Lee Soo Hyuk in Talks for K-drama One Day Destruction Came to My Door with Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk

Poor Lee Soo Hyuk, he’s so talented but nearly always mistreated in a K-drama because he keeps getting like the worst written second male lead roles. Born Again was new levels of bad in the writing and his character had zero consistency and basically a lobotomy. Hopefully this new drama will change the trajectory because it sounds promising already – Lee Soo Hyuk is in talks for the fantasy K-drama One Day Destruction Come to My Door which has cast Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk as the leads. Park Bo Young is despairing of her life and in her howl of rage summons destruction (death) played by Seo In Guk to her house. They live together for 100 days and both develop a new meaning in life and a desire to keep living. It’s from the PD of My Unfamiliar Family and the screenwriter of The Beauty Inside.


Lee Soo Hyuk in Talks for K-drama One Day Destruction Came to My Door with Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk — 9 Comments

  1. This oppa. I am still mad about his nose. Why did he let people’s opinion get to him that he felt he needed to “fix” it. His original nose gave him such a ethereal look. Just google Scholar Who Walks the Night photo stills. His original look could have given him an edge with fantasy roles like Lee Dong Wook. Now he still looks handsome but ordinary?.

  2. I thought this Destruction drama is dead in the water. Park Bo Young has committed to disaster movie Concrete Utopia playing Park Seo Joon’s nurse wife Myung Hwa. Filming of that movie will begin March 2021. Where does that leave this drama then? Unless they offered the female lead to another actress which is not the same. Lee Soo Hyuk is on a roll! This will be the 3rd collab between him and SIG after High School King of Savvy and Pipeline. Their male chemistry must be a bomb in Pipeline for LSH to be offered 2nd lead to square off against SIG again. Hoping, wishing, praying all three will accept their roles.

  3. Has PBY really been confirmed to be a part of this drama? She’s definitely taking on the movie but I don’t want to get my hopes up again since SIG and her is a dream pairing for me.

  4. OMG, finally casting 2nd male lead. Fighting oppa LSH but still no confirmation from Gukkie oppa and PBY. It’s Gukkie’s birthday next Friday 10/23. Please update fans as we Heartriders are dying with 2 years of no new dramas, songs and movies.

  5. Man, I feel like the production team is torturing us SIG, PBY and LSH fans. My absolute dream pairing of SIG and PBY are dashed and now they are teasing us again with Lee Soo Hyuk offer? Urghhh, why string us along, for publicity to resurrect this drama? Not even sure if SIG and PBY are in the leads anymore. Really pissed off with the PR team.

  6. What is Park Bo Young doing?? Movies are where she shines, not sure why she would step down to do this drama with Seo In Guk, who has been gone a while b/c of his military issues. Her film with Park Seo Joon and Lee Byung Hyun are guarantee success, so dunno what her rep is thinking?

    • She’s been offered the role but has not confirmed anything. Same as SIG and LSH. They have been offered the lead roles but casting is NOT confirmed. Sometimes, it’s a PR stunt to hype the drama. Some entertainment writers are just too lazy to verify between what is “an offer” and what is “confirmed casting”. Just like Son Ye Jin and Kang Ha Neul in the historical drama about Princess Pyeonggang. SYJ’s agency never confirmed that SYJ was considering. It was just offered to her amongst many scripts. PBY herself and her agency never confirm her accepting Destruction but very quick to officially confirm movie with PSJ and LBH.

      • I see. I think lots of agencies speak this things as rumors to build up interest, but it never amounts too much.

        Lol, that is very funny that her agency confirmed Concrete Utopia (She also shares the same agency as LBH), but not this show. Plus PBY chooses dramas every few yrs, after Abyss performed poorly, I would think she’ll take some time off drama land once a good project comes back to her.

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