Suzy Wins Best Actress at the 2021 Seoul Drama Awards for Start Up as Vincenzo Nets Song Joong Ki Best Actor and Best Drama

Okay, don’t get your jammies wedged, I do know the picture above is super duper old. But it felt fitting as the two winners have worked together before, nearly a decade ago and all signs point to likely in the future due to how often the A-list actors and actresses are shuffled in casting. The 2021 Seoul Drama Awards was last night and the major winners in the drama categories are Vincenzo for Best Drama and Song Joong Ki taking home Best Actor. The surprise was Suzy winning Best Actress for Start Up, and since this is one drama awards that’s primarily popularity based I’m surprised because I didn’t think Start Up was all that popular when it aired. It got okay tvN level ratings but the online discussion and buzz was co-opted by the fans of the second male lead’s character (understandably) and that sorta sucked the wind out of the drama being fun to watch with the online gang. I loved it watching with my family, the Koala teens slurped up this drama, but for discussion purposes it was like a game of spinning in circles with so much Ji Pyeong shipping rather than narrative discussion. Anyhoo, I guess Suzy can still bring it and of course Song Joong Ki reclaimed his pinnacle with Vincenzo this year.

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