendants of the Sun.

  8. I wish Wookie would be more selective in choosing acting roles if he wants to aim for longevity. However, the writer and PD are strong combos so there is hope this is third time lucky for Wookie. As for the female lead, I’m still sitting on the fence. I liked her in DOTS and Heirs but not so much in FFMW. All the best for both leads.

    • JCW and KJW are 2 of my fave K-Actors, so I cannot wait!

      Loved both their precious dramas even though it seems like they were not too popular.

  9. I think the PD can do wonders with these actors. I loved the shots/direction done for IONTBOK – the very first scene with KSH on the bus which was wonderfully shot and directed was a perfect opener and hook for the series.

  10. JCW will do all he can to make anything work. Sometimes as viewers we choose what we like an actor to do and never understand the real jist behind the drama. We want to see them looking sexy all the time, yet in the real world not all people are sexy, some have disabilities they have to over come to survive, families portrayed in those dramas exist too etc. That’s my opinion. I think Kim will be a strong lead and maybe bring the best out of him. Hopefully it will be a sophisticated drama.

  11. I love JCW! Healer and K2 are my all time faves! Hope he does another action romance although this one looks so promising! Cannot wait!

  12. is she still relevant? Kim Ji Won? she was only good in Descendants of the Sun? She is way more popular in 2016 than today.
    Just a pretty face.

    • Yes! She is still relevant today. Don’t waste your time commenting here if you say something bad about the actress. Move on girl!

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