Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won Playful and Adorable in First Stills for K-drama City Couple Way of Love

The first stills are out for upcoming Kakao TV K-drama City Couple Way of Love: My Lovely Camera Thief and I love it! Leads Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won totally deliver on modern day romantic vibes in both visuals and energy. This washes away the disappointing taste from their prior dramas, his in awkward Backstreet Rookie and hers in the muddling Arthdal Chronicles. He’s an architect and she’s a marketer and they meet cute in a city and sparks ensue, it’s basically the modern gal’s breezy dream of chance romantic encounters.


Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won Playful and Adorable in First Stills for K-drama City Couple Way of Love — 25 Comments

  1. INB4 Joane the clown say something bad about JCW and the beautiful and talented Kim Ji Won.
    Joane, just worry about your girl, she’s quickly becoming the Flop Queen at such a young age with her 1% rating drama and her last drama which was named one of the worst drama of the year lmao ?
    You and your fandom, please humble yourselves lmao

  2. ji chang wook doing 4 rom coms in a row. Does he want to be the rom com king? does he know other genres?

    His acting is also becoming very predictable. He should take a rest.

    • @joane. I agree 4 rom coms in a row is 2 much but it’s the same for your favorite girlie, she also doing 4 rom coms in a row. So in your words, her acting is also becoming very predictable and he should also take a rest. Lmaoooo

    • @Joane lmao look who’s talking. As if your girl is great at rom-com? Her acting in BR was cringey as hell, overacting and all. Your flop queen is playing the same candy characters her whole career, while other young actresses are doing challenging roles.
      Worry about her and leave other actors and actresses alone.
      Also, I’ve read more comments that JCW is the only reason they’ve watched BR, so you should thank him instead of bashing him lmao JCW is definitely the bigger hallyu star than your girl.
      Thank goodness JCW is getting a prettier and better leading lady this time lmao

      • @joane stop it!

        You are entitled your opinion although I strongly disagree. I thought her acting was phenomenal and her on-screen presence was commanding. Also she’s still young, she can try out other genre in the future, so no need to be critical.

        I don’t know about other comments but My girl Kim///you///Jung is the only reason I checked out BR. They both are fortunate and blessed to work with each other. Yes BR wasn’t a good drama in my opinion but their acting, yes the both of them were stellar!

      • Interesting… joane is notorious for bashing anyone who isn’t KYJ yet those who share a fandom with her seldom bat an eye. But when someone hits back at her fave, that’s when the hackles of her fellow KYJ fans rise: a line for joane but oodles and paragraphs of text for the retaliator.

        But I get it. After all, it’s not KYJ’s fault that she has a toxic fan like joane. It would just be nice to see normal KYJ fans strongly check joane for her toxicity as she’s just garnering unnecessary hate for KYJ.

      • @mozart
        We know that joane bashes other actors and i have called her on it many times but some ppl brain are incapable to take good advice so these ppl are incurable and should b ignored

        Yes we react when kyj is bashed becoz like other fans who retaliates when their idol is bashed even we have a right even if we belong to bad fandom and yes its not kyj fault she has not chosen them

        Like a fan is not identifed by their idol actions same way an idol shouldnt be blamed by their fandoms actions as they both are seperate entities

        Bashers from all fandoms including kyj fanbase are unhappy and pyscho ppl who are working together to ruin their idols image without their idols knowledge

    • @Laura Don’t really want to start an argument with you as you’re one of the very few KYJ fans I’ve seen on this site who aren’t crazy and delusional, but like you said, that’s just my opinion, I think KYJ is better in dramatic roles, I just find her cringey and overacting in rom-coms like in her last two. Again, my opinion.
      I just find it funny how this Joane is bashing JCW for acting in romcoms when her fave is doing the same in recent years. At least JCW played different type of roles in his last dramas even if the dramas have the same genre. KYJ literally plays the same cliche jolly, optimistic, sunny candy characters all the time and Joane turns a blind eye on that. Double standards much?
      I’m so over this clown. If Joane doesn’t want her fave to be bashed, maybe she should freaking stop with bashing literally each and every other actors and actresses ?

