Nam Joo Hyuk and Han Ji Min Promoting K-movie Josee Bring Back All the Feels From The Light in Your Eyes

The feels remain so strong with the receding waves from jTBC drama The Light in Your Eyes (Dazzling), even now two years later and I still immediately think of Hye Ja and Joon Ha when I see Han Ji Min and Nam Joo Hyuk together. The two have been hitting the promo circuit this month for their movie Josee, the Korean adaptation of the Japanese movie Josee, the Tiger and the Fish. The first few pictures and posters are from Josee but I also added their Dazed pictorial from last year when they promoted the drama together. These two are light a match made when no one thought it would work and I think Han Ji Min made Nam Joo Hyuk better for sure and both really can convey quiet sadness and controlled suffering so well. Not that it’s a good thing but if they want to make me happy and sad at the same time they pull it off beautifully.


Nam Joo Hyuk and Han Ji Min Promoting K-movie Josee Bring Back All the Feels From The Light in Your Eyes — 17 Comments

  1. Omg my favorite couple. Love Han Ji Min to the moon and back. Will watch anything she’s in. She the reason I’m still watching Korean dramas and movies. Other than that Korean entertainment is meh and boring. Nothing interesting or worth watching. I also love Nam Joo Hyuk alot thanks to Han Ji Min. She tends to bring the best out of him. Have been waiting for these two for ages and Joses is finally here. Fighting my favorite actress and hoping this is as good as The Light In Your Eyes. The best drama since 2018 to now.

  2. Love Han Ji Min so much. She is the best Korean actress in the K-entertainment. She’s not popular or well-known like all those other actress but she is the best of all actress. She’s truly talented and versatile with a high range of acting skills. Hwaiting miss Han Ji Min.

    • I can’t agree more because she has this uniqueness in her where other actresses don’t possessed. I only watched Korean drama nowadays because Han Ji Min was still active. Don’t care about whomever she stars with. Only watched because of her.

  3. The prettiest and not trying hard actress in the Korean showbiz world alone with Song Hye Kyo. Love Ji Min so much hoping she’ll have a collaboration with Song Hye Kyo one day. Rooting for Han Ji Min and Josee team to hit big. I saw the Japanese version of Josee and don’t really like the concept but I hope this one is better scripted.

      • Why lol? What’s wrong with SHK? She’s beautiful and talented in her own way. Stop discrediting people. I would also love to see SHK with Han Ji Min too because they are my favorite as well in the K-entertainment and no others.

  4. Han Ji Min was an absolute hoot in Familiar wife and I’ve followed her since Cain and Abel and Padam Padam. Love her acting and the characters she portrays. Always a welcome surprise to read of her upcoming dramas and films. Too good. ❤️

  5. idk if njh is charmless or not, or he just doesn’t have chemistry with suzy I think he would have a good chemistry with actresses that are charming, pretty and have a sexy vibe on her like kyj. Im waiting for their collab hopefully soon.

  6. Han Ji Min is so gorgeous and is such an amazing actress. I will totally watch this movie for her. Haven’t seen the Japanese one so it will be a new movie for me.

  7. The movie that I have been waiting for. Han ji min for sure will once again give justice to Josee. I hope the movie adaptation is good. Fighting!

  8. Han Ji Min has proven every bitter people she is one of the best actress. I was never her fan but now became a huge fans. Have to swallow my own words about how bad she was in her other works. Josee I look forward to the most because Ji Min is my only favorite actress now. Fighting!

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