Lee Jun Ki Shares Remembrance Pictures with Cast of Flower of Evil Thanking Everyone for the Support and Hard Work

Whenever a Lee Jun Ki drama succeeds it brings in droves of new fans, I’ve seen it beforehand so many times in the nearly 15 years since I’ve loved this young man turned really exemplary actor. He does a lot of projects and there are plenty of duds in his resume but I know when a viewer sees that something special in him I saw it’s pretty long lasting love. What I have seen from him is also a deep commitment to his acting job and a genuine appreciation for those who work alongside him. He posted a long SNS message this week sharing pictures with his Flower of Evil costars that had serious confrontational or antagonistic scenes with him but it’s all smiles and camaraderie behind the scenes. He also wrote in appreciation of those who work behind the scenes and a sincere thought to continuing to work hard and keep challenging himself. That’s my boy, you did well, very very well.


Lee Jun Ki Shares Remembrance Pictures with Cast of Flower of Evil Thanking Everyone for the Support and Hard Work — 28 Comments

  1. The thing about Lee Jun Ki is, his project maybe (at times) dissapointing but he never failed you. He’s such a talented devoted actor that you can feel his sincerity towards the craft that he loves in his performance and one of the many things that made me his long-time fan is his appreciation for his fans. I mean really sincere appreciation.

    Congrats for the success of FOE and best wishes for his upcoming projects.

    P/S: He still owe me a sageuk with MCW.

    • @mistyeyes He has top excellence award for “iljimae” I think he has one for “two weeks” too but from APAN and if am not wrong he won an excellence award for Joseon Gunman.Anyway he does have top excellence awards but not that many.

      Daesang is not that easy to get although it seems like it because they started giving to more younger actors these days. But the reality is its not that easy.Even actors like So Ji Sub, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Nam Gil, Song Hyun Joo and many other veterans got them when they have spent like more than 2 decades in their careers at 40+ years old. Lee Min Ho despite his fame and success in dramas has yet to receive one. Son Ye Jin, Jo In Sung, Gong Yoo hasnt got a daesang yet right? although they are very successful and great at acting. The ones I know who already have daesang in their early 30s is Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Jong Suk and Moon Geun Young if a co-daesang counts(Song Joong Ki + Song Hye Kyo).

    • I love his movies!!! Flower of Evil was suspenseful, and made you feel like you were part of the movie and can’t let go. Love is so Damn Powerful ? bit it all depends who you are fighting it for and why. It takes two. This movie will leave you tearful until your last breath to the end of the movie to save all.

  2. I fell for him as an actor ever since I first discovered him as the supporting second male lead in My Girl when it aired back in the days. I can’t believe it’s been 15 years since then! He tended to overact a bit early in his career, but he has always been sincere in his acting and now he’s a truly phenomenal actor thanks to honing his acting skills all these years! Sure not every project has been a success, but the truly good ones have been almost magical. I’m so happy this project turned into a success with decent ratings (only because the ratings matter so much), it’s been a while since I loved a project of his this much and I’m absolutely thrilled! Already rewatching it with a friend 🙂 Can’t wait for his next project!

    • I hope his next project will be a rom-com or something light, fun and very entertaining drama.

      Btw, Why he is not doing Korean movies? From his wikipedia profile,most of his movies were international produced. He has not been in a Korean production for more more or less 13 years, if I am not mistaken.

      • @mistyeyes He has expressed his wish to do romcom several times.The latest being in an interview 3 days ago. He said since has had his shot at melodrama with FoE.He wants to do something lighter.

        But sometime back, industry whispers(from producers) said the reason he hasnt been offered many rom com is his look.They say his look is very sharp(you know his eyes and his overall facial features) so according to them it doesnt fit quite well in rom com genre. There is also the fact that he has alot of thrillers and fusion sageuks in his filmography.So its like he has developed a niche in those genres.So the quality scripts he receives are from that genre. But from the few rom com offerings he has gotten in the past, he said he hasnt found one he felt he could act.

        My opinion though, if he is more proactive and is really willing to act in a rom com, from the offers he gets, there should be one where he can make it work. I dont blame him for not wanting to do romcoms though. Its hard to find a quality romcom kdrama these days like from 2015 onwards.Most of them the writing is poor and romcoms bank on chemistry with female lead. He hasnt always exceled in that area.

      • You are so right. It is so hard to find good script rom-com, very rare.

        I wish he can find a really good one, not just any rom-com but a really well-really written rom-com.

      • He’s not doing any movie cos I read few years ago that he was blacklisted by the former president over certain remarks that the president deemed political. It was unfortunate given that he actually started off as movie actor and was doing well in Chungmuro until some politicians feel unnecessarily offended.

