Yuri, Park So Dam, and Chae Soo Bin Star in Stage Production of Grandpa Henry and Me with Veterans Lee Soon Jae and Shin Goo

I thought stage shows would still be not happening in South Korea but it’s actually nice to hear this wonderful play will be arriving there with a lovely cast. Veterans and national treasure grandpas Lee Soon Jae and Shin Goo will be taking turns playing the lead in Grandpa Henry and Me, a French play described as heartwarming and life affirming. Three actresses will be rotating through the female lead so it’ll be interesting if someone goes to the different shows and are able to assess how Yuri, Park So Dam, and Chae Soo Bin bring their own spin. The three ladies will also be guest starring in variety show Knowing Bros next week to promote this play so check it out.


Yuri, Park So Dam, and Chae Soo Bin Star in Stage Production of Grandpa Henry and Me with Veterans Lee Soon Jae and Shin Goo — 9 Comments

  1. park so dam.and chae soo bin. two of the worst actresses in the k drama land. park so dams performance in record of youth was so meh as well as chae soo bin in a piece of your mind. their agents must be so good to get work for them.

    im not hating them, but i really tried watching their dramas but had to drop because of them

      • it’s funny how they pop up like fungus in posts of actresses who are talented but not their fave, with a mission to declare those actresses “worst”. lol!

    • this has to be the biggest joke ever!

      PSD and CSB are far, far better actresses than Yuri.

      Also, I’m interested to know your favourite actress. LOL.

      • Her ultimate bias is Kim Yoo Jung. So she’s always here bashing every other actress [and even some actors] from their acting to their looks to their drama’s ratings if low. Yet if you mention the FACT that her fave’s last two dramas were utter failures, one particular KYJ fan will show up to play victim and claim haters are always targeting KYJ when Joane is always the one starting this sh*t.

  2. Two talented young actresses who actually have the dedication and work ethic to take jobs on the stage even after they’ve become well known enough to have lead roles?

    that’s a positive thing, let’s pay no mind to stupid comments that blame them personally for their drama scripts being dull. Hope the cast stays safe and is able to carry out their performances well!

  3. If anyone wants say that Record Of Youth and Piece of your Mind were average kdrama, but I would like to tell you that Backstreet Rookie and Clean With Passion For now were worst and also a waste of time.

  4. But at least ROY, the rating was good and consistent.One of the most searched on Netflix. #4 most watched on Netflix when aired. # 47 worldwide on Netflix of 2020.ROY was a good drama but bad for those who were hoping for happy end hehe..

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