PD Shin Won Ho of Hospital Playlist and Prison Playbook Confirms 2021 SBS Drama Racket Youth Team About Badminton

Too bad K-actor Park Bo Gum is in the army because this drama and production team behind it just screams for his headlining. PD Shin Won Ho of Prison Playbook and Hospital Playlist, and also the three Answer Me series, has released his next drama work. The drama is called Racket Youth Team (or Racket Boys Team) and is a story centered around badminton and in a change for him will air on SBS rather than his long time collaboration network tvN. If anyone can make a drama about badminton, not the most exciting of sports, because riveting it’s PD Shin. And I totally think Bo Gummie as an aspiring badminton athlete feels spot on. But knowing PD Shin there will be no shortage of people wanting to work with him and he also does a great job of elevating talented but less popular actors and actresses.


PD Shin Won Ho of Hospital Playlist and Prison Playbook Confirms 2021 SBS Drama Racket Youth Team About Badminton — 27 Comments

  1. He hasn’t recast Bogum even though he had 2 occasions to do so. He did however recast Jung Kyung Ho and Yo Yeon Soek. I just don’t think he would have considered Bogum to be cast as highly as you do. Not that it means Bogum’s bad or anything. Anyway, would love to see some fresh faces, actors preferably.

    • Following Reply 1988 is Hospital playlist and Prison Playbook, and the leads on those dramas are older in age than Bogum to be casted as lead. Maybe he would have fit Jung Haein’s character in Prison playbook. But anyway a director not recasting an actor doesn’t mean anything.

      • I never implied that it means he is not good actor, but since he does recast people, it means the rapport isn’t there. You can still share a perfectly warm relationship with another person without not casting him again. He does btw repeat cast.

    • Well PBG did become huge and more expensive since Reply 88. The other actors are known names but not to the extent of PBG at this current state imo. If you look at PBG’s tv shows since Reply 88, he hasn’t done as much same with his films. Dude is very selective.

    • Maybe the age of the character is also a factor? Coz his succeeding projects after r88 are for actors who are older than bogum, whose looks can be mistaken for a high schooler.

  2. Park hyung sik will be out of the army soon, he may be fit to be one of the cast. The other actors that I have ib mind all have existing projects

  3. Lee Do Hyun will be perfect for this. They’ve worked together in Prison Playbook before so fingers crossed he will offer him the role ?

  4. But his next work shouldn’t the season 2 of Hospital Playlist? I want the season 2!

    Except in HP with Jo Jung Suk, he likes to choose not famous actor as a lead. Lee Do Hyun has already chosen his futur project.

    Korea doesn’t lack young and charming actors.

    • Yes, Season 2 Hospital Playlist is preparing filming, please CMIIW. What worrying me is the next season of HP..is it will happen or not?

      True, Shin Won Ho PD admitting him self in Na PD’s YT Channel, that he has been worried working with Jo Jung Suk since he is famous already (when they meet for the first time). Alas, he and writer Lee Woo Jung chose the actor based on ‘the character’ and their vibes, not by the name.

  5. Looks like the beautiful success of Stove League is inspiring other sports-themed dramas. I also think PHS will fit this role. It appears LDH will be working on the adaptation of the Sweet Home webtoon. What about KWB? Does anyone think he’ll rock this role?

  6. I don’t think ShinPD has confirmed. Since he’ll be busy with Hospital Playlist season 2. It’s the writer Jung Bo Hoon from the Prison Playbook crew that’s in talks with SBS. At least that’s what I gather. Unless this new project kicks off in late 2021 and HP ends at season 2.

    Also to a previous commenter, about recasting Park Bo Gum, seriously? What’s with the whole ‘rapport isn’t there’ theory… PrisonPlaybook mentioned Park Bo Gum’s name (by the actor who played Taek’s dad btw – continuing the joke from Reply 1998) and HP can’t have a cameo coz the dude’s enlisted. There are several other actors from Reply series who haven’t made a cameo so far. There should also be a story requirement and character fit for the actor to make a cameo. You can’t just have everyone from previous works dropping by a new project.

  7. I have not watched or finished any of this PD dramas just shows I am not a fan of his works but if he casts Jang dong yoon, I will definitely watch lol.

    • Same here. I like the character driver stories, but his shows are so long and it’s always heavily male dominated. I mean, would it kill the PD and the female writer of the show to write a show that’s heavily female dominated for once?! Even reading the synopsis here, I rme like a Badminton Male Club drama, boring! Can someone please adapt Sunny as a K-drama? I think its one of the very rare examples where it was a female ensemble cast, and it did very well!

      • I love his works. All of it. It’s realistic and hits to the heart. Reply series are not male dominated drama. It’s ensemble cast and all reply series are from the POV of the FL. Prison Playbook is a male dominated ensemble drama but it’s because the setting is in the male prison and having case which is mostly male did not ruin the drama. While Hospital Playlist, though, 4 out of the 5 leads are males, this is a good ensemble drama. If you just watch the show, all the female characters are super good. This show does not only centers to the leads but even to the supporting cast. Like I said, this show has the best female characters. PD Shin’s dramas are one of the best example of slice of life dramas. Yes, it has long episode airtime but every scene has its purpose. He also never failed in casting the right actors for his dramas.

      • If you look at Reply 1988, the group of ajummas is the force to reckon with – who individually and collectively drive their families and communities forward. I never see PD Shin’s work as male dominated or otherwise – but characterized with a deep understanding of human nature and interaction with a positive treatment. It is full of humility sprinkled with humor and hope. These make his work head and shoulder above many others.

  8. i was about to say the same thing as PYC did, about not having a female centric. The ahjummas in Reply88 is so damn awesome. Also, all of the reply series revolves around the female lead. Eunji with her obsession on HOT, her bunch of friends, and her family, and so on. This also happens on reply94, and reply88. Even though reply88 focused on family more than the two others. I think its his last two projects that aren’t really focused on the female character. Though we still have the great Songhwa in hospital playlist.

    Anyway, i would also love it if lee dohyun is in. He’s been stealing my heart since hotel del luna 🙁

    • I stand corrected! Thanks for the clarifications @PYC, @serendipity, and @jamie! On the surface, it might appear that way but clearly I’ve been mistaken. His shows are great, but its just a bit harder for me to get into them full force, but I think that’s the beauty of his and the writer’s shows. It takes a while because they organically show relationships between everyone.

  9. i would love to watch this! not only shinpd is my fave pd, badminton is also my fav sport. SK has produce many amazing badminton players. even in my country,lee yongdae is forever one of the most beloved badminton player,not only because of his frustratingly tight defense, but also his handsome face ha3. The sport’s popularity in SK has been decreasing in recent years, so sad! but still, so many awesome players! the recent young star, an seyoung, is so awesome!! not the most exciting? well everyone has their own taste. but for me, badminton, especially men double nowadays is so exciting with their fast and furious pace, it’s like watching kungfu fight ha3

  10. Yeppp, sporting and athletic One should be lead. Joon gi is good at actions and movements, with no stunt doube at all. Plus, he has natural inborn inclination towards martial arts and bodily movements and sports.

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