Ji Pyeong Plays the Noble Cupid in Episode 15 of Start-Up to Bring the Emotionally Clueless OTP Babies Back Together

Casa Koala had an eventful watch of episode 15 of Start-Up. Koala Teen Boy woke up early to group watch but laid in bed waiting to hear us watching or be summoned and thus missed the group watch. Once he watched later by himself he just yelled “Poor Ji Pyeong, I can’t believe Idiot Do San is going to get the girl!” Lololol. The group that watched together consisted of Koala Teen Girl enjoying everything other than the kissing because she’s not into that lovey dovey stuff yet, and Mr. Koala making snarky but still enjoying the watch comments every 5 minutes. See, this is why we love Start-Up, it brings the family together to love and hate watch at the same time. In terms of plot, Ji Pyeong continues his destined journey to be alone (romantically) and play cupid plus mentor, but we all can see what he needs, craves, and should get out of all of this is family and siblings. Dal Mi and Do San’s family are the familial units he deserves and Do San and Dal Mi are the still inexperienced and ofttimes clueless little brother and sister he can take care of. It’s only because we all love and cherish Ji Pyeong that we want to give him the easy ending, getting together with Dal Mi, when that’s now what the story trajectory has ever indicated. Episode 15 sets everything up for one final showdown with In Jae’s obnoxious and douchey stepfather and stepbrother, plus a resolution on all the various plot elements. Here’s the hoping Park Hye Ryung brings it all home in the end!


Ji Pyeong Plays the Noble Cupid in Episode 15 of Start-Up to Bring the Emotionally Clueless OTP Babies Back Together — 18 Comments

  1. Start-up is my least favorite PHR drama. The plot of her past dramas are meatier with antagonist who was not just one-dimensional. There are complex that leads and even the 2nd leads were involved and have to go through.
    Again, ICHYV is still the my best PHR drama.

    The things that I’ve enjoyed though watching Start-up are KSH as perfect Jipyeong, NJH who deserves to be Dosan plus I did not doubt that he will be the endgame, JP and halmeoni relationship. Though Suzy doesn’t amazed me as an actress, she is very charming and watchable esp in light scenes. The drama would have been better if the love triangle were not heavily focused, 2nd FL was not underused, the concept of “Start-up” was focused and not romanticized, and great antagonist/s.

    Hope everyone will have fun watching the last episode tonight!

  2. As expected of JP’s character playing the cupid for everyone’s good. Sad but glad cos he deserves better and i have never wanted him to be the end game from day 1.

    Wish had seen more of Injie’s in earlier eps as her character is strong sensible and daring CEO instead of so much on triangle.

    Wish for good and satisfying ending.

  3. People kept saying this drama was more than the love triangle. And in the beginning it was. I came in for the struggles of starting up, the rough journey to success, how a shattered family was going to pick up the pieces and mend itself. A little romance on the side woulda been fine too. But at some point, the drama devolved into a pissing contest about which male lead deserved to get the girl and stuck. I’ll just add this one to the long list of 2020 dramas that could have been more but tragically fell short.

      • The writer dragged out the triangle for so long that it overshadowed everything else. And it didn’t even boost the ratings. Go to the forums and about 98% of comments are #teamjipyeong or #teamdosan. Even DB which I saw as a site for insightful and civil discussions has also been a casualty of the shipping wars.

  4. Not to steal this drama’s thunder (sorry, sorry) but Koala did you hear? Uncanny Counter rose in ratings to 5.329% for Episode 3! Man, if the drama stays on this trajectory it might wind up breaking records for OCN. It’s a shame Kairos is still low despite the rave reviews.

    • I love it. Been watching each ep twice and certain scenes a few times over too. The casting is good with very tight scripting and solid plot line (maybe its because its adapted from a popular webtoon). Looking forward to a new ep tonight. I have an uncanny feeling it will reach double digits at the way its tracking. Pun fully intended šŸ™‚

      • I love love love So mun. He’s just so adorable and perfectly imperfect. You can’t not root for him.

        I just wish the Counters were better organized during their missions. This was the second time rookie So mun found the evil spirit first and faced it alone before the others arrived. And it only takes a split-second to get killed. (EP1, anyone?)

        But only five counters (four active) to counter all the evil spirits in Korea? They are seriously understaffed. Lol.

        I really dislike the bullying storyline (but what’s a Kdrama without its tropes?). I cheered so hard when he kicked their butts although I knew they’d hit back even harder later. Sigh.

        I’m calling it now. That mayor’s kid is going to be taken over by an evil spirit in the future. That little shyte is unhinged even without being possessed.

        EP4, lez go!

    • Kairos ratings is unbelievably low. It got so many good reviews but it doesn’t show in the numbers. Hopefully the rating will increase a bit for the remaining episodes. It’s such a good drama.

      • According to an article on here, even K-netz were complaining about the low ratings. Dunno if the preemptions really had anything to do with it but it’s all in the hands (and remotes?) of the Korean viewers.

      • There are several factors affecting the ratings eg severe lack of reruns, preemptions, dramas on other channels etc.

        I hope it will be released on Netflix soon. And I hope viewers won’t sleep on it just because the numbers are low. It deserves more than what’s its getting, even Knetz still ask what is wrong with the ratings.

  5. PHR can now retire….. what a lousy writing.
    and wheres the star power of Nations and soop favorite Bae sleep. i feel zzzzzz whenever i see her on screen.
    This drama.is a F. …O…P

    • I’m not even a fan of Suzy, but she has more star appeal in her fingertips than your flop girl will ever have, so sit down, jealous clown ?

  6. I still find the tech side of it interesting and while I actually don’t care much about the romance, this show was sooo worth it for the second male lead and introducing me to an amazing actor! His relationship with grandma remains the best of relationships in the whole drama. All their interactions have been favourite scenes and some have even made me cry buckets!

  7. I love the report from Casa Koala! I can easily see why you have a soft spot for Start Up given that it’s a family affair to watch. <3

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