Episode 3 Ratings of 5.588% for Tale of Gumiho Well Deserved as Drama Treads Strong Line Between Modern Mystery and Historical Intensity

Wed-Thurs tvN drama Tale of Gumiho (Tale of the Nine-Tailed) continues to captivate my entire attention for the full hour, with episode 3 getting even darker into the horror and mythology. I mean, Donner party hello? I still don’t feel the romantic chemistry between the leads Lee Dong Wook and Jo Boa but they are doing so well in their respective roles. She’s a little flat at times because her character seems to lack a fear gene or maybe little her got it scared out of her by fake-parents. Sometimes I worry Kim Bum is upstaging the two because he gets so many good lines and is always in the thick of the action pushing things along. The ratings remain steady from last week in the mid-5% so let’s all settle into a fun fantasy ride from here on out.


Episode 3 Ratings of 5.588% for Tale of Gumiho Well Deserved as Drama Treads Strong Line Between Modern Mystery and Historical Intensity — 12 Comments

  1. What an extraordinary episode! It keeps getting better and better! The half-brothers relationship and bickering are the highlights! The mystery and the intrigue is so compelling and captivating! One of my surprise gems of the year! I tried really hard and I still see no genuine romance spark between the leads but it’s okay because the story is amazing without it! Once the misunderstandings between the brothers get resolved, it’s going to be waterworks between the two!

    • So many exclamation marks, Laura. Hahaha. Episode 3 must be on fire.

      Show, expectations are getting high. Please don’t let us down.

      • @jasmine
        What can I say? It was indeed a stellar episode haha I hope writer has everything mapped out and knows how to create a solid product of storytelling from beginning to end.

    • Totally agree there is no genuine romantic spark between the leads, their chemistry is non existence. LDW has more chemistry with his pretty red umbrella than with Boah. I will be fine if there is no love line between them. But both do their respected role well enough though…..

  2. I like it. It’s my selected drama to follow live watch now.
    Mostly I wait for dramas to finish up
    This hooked me from ep1 – I kinda like the OTP. Not fire
    Chemistry yet but promising.
    Kim Bum’s character is interesting and unhinged in a way that makes you vested to know more.
    The brother dynamics is hilarious
    Overall a nice watch and the hour passes quick

  3. The leads have a buddy-cop type chemistry which I am fine with at this point of the drama. Kim Bum has a fun role where he can chew up the scenery. Good for him. The editing and story-telling was a little sloppy in episode 3. Overall the story is fun, and I am enjoying it.

  4. Well,i like this drama.
    As usual lee dong wok did a good job..
    But this is the first time,i want the protagonist character die. She’s such a annoying character. Hhhhhhh.. ?

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