Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won Tug at Modern Romance Heartstrings in First Poster for City Couple Way of Love

Gah, I love this poster so much, thank you City Couple Way of Love! In my twenties I would have framed it for so magically capturing that ephemeral young girl dream. That I could have that perfectly framed moment, and look as radiant as Kim Ji Won, and that a man as handsome and adoring as Ji Chang Wook would gaze at me just so. This is the homerun effort of a good K-drama romantic couple pairing, utilizing their visual compatibility and acting strengths to sell “a dream”. I feel like both leads have been wasted in this last dramas so it’s really time to get back to basics. Let them be gorgeous, and sparking, and just fall madly in love. It need not be realistic as it need be statistically possible, lol. That one in a million chance, and that’s why K-drama viewers keep coming back for more.

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Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won Find Modern Romance in Short Form Kakao M Drama City Couple Way of Love by PD of It’s Okay to Not be Okay

K-actor Ji Chang Wook is ditching the goofy of Backstreet Rookie for a more mature modern vibe in his next drama. K-ent is reporting that he’s going to star in the short form Kakao M drama City Couple Way of … Continue reading