It’s Deja Vu to End Episode 12 of Tale of Gumiho and Next Week tvN Will Preempt to Ensure Better Production Quality for Final 4 Episodes

Production quality hasn’t been a problem with Tale of Gumiho, it’s a little cheesy and simplistic with the special efforts but it compensated by nice horror beats. The problem is the story hinges on people NOT talking, keeping important background information and doling it out in dribbles. At the end of episode 12 when Goddess of Underworld Ahjumma yelled out that Lee Yeon’s attempt to defeat Bowl-cut Baddie was “the wrong way” I was like “fuck you ahjumma then why don’t you tell him in how to bake a cake directions a kindergartener would understand what the right way is!” God they all frustrate me so much. I can’t even enjoy Ji Ah finding her parents because I keep thinking they are fake ones (still) and also Yeon and Ji Ah have negative chemistry at this point and I’m wondering if Imoogi Ji Ah will actually spark with Yeon in that love-hate way. Rang spent the entire episode laying on a bed, wonder if Kim Bum said he was tired and didn’t want to do anything anymore lol. I’m digging deep for the things that can still entertain me as I slog along. Four more episodes……


It’s Deja Vu to End Episode 12 of Tale of Gumiho and Next Week tvN Will Preempt to Ensure Better Production Quality for Final 4 Episodes — 11 Comments

  1. I had give up on the romance between the OTP since episode 6. A drama that said to be centered on the love story between lover boy Gumiho and mere mortal girl had totally failed on the same exact point. Chemistry is totally bland and bland and bland. The bowl-cut lipsticked Baddie should be given a head up of what being Imoogi is all about.

    At least Wookis is such an eye candy with his scarlet hair, great classy expensive wardrobe and devil may care attitude. Oh, of course Russian Fox, Lee Rang and Cutie Vet are interesting characters to watch too….

  2. I actually enjoyed the OTP, maybe because there is not much of the typical K-drama romance cringey stuff, because Ji Ah is so independent, and at times even more fearless than Yeon. And Yeon is so flippant and wise-cracking, he doesn’t show his love often, which is why little brother Rang is so hung up about.

    • Agree. It’s a romance trope that is honest and mature. Ji Ah and Yeon can be their individual selves and still be devoted to each other. I do have questions regarding Granny’s motives and I am turned off by the sudden back to normal routines of Ji Ah’s parents. They were gone for two decades.

    • Exactly. It’s been a breath of fresh after after all the cringebinducing unrealistic drama we usually get.even the bromance is spared the melodrama that it could’ve had

  3. the story is not about just the romance of gumiho and ji ah.why cant you feel the spark on them?ji ah’s character here is not a softy little girl instead she is an independent and brave lady.i admire her skills for bieng a strong lady in the drama thoughh she has lots of sad memories and just living alone missing her parents.gosh its so hard.

  4. I find a lot of chemistry between the lead characters. I like the fact that the FL is strong and independent. Yes some actions border on recklessness and people keeping facts hidden also affects but overall I am finding the series to be quite fun. Of course Lee Dongwook being super gorgeous helps too.

  5. The drama’s strongest points are the horror and brotherly elements. The romance is so poor, its almost tedious. I dont buy it. Quite frankly, Lee Yeon DID fail in his duties as guardian. But, even until episode 12, I dont buy the grand romance that caused him to neglect his duties.

    Lee Rang’s bitterness about being betrayed has far more pathos and justification.

    The side characters are the saving grace.

  6. I love the story and the characters and also the plot it’s making feel like I’m there watching them and it’s so good.Thecasts have great chemistry the romance and bromance is also very good

  7. I just loved Lee Dong Wook’s acting,face and voice. The way he expressed his character also made me wanna watch this drama again and again for a long time.
    The chemistry of Cho Bo Ah and Lee Dong Wook himself is so great. Kim Beom also did his best as Lee Dong Wook’s brother.
    I love this fantasy drama

  8. I super love Lee Dong matter what role he protrays he always nailed it..It’s also a plus that Kim Beom is part of this K Drama…Best of luck to everyone!!!Fighting!!!
    I am super excited and looking forward on the last 4 episodes…???

  9. I just want to know why the characters don’t have a group chat. Like can’t you guys send a picture of Imoogi around, is there no share button on kakao? lols.

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