IU, Kim Yuna, and Gong Yoo Top the 2020 Advertising Association Poll of South Korean Consumers Favorite CF Models

The year end is also a good time to look back and see which stars really connected with consumers, as in South Korea actors, singers, sports stars, and even variety show hosts all make even better living endorsing products. The 2020 Year End Poll conducted by the Advertising Association found that perennial CF darling IU remains the favorite among the broadest swatch of consumers in various age groups, followed by retired skater Kim Yuna in second, and then third place goes to actor Gong Yoo. The following then come in fourth through tenth spots: Park Bo Gum, Yoo Jae Suk, Jeon Ji Hyun, singer Lim Young Woong, Suzy, BTS, and tied for 10th is Kim Hye Soo and Park Seo Joon. I find the breakdowns of which age group and gender liked whom even more interesting so check it out below.

Men in their 20s: IU, Kim Yuna, Yoo Jae Suk, Lim Young Woong, Suzy
Women in their 20s: IU, Kim Yuna, Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, Yoo Jae Suk
Men in their 30s: IU, Kim Yuna, Won Bin, Yoo Jae Suk, Suzy
Women in their 30s: Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, BTS, Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Yuna
Men in their 40s: Kim Yuna, IU, Yoo Jae Suk, Jeon Ji Hyun, Han Ji Min
Women in their 40s: Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, IU, Kim Yuna, Yoo Jae Suk
Men in their 50s: Kim Yuna, IU, Jung Woo Sung, Kim Hye Soo, Jeon Ji Hyun
Women in their 50s: Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, Lim Young Woong, Kim Yuna


IU, Kim Yuna, and Gong Yoo Top the 2020 Advertising Association Poll of South Korean Consumers Favorite CF Models — 20 Comments

  1. How nice for IU, she went through so much hateful comments, criticism of her private life, so many unfounded scandals, but she was reborn and showed that when you are down the only way you have to take is up.

    • IU also does a crazy amount of charity work in the form of donations. She has given away millions. The public loves her because she has shown that despite being from a poor background which often lead to hoarding after becoming successful, she has given back instead to help those in need like how she once was in the past. Admirable.

  2. IU is such a kind, talented and hard-working Queen. No wonder she’s so beloved in Korea (and internationally, of course).
    The haters can bark all they want, but they can’t change facts, the numbers don’t lie ?

  3. Can’t agree more to this list. Every women’s of different ages i know love Gong Yoo, Won Bin, and Park Bo Gum. Also alot of people i know love Han Ji Min and IU. They’re all my favorites.

    • Kim soo hyun has lost his lustre on local ground. But yes – funny how Hyun Bin is left out. Hes in at least 6-7 ads or more in korea and definitely have more ads than gong yoo atm.

      • It’s not about who has more ads, but who people like the most seeing in advertisements. It’s about how much stars likeable as CF models.

      • @greatest

        Ikr? For someone who claims to be Korean and claims to work in the K-industry, it’s surprising she doesn’t get the difference.

      • Which correlates to being signed as cf models. Its brand power = attractive appeal to consumer audiences. You are the clueless one here. Everything correlates. Geez.

      • It doesn’t matter what brands themselves use when they sign a star to become their model. Their likability or resent big project(/s). This particular top is not about the numbers that you mentioned, but whom these asked people liked. Geez. Aka Brands use various reasons, this top calculates one of them. /facepalm/.

  4. In the breakdown, only Kim Yuna consistently appears in all the eight age/gender groups yet she’s number 2? Oh well…

    Good going, IU.

    • It make sense, though? Kim Yuna is #2 because although she appears in all 8 gender/age groups, IU’s dominance in the 20s bracket is enough to overtake her.

  5. So proud of IU. Girl is S-tier in the music industry, S-tier in the CF industry, and rising in the acting industry, as seen on Gallup and Baeksang. Some fan of another idol loves to bash her here, but numbers and achievements don’t lie. Definitely an all-around artist and entertainer.

  6. Han Ji Min, Gong Yoo, and Won Bin were all so well known for their acting and great persona among Korean fans. I hope these three get to collaborate in a CF or movie together.

  7. jun ji hyun is making cf list for 20 plus years. That is how u load ur bank account. I remember lee young ae was top cf model of 90s n was even top in 2011 n even made name in 2016. JJH can even beat that record

  8. IU really dominates, wow. Girl is already a legend for her music, she’s a rising talent as an actress and has good reviews in difficult-to-pull-off roles plus her dramas actually do good numbers, she’s steady with her charity work – no wonder she gets so much love despite the attempts at ruining her rep with slander. No one else is doing it quite like her <3

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