      • I dont like romcoms. Sorry to say all same story or similar. Boring & flat story. BUT IF in future, Lee Joon Gi will take one good script or well made romcom, definitely I will watch. He won Top Excellence Award respectively in 2008 & 2013 for his role in Iljimae & Two weeks. And Excellence Award in 2007 for Time between Dog & Wolf.

    • 15 years ! Impossible are we so old ? I loved him in my girl and since then as an actor he never let me down . For me he is like Ji Sung or Jang Hyuk, their dramas are not always good but their acting is always at the top . For me they don’t have enough recognition ,as Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo, Lee Min ho , or younger ones as Park Bo Gum, and many others . Theses actors are good but Lee JUn Ki is as good as them if not better. Just saying !

      • Totally agree with you. Lee Joong Gi acting skill is phenomenal and emotional. He should get more recognition as Song Joong Ki or Hyun Bin cos his acting is way too good. Maybe he should try acting in rom-com to gain more popularity in the Asia market. But I really love him in Flower of Evil, can feel so much angst and struggles in the role he acted.

      • I thought he is more popular in the East Asian such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan market than Song Joong Ki and Hyun Bin. Lee Joon Gi has more solid fan bases from these region which are still the biggest market of kdramas despite some imposed trade restriction. I think it’s the reason he has remained one of the top actors of Korea, despite not having done a rom-com drama. Whether we like it or not, rom-com is the most popular kdrama genre.

        I think he has not gained much popularity in Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia esp in the last two countries where netizens are more enthusiastic in social media.

      • I couldn’t agree more. I also love Jisung and I can also say that their acting are both exemplary ones. It is like they are of the same level when they act. LJK I guess is underrated but he deserves to be given good drama projects for his acting skills.

      • Jang Hyuk and Jisung have acting talents have been recognised. Jisung and Jang Hyun have won Grand Daesang but Lee Joon Gi never had. Has he even won a Top Excellence Award? I noticed he mostly won popularity awards. (I don’t mean it in a bad way. I am only stating based on my observations.)

  3. I could nitpic a few issues with FOE but, overall, it was a solid drama and the four main actors were excellent. It seems to have gotten quite a bit of buzz about it in Korea. It was also nice to see MCW in a solid drama as well. She really was good in this. I must be one of five people who never watched Innocent Man but saw her in Good Doctor and Princesses Man.

    • If you want to see Moon Chae Won at her best, I would recommend Innocent Man over Good Doctor. I mean she was ok in Good Doctor but I felt like it was more of a Joo Won show.Her character wasnt very well written and she had less to work with.

      On the other hand, in Innocent Man, her role was meatier and she balanced out Song Joong Ki very well.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. I also love Jisung and I can also say that their acting are both exemplary ones. It is like they are of the same level when they act. LJK I guess is underrated but he deserves to be given good drama projects for his acting skills.

  5. Just joined the LJK love train because of FOE. I agree that his passion for his craft, desire to please his fans and his gratefulness to the crew and fans seem to be very heartfelt. Will be looking out for his next projects.

  6. He may win the best actor award in Baeksang next year. Lee Joon Gi is one of the best actors I’ve seen in my life. I just saw this drama. He was beyond amazing. Everything from his body movements, facial expressions and emotions pouring from his eyes. May he win all the awards possible. I’m in AWE.

  7. He is the reason why i watch korean drama. I first watch the scholar that watch in the night. Then I searched a lot of his drama and movies online. It’s just disappointing coz mostly his drama were not in Netflix.. anyway thanks to dramacool and you tube…

  8. All I have to say is that Lee Joon gi better win the Grand Daesang award. He portray his character so well in FOE and his acting is phenomenal. Also, for best couple with MCW, love the couple. To me his acting is so good and relatable. The more I watch his drama the more I like him. My Girl was a good drama but because he was the second lead I didn’t really pay much attention to his acting until I watched two week I was like damn LJG is pretty good good actor, but now after watching all his dramas especially FOE I’m a big and loyal fan of him. He will always have my support and I wish him the best! Can’t wait to see another wonderful project of his. May god bless you and your love ones!

  9. I love Lee Joon Gi. For me his acting is always en pointe. But Flower of Evil was an exceptionally well written and directed drama that allowed him to showcase his superb acting skills it had an amazing director……this drama has, in my opinion, catapulted LJG exactly where he rightfully belongs, completely at the top of his game. I hope he is recognised by both the industry and by other good writer/ director teams as someone who deserves another amazing vehicle in which to showcase his talent. A rom com?? I’m not too sure if that’s his genre. But his pairing with MCW, and their chemistry together,in Flower of Evil was inspired. Would love to see them again in future projects. Good luck in the awards LJG you deserve them all. I hope the industry recognises that.

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