      • @joanaisaclown

        I respect your opinion in your critique of her acting. I already shared what I think of my girl’s acting haha So I’m not going to present an essay and try to change your mind lol

        Joane can be super annoying tbh If possible try to ignore her and let her talk to herself, if not, maybe it’s best to tone down your words to not feed the flames. It’s only my suggestion, you can do what you like, I’m not a goddess who can control people to do my will haha try to strive for peace if possible but yeah it’s hard, sometimes our emotions get the best of us.

  3. This has Romance is a Bonus Books writer so I am low key excited and director from IONTBO. Hopefully, this restores my lost faith in JCW.

  4. @joaneIsaclown
    U r no less than joane retaliating and calling yoojungie 1% actress

    Yes jcw has more fans comparatively to kim yoo jung but its a team effort her fans watched the drama becoz of her and so does the fans of other characters in the drama at least it got better ratings than melting me softly where ge had no chemistry with the actress same like cwpfn

    If her acting was cringy she wouldnt have sustained in this industry for such a long time so ur words were uncalled for

    the leads were not compatible in cwpfn so the drama received 1% dont call kyj 1% actress
    Becoz the actors are not identified by the rating of their dramas if that is the case ur actor is also no less than her

    Defend ur actor without attacking other actors becoz the person attacking here is the bad fandom not kyj so mind ur words and dont b another joane of this site

  5. @Ana “If her acting is cringy, she wouldn’t have sustained in this industry for such a long time”
    lmao you do know how naive this sounds, right? There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes when it comes to casting actors/actresses, and that’s why you will see lots of mediocre or downright bad actors and actresses who still get a lot of projects. Sadly, it’s not just about talent. I’m talking generally about casting here, so don’t take it that I’m implying anything about your fave’s casting.
    And like I’ve already said, that’s just my opinion and nobody can change it. Watching KDramas is subjective, some people will find this and that drama good, some will think it’s bad. Same with the actors/actresses’ acting. And that’s my opinion about your girl’s acting. At least I’m not going to articles about her saying bad things about her, so don’t you compare me to this Joane. Be like Laura above who accepts other’s opinions about her fave even if it’s not 100% positive all the time.
    Don’t really care enough to have an argument with you, so bye.
    Bash other actors/actresses, I will bash your fave. It’s that simple for me ?

    • BTW Best of luck to JCW and KJW. They make a beautiful couple. Hopefully JCW can finally bounce back with this drama. He’s a good actor, and he deserves a good drama.

  6. A very TOXIC site I’ve ever come across!!!!! A number of actors/actresses being ‘attacked’ and cyber-bullied for lousy reasons (mostly personal) and I certainly hope there’s a rule to stop that but apparently the owner of this site welcomes such TOXIC exchanges of her followers or should I say, is the one who started it.

    • Yep… she created this monster so she must continually feed it. How else will she get the traffic? Positive articles on here barely get any comments but articles that inspire fan-wars and hate easily reach 100 comments and over. Welcome to KP.

  7. They look so cute together, still I look forward to Ji Chan Wook in a historical drama, I still find him unforgettable as Ta Whan in Empress Qui, so many faces in the same character.

  8. @joaneisaclown
    My god u are worst than joane and thank god u r not kyj fandom

    In the name of opinion u stated many things which was truly despicable but i guess it cant be changed and for me ur personality stinks just my opinion as simple as that

    Not interested in arguing with ppl like u

  9. @Joane is a troll and a kyj anti in disguise. Please stop bashing other actors! But @joaneisaclown is not any better. It’s either she’s too gullible to believe that joane is a kyj fan or she purposely claims to believe that so she has a reason to spew hate at kyj. Go figure.

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