Alice Ke and TW-drama Someday or One Day Wins at the 2020 Golden Bell Awards as Costar Greg Hsu Garners Fan Attention for His Handsome Suited Presence

Last year’s 2019 Golden Bell Awards (Taiwan’s television top awards) were all about the exceptional and very serious The World Between Us dealing with mass shooting and the aftermath. This year the high profile winner comes from the very popular Someday or One Day, with female lead Alice Ke winning Best Actress and the drama taking home Best Drama. I’m not surprised male lead Greg Hsu (also known as Greg Han) isn’t winning awards yet since he’s still a relative newcomer but this drama is definitely his star making vehicle. He sang the theme song at the ceremony and basically the shrieks of excited lady fans were through the roof lol. He looks like what you come out of a blender if you mushed together Gong Yoo and Hyun Bin so I am quite excited to see his ascendance in TW-ent.

The ceremony was on the subdued side due to COVID-19 and also the recent passing of actor-singer Alien Huang (Xiao Gui). The ceremony did an In Memoriam section for the TW- stars that passed away in the past year including Xiao Gui, dancer turned variety show host Liu Zhen, actress and television personality Luo Pei Ying, and of course actor-model Godfrey Gao. In terms of other notable winners that I know from past dramas, there was Jack Yao for Best Actor (I still remember him in his supporting role in In a Good Way) and Janel Tsai for Best Supporting Actress. In terms of votes, Jack Yao won with just 1 vote difference over Joseph Chang and same with Alice Ke over Cheryl Yang, and it especially worth noting that 4 years ago Alice won in a 1 vote difference for Best Actress for Marry Me or Not over Cheryl for A Touch of Green.


Alice Ke and TW-drama Someday or One Day Wins at the 2020 Golden Bell Awards as Costar Greg Hsu Garners Fan Attention for His Handsome Suited Presence — 6 Comments

  1. Greg Hsu is making headlines with his visual alone. He really looks like South Korean.
    I’m not familiar with Taiwanese Entertainment. Is it a separate with Mainland Chinese Entertainment Industry?
    Coz, I see some Taiwanese working in China and become very famous.

    • Yes, the Taiwanese entertainment is different than the Mainland especially if you compare the genres of their dramas and movies. The Tdramas in recent years have touched a lot of different themes and topics that Mainland won’t ever do such as “The World between us” with massmurder, the influence of media etc, “HiStory” same sex relationships, “The Victims’ Game” mental health. There’s no dubbing as well so the acting you see is the actual take.

  2. Congratulations to Alice Ko and the team of “Someday or One day”, as well as Moon Lee for her incredible performance in “The Victims’ Game”. Too bad the two leads of “The Making of An Ordinary Woman” Xie Ying Xuan and Wu Yi Han (the adult and child version of Chen Jia Yi) didn’t get Best Actress for the mini-series category.

  3. I binge-watched Someday or One day and loved it so much. The show gave me all the feels, Greg and Alice are both great to watch, and the soundtrack is also great. I also watched The World between us after I finished Someday or One day, and that show is simply outstanding and really leaves an impact. I pretty much cried each episode. Both shows were great in their own way and for very different reasons!

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