Top J-actress Takeuchi Yuko Dies at 40 Years Old of Apparent Suicide in Her Home in Tokyo

F*#k F%&k F@$K 2020 to here and never back again! This cannot be happening. I…..just…..I can’t. I feel like I’m burying loved ones on after another and it’s inconceivable why it keeps happening. J-ent has reported that top J-actress Takeuchi Yuko has passed away at 40 years old. The cause of death is apparent suicide in her own home in Tokyo. She leaves behind her second husband Nakabayashi Taiki, a newborn son who arrived in January 2020, and an older son with first husband Nakamura Shido. She has SOOOOOOOOO MANY doramas and movies under her belt I can’t even begin to list it but of her more notable works with got broader attention were her two doramas with Kimura Takuya in the ice hockey romance perfection Pride and their reunion in doctor dorama A Life: A Love. She got her first big break with Lunch no Joou and even went to darker fare with Strawberry Night. Most recently she had a memorable supporting role in the two most recent Confidence Man movies. I’m beyond heartbroken to hear of her passing and honestly please please anyone everyone who is feeling down please reach out, call your country/city suicide helpline, call friends and family, heck even email me. If you want an out, please know there is another option other than the final one.

The picture above is her from last public appearance. T__T

Paying homage to Haru (Spring) and Aki (Autumn) from Pride, please watch THE BEST OPENING SEQUENCE EVER from any J-dorama. I will fight you ugly style if you quibble with this. Turned me into a Yuko fan and a Queen fan.


Top J-actress Takeuchi Yuko Dies at 40 Years Old of Apparent Suicide in Her Home in Tokyo — 24 Comments

  1. I love love her. Especially her and Kimura Takuya. Pride is my MOST favorite Jdrama and I still watch it every single year as a tribute and reminder why I love the Jdrama and the KimuraTakeuchi duo so so much. How I feel so sad and lost with this news of her. I will miss her dearly. What a shock and blow to my emotional state right now

  2. How utterly tragic! Bara No Nai Hanaya is one of my top 5 East Asian Dramas from anywhere or any when, but what a terrible loss for her infant particularly. 🙁

  3. I saw her name trending and i was like no no no :'( even saw a clip of her and Haruma Miura TT Pray they can rest in peace. I’m going through a hard time atm and trying to find things that keep me going, we have to believe sth better will come our way and we have to keep going. Let’s not stop fighting!

  4. She is one of the jap actress that I have watched several dramas on. Had enjoyed Pride a lot & rewatch 2-3 times along the years. This show also introduce me to “Queen” songs. 2020 has been terrible in all sense. There’s so much fatalities. RIP.

  5. Oh my, may she rest in peace. Thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. This pandemic has been tough not just on people’s livelihood but mental health as well. To anyone reading this, sending out virtual hugs wherever part of the world you may be.

  6. No way. No freakin way…first dorama I saw her in years ago was Lunch no Joou then Pride and most recently Ms. Sherlock. This year is a blow to J-ent.

    I’m so sad for her kids, particularly her infant. I can’t imagine the pain her family must be going through. I hope she finds the rest she was so desperately looking for.

  7. Nooo not her too
    I liked here so much she was one of the actress that get more beautiful and more talented with age and her work get better and better
    Why this happened some serious change has to happen in business shows in all Asian countries I really think they should get psychology advice all the time and never let them out to work when they feeling unwell to get then to point of this emotional breakdown while they work with smile all the time that horrible

    I feel bad already why they have to do that , just rest and quit everything your life and health are more impressive even to us the fans

  8. Really sad. Loved her from Strawberry Night, but I also saw her earlier dramas from Lunch Queen and Pride. She’s one of JP female actress who could carry a drama on her own. Some people are speculating that it must be postpartum depression related since she just gave birth last January. Really sadden by this. RIP.

  9. Please let this not be the norm any more. 2020 need to get a F…king beating until there’s no life left of it if there’s a physical form of it. Too many sad news and you can’t but feel like we’re not getting out of this cycle. Please let us hear only good news for the remainder of the year.
    Andy Lau was trending a few days ago and I had to search to make sure he’s okay. Turn out his birthday is coming up and his fans trend his name.

  10. I loved her in so many dramas, across so many genres. That’s how versatile she was as an actress. PRIDE will forever be one of my favourite Jdoramas…2020 is a really bad year.

  11. This covid-19 has taken a toll on a lot of people. I’m not sure if that’s the case here but I read that she might have been suffering from postpartum depression after giving birth to her second son. My friend felt down too a while after giving birth and she felt a lot better after hanging out with other mothers. I don’t know if this pandemic has prevented Yuko from seeking help and getting the social interactions that she needed. May she rest in peace.

  12. Oh no! I just saw this post today. Seriously what is going on?!

    I don’t watch J-drama much but I did watch Pride and I agree, Koala, the opening with Queen’s song is really fantastic to say the least.

    2020 is turning out to be such a disastrous year…

    May she rest in peace.

  13. I just read the post and am shocked and saddened. As a fellow Pride fan, I watched other dramas of this actress who gave great performances. May she rest in peace.

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