Greg Hsu Spiritually Marries Austin Lin and Hijinks Ensue in the Hilarious First Teaser for TW-movie Marry My Dead Body

I love love love how so many Taiwan movies these days capture the local customs, culture, and/or superstitions. The one at play here in the upcoming supernatural movie Marry My Dead Body is that one does not pick up a random red envelope on the ground. Instead of money it will contain the unfulfilled wishes of an early deceased who didn’t get to live life, namely get married. In this case, super bro-esque cop played by Greg Hsu finds himself frustratingly married to the spirit of hottie gay guy Austin Lin, and they have a murder mystery to solve to boot. I was chortling at the concept alone and the teaser seals the deal for me, it looks so wildly ridiculously and fun.

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First Look at Greg Hsu and Austin Lin for Taiwanese Supernatural Movie Marry My Dead Body Combining BL and Chinese Superstition

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Alice Ke and TW-drama Someday or One Day Wins at the 2020 Golden Bell Awards as Costar Greg Hsu Garners Fan Attention for His Handsome Suited Presence

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