Joo Won Shows Off His Versatile Winter Fashion in New December 2020 Pictorial

I don’t think any K-drama has fallen apart as hard and as hard to watch (because I love it so much) as SBS Fri-Sat sci-fi drama Alice. A dissertation could be written on it but that would be giving it too much credit, it’s like a beautiful building that is just a facade, with nothing on the other side. On the upside, every actor and actress came out of it smelling like roses because they did such a great acting job and every viewer could tell the problem was the writing, so for male lead Joo Won picking it as his first post military project I think was as good a decision as could be made at that time. Most of the time the scripts are not done to the end and actors sign on with just the synopsis and the first few episodes to review. I loved that he played a dogged cop, so earnest and lacking in EQ but a total momma’s boy and loyal to the core. A great character and even better performance, other than alterna-time line future version which we shall never speak of again ahahaha. It was so wild, I actually enjoyed the implosion just for the sheer ridiculousness of it all. And I got to watch 16 hours of Joo Won, mmmmnnnnn this man has gotten even more fine like wine after the army.


Joo Won Shows Off His Versatile Winter Fashion in New December 2020 Pictorial — 6 Comments

  1. Off-topic but nowhere else to post this. So two dramas premiered: Cheat on me if you can and Namgoong Min’s Awaken. Any early reviews?

    • I watched Awaken. For now, the plot looks pretty commun with a big incident in the past that had a connection in the present. But the production is good and the actors too.

      I didn’t watch Cheat on Me yet.

  2. Yessss koala, I agree he has been looking real fine since he got back from Military service, he looks very sexy and suave here. You always share the good stuff 😀

  3. Alice may be unsatisfying, but it was undoubtedly fresh and intriguing enough to keep me engaged. No other show has managed to do that for me this year! Reignited my love for Joo Won too. He really suits serious action drama. 🙂

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